Voters Should Reject Ndc’s Bread Of Shame.

Sun, 2 Sep 2012 Source: Quaye, Stephen A.

From: Stephen A.Quaye.

Latest confessions made by the out going member of parliament for Sene Constituency who lost the primary indicates that no matter how the National Democratic Congress [NDC], will make the upcoming elections sound free and fair it will not be free and fair.

There are indications that the NDC will try no matter how to buy votes in order to emerge victorious come December elections which will trigger the confusion that all and sundry are praying seriously for God to prevent it from happening.

Four months to a general election and do you think President John Mahamah will be able to cross over the fifty plus one percent in order for him to send the country to the promise land as he has been assuring all since he succeeded late president John Evans Atta Mills?

If that is going to happen how do you think that a former vice president who was sitting on the fence and watching his master do all the campaign traits only for him to come and enjoy as a successor turn things round and consolidate himself as an incumbent president for four years?

Oh just ask Twumesi Appaih what caused his defeat in the recent parliamentary primary and he will confess to you that he lost because he refused to let the money flow to buy the conscience of the delegates who were to retain him therefore giving the ticket to his opponent who probably spread the cash.

What does that mean to you? Stashing plenty Ghana cedis in a brown envelope and given to a delegate to vote for you is simply bribing or buying conscience.

Therefore don’t you think that this has been his diabolic ways and means of getting to parliament for three consecutive times? If not then why his constituency went agog following his defeat?

It was because he was able to buy his way out all these years through party parliamentary primaries down to the general election where money was spread all over to get more votes to become the MP elect.

So having come out to confess that he refused to bribe delegates for them to retain him indicates that the practice of using money to buy conscience within the party is high. Not in the party alone but also within the country where people are bought to toe a certain line which in real sense they would never follow that line.

This is what I call bread of shame. You take it today eat it because you are hungry and get satisfied somehow. But within next hour you feel hungry again and there will be no one around to give you another bread to eat for you to continue living.

Looking at the situation in the country, one does not need another person to tell him that change of government is a must.

The road networks are bad, unemployment is high, diseases are spreading fast and killing people everyday, parents can not pay their wards school fees, energy crisis getting out of hand, fraud and scandals destroying the country and what have you.

Will you as an electorate accept this bribe money that can support you for a couple of days and suffer the more afterwards or you will reject it and effect the change of government that will put the structures in place and see to your wellbeing afterwards?

Not long ago president Mills appealed to all to elect him as the president and will effect positive change in their lives.

Three and half years in office he was dead and gone leaving the question whether people’s lives have been better off since he served as a president?

Let Ghanaians be reminded of what happened to the late Alhaji Issaka Inusah who accepted bread of shame from the NDC and defected from the NPP to join ex-president Rawlings campaign team that went through out Ghana to spread falsehood about the NPP but still NPP won in 2000 elections.

What happened to him after the NDC lost the general election? He was reduced to nothing as the TOYOTA 4X4 vehicle he was given was taken from him and also ejected from the government bungalow he occupied. Later he died in shame.

The hardship in the country is so much that a few number of cedi notes when given as a bribe money for one to go and vote for the NDC can not sustain him for the rest of his life instead of rejecting it and vote for the NPP that will institute policies and programmes that will work to see the wellbeing of all.

Mr. Twumesi Appiah has come out to confess that he refused to bribe delegates that were the reason why he lost his parliamentary primary to contest the election to retain his MPship for Sene.

This might be his common practice and even the NDC party that sees them through general elections which must be taken seriously and work to prevent it happening again to the disadvantage of other political parties and individuals as far as selecting a president and law makers are concern.



Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.