Wake Up Ghana, You Have Slept Too Long

Sat, 23 Mar 2013 Source: Owusu-Ansah, Kofi

Ever gone through the emotion of frustration before? Have you had to go through a situation where a full bloodied human being would stand in the middle of a busy motorway unconcerned as speeding vehicles head towards them? What type of emotions do you go through as a bystander? It is equally like a good teacher who sees the potential in a pupil who is capable of becoming a very important person in the future but that pupil refuses to live up to that expectation. The teacher apart from being frustrated would lack words to describe the emotional torture they will be going through. Even the white colonial masters who invaded our land in the 17th Century, and would later turn our fore fathers into slaves, exporting them to the new found world of the Americas and Europe saw the resilience of the Ghanaian, in our determination to fight any excesses of human exploitation. When they reluctantly granted us independence in 1957, it was not because of out daftness, but they saw in the Ghanaian that they would defend all oppressors rule not matter who our president is. Even at a period when men have resigned themselves to the palm-wine joints and “akpetreshie” bars, one woman Yaa Asantewaa would single handedly organise a war against the mighty imperialist Britain. What has become of the Ghanaian after 56years of independence that we have all resigned our fate to some 500 so called government functionalist to direct our lives as if we do not have any brains of our own? Where in the world would a president of a nation tell them some individuals want to sponsor priests to Israel to pray for the nation without naming those individual sponsors? Supposing these individuals have nothing to do with our almighty government of Ghana, should that involve the president?

Mr President, we have put up with lies for far too long and the time has come for us to demand proper accountability. (i) Could you publish for public scrutiny the names of all those who want to sponsor the pastors. (ii) You will do well to let Ghanaians know the vocation of all these sponsors (iii) Could we know whether these sponsors have complied with their tax obligations to the state, in Europe they are supposed to have P21, can the same be said of these so called money bags of Ghana.

(iv) I would like to know what informed your decision to choose Israel. How about the Churches in Ghana? Is the President of Ghana telling Ghanaians that, God does not have the power of Omnipresence in Ghana? (v) Mr President, do you see the double standards of your party? Not quite long ago your own party hierarchy was fighting against some Christian pastors because they took a Godly stand on the excesses of your party leaders. And lo and behold, it is the same God you want the Ghanaian believe you are sending men of God to go and meet in Israel.

As long as you are not the president of a country like South Africa where the people would never sit down and allow some opportunistic politicians to take them for a ride, you will be save to do whatever you like but one day this same God who is highly maligned by politicians in Ghana will speak. Jesus told the Samaritan woman at the well, a time has come and it is now that the LORD (God) will no longer be worshipped in the mountain nor in Jerusalem. In John 4: 24 the Bible says, “God is spirit and his worshippers must worship him in spirit and truth”. Mr President, God, because he is a Spirit, lives in Ghana too so if you need to be prayed for, for whatever reasons, there is true worshippers in Ghana who can do that for you.

Source: www.ghanamindset.com

Columnist: Owusu-Ansah, Kofi