Walewale sets in motion the train of negative politics for Election 2016

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Wed, 20 Jul 2016 Source: Bokor, Michael J. K.

Folks, it is disturbing to read news reports that political violence has begun erupting in some parts of the country, Walewale in the Northern region blazing the trail so early in the main campaign season.

What for? And in Walewale too? What are they fighting for or against? Poor lost souls in the Savannah region of Ghana!!

How many of these political activists have ever had any close contact with their parties' leaders to know that anything will be done to solve their existential problems? Or to solve problems of their communities? What has Walewale gained from any political front all these years to warrant the political activists there "killing" each for either the NDC or NPP? Fools they all are on this score!!

How many have ever got close to the NPP's Dr. Bawumia or the NDC's local pillars to be supported in any way in life? Why, then, foolishly put one's life at risk this way? As they eat their "dawadawa", do they not know what those exploiting their political allegiance enjoy in the comfort of their political offices? Do we not remember the sad case of the NPP activist whose eye was destroyed late last year in a political situation that he must by now have regretted being a part of?

All the publicity couldn't restore his sight; right? And the very NPP leaders that he thought he was propping up are going about their activities without batting an eyelid over his sad fate. So is it for others in the NDC camp who have suffered adversely in the course of pursuing their party's cause. For as long as people refuse to use their heads, they will continue to be manipulated to their own doom. Surely, only fools will die in such ventures!! I have a simple message for these misguided activists of the NPP and NDC, especially, who are quick to turn politics into a game of stupidity and savagery. No matter what happens, the outcome of Election 2016 won't put in office those who know what to do to solve the existential problems facing the people.

At best, the polls will produce winners and losers who have been with us all these years and said or done things to prove that they are mere self-seekers. So, why kill oneself for them?

In the many years that I have monitored happenings in the country, I have come to realize that political activists who sacrifice their lot to support political camps dear to their hearts end up being marginalized or victimized. So, why not hasten slowly in fighting for one's political cause, especially if doing so will bring one face-to-face with one's kith and kin? Should politics push anybody to the extent as to harm political opponents for a cause that won't benefit him or her in anyway?

How many of these politicians in power walking the corridors of power and exploiting the loopholes in the system for personal gains even know these activists? How many of them even support them in any way to live comfortably? Why, then, turn politics into a battle?

Folks, as we inch toward Election 2016, we expect more of such confrontations to threaten society. Interestingly, the politicians hoping to exploit the situation won't even deem it proper to call their followers to order. They do so at their own risk.

Unfortunately, those tearing at each other will do so only to realize in the end that they don't matter at all in our political situation. How long should it take them to realize that politics is about progress and not retrogression? Poor souls that I pity!!


(See https://www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/NewsArchive/One-injured-in-NPP-NDC-clash-in-Walewale-456009).

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Columnist: Bokor, Michael J. K.