Wallembelle-Wahabu-Kojoperi Road - Fertile Ground for Armed Robbers.

Fri, 4 Jul 2014 Source: Fatawu, Ayamga Bawa

Wallembelle-Wahabu-Kojoperi Road of the Upper West Region a Fertile Ground for Armed Robbers.

We the Young Democrats of the Sissala East District of upper west supported by civil society groups, NGO’S wishes to bring to the attention of HE John Dramani Mahama, the interior minister Mr. Kwasi Ahowi, the IGP of Ghana police as a matter of urgency to put up a police post between the stretch of road mentioned above due to the recurrent records of armed robbery cases especially whenever the rains set in and facilitates the growth of shrubs and bushes to serve as a cover for the armed robbers. From kojokperi to wahabu is twenty-one (21) kilometers and from Wahabu to Wallembelle is also fifteen (15) kilometers and within this stretch of road there is no any communication network that would enable one call for help in case of armed robbery attack.

With the increasing spate of robbery cases most of them being recorded in Sissala East District, all the police stations located in the various district capitals namely, Funsi, Jirapa, lawra, Gwollu,tumu and Wa being their headquarters have all had their feet firm on the ground. The police may have shown courage and perseverance in the face of deprivation but even the work of the police have being derailed by some issues such as accommodation for personnel, logistical challenges, and others. However the Young Democrats and the people of the Sissala land would be counting on HE John Dramani Mahama and the IGP Mr. Mohammed Alhassan to come to our aid with swiftness by establishing a police post in the above mentioned stretch of road as well also equipping the personnel to be stationed there. This will enable the police to ensure constant surveillance on the road and besides this, the establishment of a neighborhood watch committee to supplement the efforts the police will go a long way to arrest the menace.

The vulnerable nature of the stretch of road to armed attacks is not only a source of worry to commuters but also to crop farmers along the road who have often gotten their crops destroyed by cattle lead by the Fulani herdsmen and perhaps this same Fulani herdsmen sometimes rob commuters when the road seem vulnerable. On the eve of 2nd July,2014 around noon a passenger vehicle was attacked by these armed robbers a number of valuables were confiscated from their owners including a whooping sum of seven hundred thousand Ghana cedis(GH 7000.00) taken from poor maize sellers and another bizarre scene was when a motor bike was ceased and petrol taken from it and subsequent pouring of the petrol on one young man who they suspected to be a police officer but luck came on his way when they could not find matches around to set him ablaze and the ended their activities by raping some women the exact number is yet to be ascertained. The people of Sissala East District and its environs will be somewhat relieved if a police post is established on aforementioned the stretch of road.

BY Ayamga Bawa Fatawu


Columnist: Fatawu, Ayamga Bawa