War On Drugs - Congratulation! Ghana’s Narcotics Control Board

Narcotics Drugs Ghana File Photo

Fri, 14 Dec 2018 Source: Joel Savage

The interception of the Zimbabwean woman, carrying seven parcels suspected to be an illegal substance by the Ghana Narcotics Control Board, at the Kotoka International Airport, speaks well of the Ghanaian government and the efficiency of NACOB.

Organized crime and drug trafficking are major threats undermining our security and putting the health of citizens in danger. Worldwide, to maintain a drug-free and healthy healthcare system, drug offense in some countries, especially Asia, carries a death penalty, yet the fight against drug trafficking is far from a success.

Africa is constantly underestimation due to our porous borders and lack of efficient security but this interception has lifted the image of Ghana, in a way that the international community will acknowledge the great step the Ghanaian government has to undertake to secure its borders or point of entry free from illicit drug trafficking.

This achievement also is a way that international communities which have failed to deal with drug trafficking will learn something from Ghana and give the country the respect it deserves.

Drugs threaten the health and the welfare of our children, students, families, and communities, therefore, with such an interception, the Ghana Narcotics Control Board has proved to the people that have negative perception over the activities of NACOB wrong.

Fighting against drug trafficking to maintain a healthy system hasn’t been an easy task for many governments worldwide. Despite the good security system runs by the US government, according to The Washington Examiner,” Over 99 percent of all marijuana and methamphetamine seized at U.S. borders has come from Mexico.

Illicit drug trafficking and abuse have taken its toll on thousands of Americans.

Human beings are quick in judging or criticizing than a recommendation. A successful fight against drug trafficking needs an efficient and intelligent team to be successful and NACOB has proved that they can protect our dear nation from being destroyed by illegal substances. Thus; NACOB, thank you and congratulations.

The arrest of this drug dealer serves as a warning to those who think they can easily bring illegal substances into our country. Well, they can be successful in other countries but not Ghana. We need to move forward as a nation and this is part of it.

Columnist: Joel Savage