Was Ex-President Kufuor Not Ashamed Of Going To The Castle?

Sun, 8 May 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Final Part

The rhetoric of National stability under the government of the NPP was a BIG RUSE or BIG HOAX. When George Bush, The War Monger was brought down to Ghana to praise the country’s progress by saying that it was an OASIS of PEACE and STABILITY, the United States manufactured some PRECISION-GUIDED MISSILES directed at the Residence of former President Rawlings, residence at Ridge in Accra from 2001-2008. Arms and Ammunition were stationed very closed to former President Rawlings residence. Those weapons were meant to STRIKE Rawlings DEAD in the event of ANY DISTURBANCES in the country WHETHER RAWLINGS WAS CONNECTED TO ANY SUCH INSURRECTION OR NOT. Oh! Yes, that was Ex-Prez. Kufuor, the so-called Gentle Giant of the NPP for you. He has never been and will never be happy until he die with the Presence of Rawlings in Ghana whom he once referred to as “That Thing” who should Not Have Been There, because he is a “Sasabonsam” an-Akan word which means a satan.

Ex-Prez. Kufuor and the entire NPP never thought of a day like this to happen to them-Now will Ex-Prez. Kufuor feel comfortable if the Mills’ government should TREAT HIM the same way he treated President Rawlings? No-he will urinate and wet his trousers since he is a coward and a tribal bigot.

It will be recalled that National Security Chiefs screened and selected a few NPP loyalists for TRAINING in the United States and Israel to handle such sophiscated weapons. Those who have undergone the rigorous training include some Ex-soldiers who FELL OUT with former President Rawlings during the PNDC era and went into exile but returned to Ghana when the NPP took over the reins of government in Jan. 2001. If that was the case, I would have made LIFE meaningless for Ex-Prez. Kufuor if I were the National Security Co-ordinator like Lt.Col.Gbevlo Lartey , because Tit for Tat is No sin at all. Intelligence sources in the National Security DID NOT SEE ANYTHING WRONG with the Trailing of Missile War Heads on Jerry Rawlings’ residence, but they were UNCOMFORTABLE with the command structure of the troops in charge of that Special Outfit at that time but they could not talk.

They were managed directly from National Security. Defence chiefs in the Ghana Armed Forces had NO DIRECT CONTROL over their operations even though one or two TOP MILITARY PERSONNEL WERE IN THE KNOW. The monthly salaries and allowances of those fire eating Commando Unit established by Ex-Prez. Kufuor remained a TOP SECRET but it was later revealed that their salaries were drawn DIRECTLY from the contingency fund and were always in DOLLARS and POUND STERLINGS at a time thousands of Ghanaians WENT TO BED HUNGRY Ghanaians did NOT see the FUNNY and BLOODY side of Kufuor ‘s NPP government from 2001-2008.

Apart from Israel and the United States which trained those Commandos to return to Ghana and KILL former President Rawlings, some Arab Nations including Libya and Morocco also made available their facilities for the training of those intelligence and combat troops. Libya had been instrumental in the TRAINING of some OPERATIVES who were operating at the Famous Blue Gate (Castle Annex) Ghana’s main Security outfit. The men and women trained in Libya, Morocco and Israel also included some serving soldiers. Those Commandos did NOT WEAR UNIFORMS. Most of them were seen in MUFTI and stationed in undisclosed locations in Accra, Kumasi, Tema, Takoradi, Sunyani and other parts of the country. Col.Gadaffi, your cup is NOW FULL and it is only a matter of time the Libyan people will hang you at the gallows after 42 solid years of terrorism across the Globe, but Jerry Rawlings is now RIDING HIGH while cowardly Ex-Prez. Kufuor was HUMBLED BY GHANAIANS in December 2008 when they rejected his vicious tribal party-the NPP at the polls.

These Commandos represented the Special Hit Squad and were used by Kufuor ‘s National Security Chiefs for their diabolical operations on perceived opponents of Kufuor’s NPP government from 2001-2008-NEVER AGAIN. As I said earlier, if I were the National Security Co-ordinator, I will also make life UNBEARABLE for Ex-President Kufuor and all his former cabinet ministers as they did to former NDC ministers under Jerry Rawlings, so Kufuor must thank his stars to have Professor Mills as the President of the Republic of Ghana who is so God fearing that he does NOT want to remove a single hair of his political opponent in Ghana, otherwise Kufuor would have smelt Red Pepper to enable his blood shot eyes become more Red. With those PRECISION GUIDED MISSILES directed at Jerry Rawlings’ residence, some political and security analysts warned against such lunatic behaviour of Kufuor’s Security Chiefs. They explained that massing such High Grade Weapons around the residence of Rawlings could be a recipe for BLOOD LETTING in the country if they were mistakenly fired. They further advised that the NPP government must quietly withdraw such weapons to safe guard the peace of the country. Did the NPP government listen to that advice? No-they rather assembled more sophiscated weapons and directed them towards Rawlings residence because they falsely believed that they had destroyed the NDC party which WILL NEVER COME TO POWER AGAIN in this country. So they were doing what they liked because they claim falsely that Ghana belong to them. Now if today 2011, the NDC returned to power and some government appointees, Regional and Constituency Executives of the NDC are rather attacking Rawlings and his wife instead of Helping President Mills to Build a Better Ghana, did we come or did we go? Is the NDC government ready to put smiles on the faces of suffering Ghanaians amidst so much Greed, Deceit and Lies been fed the President? Finally when some former security officers probed some sources further as to why the over concentration of Arms and Ammunition were stationed around former President Rawlings’ residence , they hinted that the idea was conceived by Anti-Rawlings elements who took over National Security operations from Jan. 2001. Their MISSION WAS TO KILL RAWLINGS AT ALL COST WITH THE FULL BLESSING OF EX-PREZ. J.A.KUFUOR the listening President without ears.

Kufuor ‘s security dogs realized the implications of killing Rawlings and National Stability and rather chose the alternative option of keeping him on their RADAR SCREENS and possible smoke him out in the event of ANY DISTURBANCES IN GHANA whether he was involved or Not. Oh! Yes that is J.A.Kufuor , the so-called Gentle Giant for you. The Ghanaian Media men and women were all aware of this, but they never published it because they were all bought like bags of maize and paid for by the tribal grouping calling itself a political party with NPP as its name. Dear reader, if you were to be in the shoes of former President Rawlings, will you ever respect or exchange greetings with Ex-Prez.Kufuor until you die?

Ex-Prez.Kufuor’s NPP government robbed poor Ghanaians to pay the fabulously rich people of Britain by selling Ghana Telecom to them for$500 millions dollars instead of $900 millions dollars.

After so doing, he travelled to Britain and the British Government assembled their troops for Ex-Prez.Kufuor to inspect a Guard of Honour. Back in Obuasi, Kufuor again teamed up with Mr. Sam Jonah, former CEO of Ashanti Goldfields to sell out the 20% Golden Share of Ghana Government to AngloGold of South Africa and lied to Ghanaians that the new company AngloGold Ashanti had merged with the Ghana Government, and yet all major decisions and Board meetings of AngloGold Ashanti always take place in Pretoria-South Africa.

After the outright sale of AGC-the company ‘s workers were given ONE BOTTLE of STAR BEER each and Sam Jonah was also invited to Britain and decorated by the Queen with the title “Knight of the British Empire” (KBE)-so for selling out Ghana’s richest gold mine, his new title is now Sir. Sam Jonah and he is very happy and comfortable while in Obuasi where he was born and bred-nobody will buy his name for 20 Ghana Pesewas because of his greed, deceit and wickedness when he was the CEO of AGC from 1984 to 2001 and beyond. Was it fair for him to behave that way? Only God can tell. This article is written without malice against Ex-Prez. Kufuor or Sir. Sam Jonah because it is a factual write up. Again, my comments about Sam Jonah are also factual because I worked with him for over 25 years at the rich Obuasi Goldmine. I sincerely believe that most Ghanaians were kept in the dark and did not know the reason why Kufuor could NOT unite with Rawlings because Kufuor planned unsuccessfully to eliminate Rawlings but rather accused Rawlings of planning to kill him whenever he travel outside when Rawlings was also confronted with Kufuor’s lies after also travelling outside Ghana, he denied those allegation and stated that Kufour’s lies after travelling outside Ghana, he denied those allegations and stated that Kufuor’s NPP government was very corrupt and his privileges were all withdrawn by the NPP government for defending himself outside Ghana.

The rest is History-I am done.

Aluta Continua! “Jaan bie I waii”





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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement