Was Ex-Prez. Kufuor Not Ashamed For Going To The Castle?

Wed, 2 Mar 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Ex- President J.A Kufuor assumed power by promising Ghanaians a “Positive Change” which quickly changed into a NEGATIVE CHANGE that threatened Ghana’s INFANT DEMOCRACY from 2001-2008.

Any new government is supposed to improve on the past performance of the previous government, but the NPP government pre-occupied itself with persecuting former NDC Ministers who worked with Rawlings from 1992-2000 when the NDC lost power to the NPP and Kufuor behaved as if he had OVER THROWN the NDC in a MILITARY COUP, so most objective members of the NDC including this writer were VERY SURPRISED when he walked humbly to the Castle, the Seat of Government in Ghana to meet his Excellency President J.E.A Mills on Thursday 22nd February, 2011.

In January 2001, all former government Ministers and other appointees and activists including this writer were the perpetrators of a NATIONAL TRAGEDY FOR 19 YEARS. All NDC Ministers and Political Activists had “CRIMINAL” cases to answer to or more of the NPP government’s newly created vengeful institutions namely the Fast Track Court, Nail Rawlings Commission (NRC), Special Investigations Task Force (SITF), the C.I.D, the Police, the BNI, CHRAJ, Serious Fraud Office or the so-called Reconciliation Commission. However when they came to me at Obuasi with an invitation, I reported myself and told them that I could only show them whatever properties I acquired throughout the 19 years of supporting Rawlings at Wa in the Upper West Region, and I put it into writing and finally led them to my village in the Upper West ONLY for them to be informed that I did NOT own even a single HOUSE at Wa or even in my village from government money and that I only put up some 7 rooms as a result of monies I received from my 30 years service as a MINER until I was finally VICTIMISED and CHEATED by the former Chief Executive Officer of the then A.G.C namely Mr. Sam Jonah, who instructed my former manager late Mr. Timbila never to confirm me as a SENIOR STAFF even though I passed that examination for 7 solid years and worked satisfactory- instead, a STARK ILLITERATE called Alhaji Gambo was rather promoted to a Senior Staff position even though I was the first man to pass that examination. Sam Jonah did that just to ridicule me. I was formally informed by my manager and the expatriate white man about Sam Jonah’s Directive. WHY? It was because HE had quarreled with J.J Rawlings, so as a cadre had to be punished and all known Cadres from 1984 t0 1999 were DISMISSED by Sam Jonah because of his fight with Rawlings and worse things happened in the AGC when Kufuor became Ghana’s President by DEFAULT ANYWAY in January 2001, worse things happened . The Press, as the Fourth Estate of the Realm rather became the FAKE ESTATE OF THE REALM by NOT making good of their special responsibility to ensure that there is a responsible and viable opposition so that democracy thrives in Ghana between 2001-2008. Instead they all supported the NPP government’s IMPOSSIBLE ATTEMPT to ANNIHILATE the NDC as a very formidable opposition party with the view to create a DEFACTO ONE PARTY STATE, as Mr. Sergeant Single 3, J.H “Wabodam” Mensah hinted at. All those journalists must be ashamed of themselves now. We know all of them and when Nana Akuffo Addo’s civil war takes place-they will all be wiped out together with then “King of Akans” from Kofridua for peace to return to Ghana. Most leading members of the Ghana Journalists were BOUGHT BY THE NPP and those who refused to be BOUGHT like Kwesi Pratt and his Weekly Insight “Ghana Palaver”, “Ghanaian Voice”, The Democrat’, Ghanaian Lens” were the only news papers in town that were VERY OBJECTIVE, as well as the SEARCH LIGHT News paper and the NPP framed up Kwesi Pratt and accused him of collecting a BRIBE of $25,000 which was not true.

As if that was not enough, Professor Mills, the then candidate of the NDC was prevented from using the facilities of the Volta Star FM at Ho to thank the people of the Volta Region in 2004. Radio Stations that refused to be bribed were harassed daily by the Internal Revenue Service on the orders of Kufuor’s NPP government from 2001-2008. Whilst the then candidate Mills was away in the United States and Canada, Kufuor’s dreaded BNI operatives who were fully armed with a search warrant from the Osu Community Tribunal with a search and seize instructions stormed his residence and threatened Mrs. Naadu Mills to surrender ALL the keys to the vehicles in the house, and was formally allocated to Prof. Mills for his use as part of the Transitional Package arrangements, and still belonging to the government, fuelled and maintained by the state, but these cars were FORCIBLY SEIZED from the Professor’s residence and driven away by those BNI operatives. When Mrs. Mills reported herself to the BNI Headquarters, her car was seized and she was ordered to take a TROTRO to her house after she was detained in a very DARK WAITING ROOM for over 30 minutes for no offence committed apart from the fact that her husband was the flag bearer of the NDC which was a government in waiting. That illegal operation took place on January 31st 2002 in this country and the AUTHORITY behind all THOSE POLITICAL HARASSMENTS was President Kufuor himself with his willing Ministers carefully selected to EXECUTE his hidden agenda which later became an OPEN AGENDA against President Rawlings and the NDC in Ghana but they could NEITHER KILL RAWLINGS OR DESTROY THE GREAT NDC AT ALL.


Under Kufuor’s NPP government, no Municipal or District Chief Executive of the NDC were paid their ex-gratia awards until the NDC came to power in 2008 and this NDC government paid them off. Why did Kufuor behave that way? Today, NPP is back in opposition and are threatening Ghanaians with their “All die be die” campaign slogan, we shall see. President Kufuor NEVER thought that the NPP will ever lose the 2008 general elections and so he SENT Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, wife of former President Rawlings TO Court and this dynamic and fearless woman WENT TO AND FROM the COURT for 8 SOLID YEARS until Kufuor finally pardoned her OUT OF COWARDICE because the NDC had won the 2008 general elections and Kufuor could no more prosecute and harass any NDC former Ministers, NDC activists or the former first lady ANY MORE.


The objective of Negative Propaganda is to create confusion low morale, Eroded Confidence, Fear, Uncertainty, Discord, Dis-unity within the Opposition (NDC) Party in order to Reduce Performance to our Advantage To this end, All Propaganda Must Be Conspicuously Diverted at the NDC. Our objective is to WIN the Presidential Elections with 55% of the votes cast, and 120 Seats in the Parliamentary elections, that was a letter written by Jake in May 2000 to the late Major Courage Quashiga. They never had the 120 Seats in Parliament and Could NOT destroy the great NDC too.

The Press, meaning the Print and Electronic Media (FM Stations) were all biased against the then opposition NDC from 2001-2008 because they claimed that the NPP government was Media friendly because it could buy them Houses, Cars, an Raw Cash from the proceeds of Cocaine and Heroin and the NDC kicked against such dangerous drugs. At the launch of the New Newspaper “The Heritage” in Accra, Mr. Jake Obetsebi Lamptey the then Minister for Information AGAIN WARNED the paper’s Editor that IT WOULD NOT SURVIVE, if it went about its work like the other EXISTING PRIVATE NEWS PAPERS. Hon. Alban Bagbin, the then Minority Leader in Parliament was also prevented from speaking at a Tamale FM Radio Station by the then Northern Regional Minister in the Northern Region of Ghana, as part of Kufuor’s vicious cabinet agenda which they described as a Political Off Season. As for those journalists, they Helped the NPP, then in opposition in the year 2000 and CONDEMNED the then ruling NDC government under J.J Rawlings and portrayed the NPP as the best alternative that will bring SMILES to the faces of all Ghanaians WERE NOW FINDING IT VERY DIFFICULT TO CRITICISE THEIR CHOSEN NPP PARTY FOR NOW MESSING UP THE ECONOMY with extreme corruption. Selective justice, Open Sales of Heroine and Cocaine, Contract killings and Extreme Arrogance with open Tribalism to match from 2001-2008, well! It serves those Bias, Dishonest and Greedy journalists RIGHT. The NPP government led by President Kufuor was DETERMINED MORE THAN EVER TO DISINTEGRATE the NDC by Embarrassing, Humiliating and CRIMINALISING its leadership and leading members even when evidence did not exist from 2001 to 2008 until Ghanaians finally BOOTED the NPP out of power and they are now BRAGGING to come back to power with their infamous “All die be die” tribal slogan coined at Kofridua–well, we live to see. When Ex-President Kufuor declared a Zero Tolerance For Corruption in 2001, the public had then formed their opinion that Kufuor’s Zero TOLERANCE APPLIED ONLY to NDC members and all those who does not belong to the NPP and that was it from 2001 right up to 2009, yet in 2001 alone, Dr. Konadu Apraku travelled abroad for 30 times in order to use his official position and snatch a juicy contract for his girl friend. Truly speaking, The Evil that Men Do, Lives after Them.


In May 2001, the NPP government ORDERED 27 Public Officers to proceed on leave. In Kumasi, Mr. Abraham Kofi Topen, the then Ashanti Regional Co-ordinator of the NMP was asked to proceed on indefinite leave NEVER TO RETURN. He is still on Kufuor’s leave without pay. Also asked to proceed on leave, was the Deputy Regional Nadmo Co-ordinator and former NDC MP for Subin Constituency Mr. J.A.T Sarkodie while the Regional Co-ordinator, Heads and Staff of all decentralized departments of the various District Assemblies in the Ashanti Region had all being asked to proceed on leave-the indirect way of dismissing political opponents by Kufuor just to create Jobs for NPP Supporters. In the Northern Region, Chris Tango and Abdul Karim Idirisu of the NMP, known NDC sympathizers had all been asked to proceed on leave-NEVER TO RETURN TO WORK AT ALL. While announcing these “leaves” with so much fun-fair, their DISMISSALS had been communicated to all the affected Public Officers on the quiet without informing the Media or the Public about the reasons for those INDEFINITE LEAVES and THEY ARE STILL ON LEAVE from 2001 up to 2011-that is Kufuor –the so called Gentle Giant of the NPP for you. However, President Mills has allowed most NPP members to remain at work while NDC members including this writer are JOBLESS. Have you seen the difference between Ex-President Kufuor and President Mills Now?


On 10th December, 2000 after the general elections between Professor J.E.A Mills and Mr. J.A.Kufuor, I met a 23 year old U.S Marine at the Ministries in Accra who greeted me and asked me to show him one of the Best Hotels in Accra, I decided to direct him to the location of the first class hotel that sells its products in foreign currency but he politely asked me to lead him to the Hotel if I was not so busy because he was going there with his friend also a U.S Marine. I obliged and then entered his automatic 4x4 American Land cruiser and within an hour, we arrived at La Palm Hotel because of traffic jams. I only took one bottle of coca-cola and flatly REFUSED to take any alcoholic drink including Beer, Guinness, Rum, Vodka and what have you. Then the man asked me about my political persuasion, I replied that I am an NDC Cadre right from the June 4 era through the PNDC era 1981-1992 up to the year 2000. Jesus Christ! he exclaimed –then you are one of the Millionaires of Rawlings for ALL these years because we have been informed by the opposition NPP leaders that Rawlings is the most richest person in the World as well as all his supporters and that whoever try to speak against him or complains about the economic difficulties in Ghana, that person or group of persons are always shot dead by the People’s Militia on the orders of Rawlings. We were also told that Rawlings has abolished the Court system in Ghana and Replaced them with some Kangaroo Courts called Public Tribunals whose Judgments can never be Appealed Against. After his submission, I politely enquired from him, where he had that information form bearing in mind that as a U.S Marine, he was capable of recording my conversation with him and true to my suspicion he recorded my speech with his pen which was kept in his breast pocket and later connected it to a device in his car and played it to my hearing when we were returning from the hotel.

They even told the U.S Marines that Rawlings was battle ready and will never hand over power to Kufuor even if the NPP wins the 2000 elections and that was why the United States has sent its Warships and U.S Marines to come to Ghana and that the ships were docked at the Sea with dozens of sub-marines and their main duty was TO CAPTURE RAWLINGS ALIVE and STRIP HIM NAKED and parade him through the Principal Streets of Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi if the NPP wins and he refused to hand over power in January, 2001.

After that, I started to talk in defense of both the June 4 and the 31st December Revolutions after briefing them about the Danquah/Busia tradition which the NPP represent today 2000 that year. I educated them about their bombs too and we spend four solid hours in the hotel and I also gave them an accurate briefing and true to my words, the two U.S Marines actually recorded my speech but because it was very FACTUAL, I heard nothing up to date but I was lucky to get away with U.S $1,000 dollars at that time which they dashed me and they drove me from Accra to Obuasi with their Land cruiser when Rawlings finally handed over power to Kufuor as I earlier promised promised the U.S Marines when met in Accra that year. I am done. Aluta Contiuna!





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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement