Was Kufour Not Ashamed For Going To The Castle? Part 7

Thu, 31 Mar 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Was Ex-President Kufour Not Ashamed For Going To The Castle? Part 7

Regardless of how he came to power, FLt.Lt Rawlings retired from the Presidency with world wide recognition that under his rule, Ghana was recognized as the most politically stable and potentially prosperous nation in West Africa. It was the hope of Rawlings that whoever succeeded him would BUILD on the democratic and economic gains that had been made in the last two decades under his rule from the PNDC era 1982 to the year 2000 but THAT WAS NOT TO BE AS the New NPP government led by the then President J.A Kufuor planned several times TO ELIMINATE RAWLINGS so that the NDC as a party will HAVE NO LEGS TO STAND ON to enable the NPP government turn the country into a defacto One Party State and rule forever. In a speech delivered in Abuja Nigeria, this was what Ex-President Kufour said “To some of us, the NDC and Rawlings are one and the same, without Rawlings perhaps there would be NO NDC because the voice of NDC is the voice of Rawlings. That remark in 2003 exposed Ex-President Kufuor’s underlying wicked mind set: The obliteration of the NDC is a natural consequence of the DEATH OF RAWLINGS so that his VIOLENT TRIBAL GROUPING , calling itself a political party in the name of the NPP will rule forever in Ghana. The persecution of Rawlings turned VERY NASTY when J.A Kufour was sworn in as the President of Ghana on 7th Jan. 2001. He opened the flood gates for their vengeful and vicious agenda code named: Reduce Rawlings –to-Nothing Campaign right from the day he delivered his first State of the Nation Address to Parliament without recognizing Rawlings and his wife at all. In December 2008 the whole NPP government machinery printed the pictures of Rawlings so-called atrocities meted out to Ghanaians on June 4 1979 depicting him as a murderer in order to convince voters to REJECT the NDC party-BUT THE NPP LOST HEAVILY, so what did Kufuor go to the Castle to do? It was Rawlings who made President Mills what he is today 2011, you should have remembered your ingratitude and the way you tried to destroy the mighty NDC but could not, and stop going to the Castle. When you were the President, you thought that there will never be tomorrow. KUFUOR IS VERY GREEDY, WICKED and an UNGRATEFUL AS MR. SAM JONAH the former CEO of Ashanti Goldfields Company Ltd now AngloGold Ashanti. Rawlings and the CDRS including this Writer Projected Sam Jonah to fame in 1984 and he turned violently against us. Ex-President Kufuor’s incessant vilification of his predecessor during his NUMEROUS travels and prolonged stays OUTSIDE the country was CONFIRMED by Mr. Odoi Sykes a former National Chairman of the NPP and Ghana’s High Commissioner to Canada when he spoke on RADIO GOLD to the hearing of everybody that the NPP had given the GREEN LIGHT to its Ambassadors to DENIGRATE Rawlings at International Forums and meetings within all the DIPLOMATIC CIRCLES and a further strict instructions was issued by Ghana Embassies to host governments NOT TO EXTEND SECURITY protocol to Rawlings in his travels right from March 2001-December 2008 when those political Criminals and Tribal Bigots in the violent prone NPP were KICKED OUT FROM OFFICE BY well-meaning Ghanaians. When Ex-President Rawlings was confronted with Kufour’s numerous wicked lies abroad by some Diplomats and Ghanaians abroad he denied all those wild allegations and also gave his side of the story. With their back against the wall with disgracer Judas Nana Akuffo Addo the then Foreign Minister and now the hot headed Presidential Candidate of the NPP DIRECTED that all Diplomatic privileges and courtesies accorded Rawlings must be withdrawn and it was done. Oh! Yes, that was the NPP administration under J.A Kufuor the so-called Gentle Giant of the NPP for you. Today, he is the RICHEST former President in Ghana with several over seas Hotels to match.


The world President Rawlings and his Security Network were several steps Ahead of the murderous Tribal government of the NPP all the time. Several plots to kill him both locally and Abroad were swiftly leaked to Rawlings through all forms of communication, text, fax, e-mail, hand delivered notes, word of mouth etc to his security outfit or the friendly press and are either aborted or checked-This is Mr.J.A Kufuor, the so-called Gentle Giant for you-fellow Ghanaians.

On 8th July 2004, National Security,BNI and Military Intelligence Placed a 24- hour Surveillance on J.J Rawlings and Capt.(RTD) Kojo Tsikata ONCE AGAIN like what the late Dr. Hilla Liman’s PNP government did to them after Rawlings handed over to him in Sept. 1979. The NPP government’s reason was that since Hon.Kwamena Ahwoi Capt (RTD) Kojo Tsikata, Tsatsu Tsikata appeared at the so-called National Reconciliation Commission, there had been TENSION within the RANK and FILE of the Security Services especially the Armed Forces. If Kufuor’s NPP government had TOUCHED a single HAIR of Rawlings on that fateful day 21st January 2006 even without injuring him, Ghana would have gone back to a second PNDC era and this time it would have become the Permanent National Defense Council so that we use that opportunity to WIPE OUT these bunch of DE-AFRICANISED POLITICAL CRIMINALS parading as Angels of Democracy and Human Rights Activists but full of lies, hate and extreme tribalism in this country. Ghanaians were fed up and still fed up with your tribalism.

On 14th September 2004-At a recent review meeting at Akosombo, the NPP government had decided to IMPLICATE and KILL the following people whether RETIRED or SERVING SOLDIERS who they thought could possibly stage a coup in Ghana and they were named as follows:

1. J.J Rawlings

2. Captain (rtd) Kojo Tsikata

3. General Smith (rtd)

4. General Arnold Quainoo (rtd)

5. Lit. Colonel Gbevlo Lartey (rtd) present National Security Co-ordinator in the NDC government , and that was the main reason why the OPPOSITION NPP were SCARED STIFF when he was appointed as the National Security Co-ordinator in 2009 because they attempted to kill him several times but failed and rather shot his brother,but the NPP finally retired him prematurely.

6. F.W Mahama

7. Brigadier Abdulai and the 8th person was Mr. Peter Nanfuri a former IGP during the Rawlings regime.

Once again, This is Ex-Prez. J.A.Kufuor, the so-called Gentle Giant of the NPP for you. Nobody must blame Rawlings if he is not on speaking terms or friendly with Kufuor who is so wicked, so tribalistic, so greedy that the he DIVIDED the country on TRIBAL LINES during his 8 years of MIS-RULE in Ghana from 2001-2008.

At the Castle, In Parliament and Conferences Abroad in which the NPP Officials HAPPEN to take part, members of Kufuor’s government always MAKE Rawlings an OBJECT OF VERBAL attacks, insults, insinuations and vilifications yet none of them are qualified to polish the shoes of Ex-President Rawlings and his wife. The “All die Be die” battle cry of the NPP flag bearer must not be taken lightly at all because their MURDEROUS INTENSIONS ARE REAL. The NPP government formed PAID TEAMS OF “SERIAL CALLERS” whose job descriptions were to call into radio station programmes to INISULT former President Rawlings and condemn the NDC to the extent of telling Ghanaians that the NDC WILL NEVER COME TO POWER AGAIN IN GHANA. One of Kufour’s first ACTS as President was to THROW high paying jobs to JOURNALISTS who had none of the qualifications required for those positions-so 98% of the journalists in the country supported the NPP by saying that it is MEDIA FRIENDLY. When Kufuor came to power, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings monthly Allowance as enshrined in the 1992 Constitution was STOPPED but all the other former first ladies including Kufuor’s wife were always PAID to them. Nana Konadu’s monthly allowance as s former first lady was ONLY restarted when the NDC came to power in 2009. This is the PLAIN TRUTH that has been KEPT AWAY FROM THE GNERAL PUBLIC IN GHANA, so until death, I don’t think Ex-President Kufuor and Rawlings can ever PATCH UP because he is VERY WICKED AND UNGRATEFUL and Kufuor should RATHER not have been a President. As if that was NOT ENOUGH, Kufuor’s NPP government withdrew all the Teachers on Second went to the over 2,000 Day Care Centers built by the 31st December Women Movement it throughout the country OUT OF SHEER ENVY and HATRED for Rawlings and His wife. This was in line with the NPP government‘s so-called “Development In Freedom” when they LIED to Ghanaians and won the 2000 general elections with DEFAULT. The NPP government also kept a 24 hours surveillance on the offices of all the 31st December Movement Day Care Centers and tapped the phones of the few courageous members of the Movement from 2001-2008. We the NDC members were in Hell.

At the behest of Ex-President Kufuor, Odeneho Gyapong Ababio, the then President of the National House of Chiefs described Rawlings as “Some one who just gets up and talk by heart” and former President Kufuor also described Rawlings as “Sasabonsam” – an Akan word meaning “A Devil or Demon”. On 23rd October 2004 at the launch of NPP’s campaign at Odododiodoo in Accra President Kufuor referred to Rawlings as “That Thing” and so the NDC Leadership MUST NOT play the ostrich by saying that ALL is well in the Constituencies FOR POWER TO SLIP OUT OF OUR HANDS. PATCH UP. I am appealing to Prez. Mills to patch up with Rawlings because if he could easily smoke a peace pipe with such a wicked, greedy and dishonest tribal bigot like Kufuor-why can’t he UNITE with Rawlings?

Can We Unite As A Nation?

The NPP is a party that is always “doing the Right things” whether in government or in opposition. At best, they will make the nation ungovernable when they are in opposition and further plunge the country into civil war as REVEALED by Akenten Appiah Menkah in the Africa Watch Magazine-June 2010 Edition. I dare Ex-President Kufuor through Judas Nana Akuffo Addo the hot headed flag bearer of the NPP to deny a simple sentence from this article and I will add more and more, and more until they all bury their THICK HEADS IN SHAME. We must NEVER ALLOW the NPP government’s past criminal activities to be swept under the CARPET in this country. I personally Hate, ungrateful and greedy people but I don’t want them to die like the NPP wanted to kill Rawlings but failed in disgrace on this note, May God Richly Bless J.J Rawlings, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, President J.E.A Mills and his Vice President as well as their wives including this Writer MOST ABUNDANTLY. Keep your fingers, I shall return with more criminal activities committed by the NPP government from 2001 -2008 and you will regret for having VOTED for the NPP TWICE IN 2000 AND 2004 and they used their mandate to make several attempts on Rawlings life without doing anything apart from selling cocaine all over Our Dear country Ghana.

HATE IS A CANCER THAT GNAWS AWAY AT THE VERY VITAL CENTER of your life and your existence. It is like eroding acid that eats away the best and the objective center of your life, so HATE destroys the HATER as well as the HATED. There are often hypocrites who smile with you and Turn round to rejoice at your pain. Because detractors do not always show their True feelings openly. They can be very deceptive and dangerous. Poison will not lose its venom if it is IGNORANTLY and LOVINGLY administered as MEDICATION BY a well-meaning person.

“Jaanbie Iwaii”






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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement