Was your life positively transformed under NDC’s eight years?

John Mahama De Feat2 Former President John Dramani Mahama

Thu, 9 Nov 2017 Source: K Badu

Puzzlingly, NDC Party loyalists like my sister, who are currently enjoying uninterrupted electricity, low inflation, tax reductions, gargantuan savings on free SHS amongst others, are revoltingly clamouring for the return of His Excellency, Ex-President Mahama, who wilfully brought irrevocable miseries upon the people of Ghana.

The die-hard supporters of Ex-President Mahama should, as a matter of urgency, mull over the needless self-denial and rather accept the fact that discerning Ghanaians have pleasingly overcome their supposedly memory loss, and cannot so soon forget the terrible errors in judgement which culminated in economic hardships.

The vast majority of unhappy Ghanaians, so to speak, voted against Ex-President Mahama in the 2016 election largely due to the unresolved business-crippling dumsor and the unbridled corruption.

However, dumsor has since been brought under control by the NPP government under the able leadership of President Nana Akufo-Addo to the delight of discerning Ghanaians.

Ghana under the leadership of Ex-President Mahama, was, as a matter of fact, managed terribly amid harsh socio-economic standards of living.

Tell me, sister, were you happy when former President Mahama strangely doled out large portions of our scarce resources to inveterate apologists like Madam Akua Donkor, who in all honesty, contributed nothing meaningful to Ghana’s advancement?

Sister, do we really need Father Christmas who would carelessly give away our hard earned resources or a serious, committed and forward-thinking president who can utilise our scares resources judiciously to the benefit of all Ghanaians?

So it did not bother you a bit when out of unpardonable dereliction of duty and uncontrolled corruption, Ghana’s debt ballooned dramatically from GH¢9.5 billion in 2009 to an incredible GH¢122.4 billion as of December 2016? Are you so insensitive, sister?

Sister, as a devoted mother, were you not concerned when the erstwhile Mahama administration disastrously collapsed the School Feeding Programme, the National Health Insurance Scheme, the Metro Mass Transit, the Free Maternal Care, GYEEDA amongst others? I bet, sister, you need to take a carefully considered deliberation and rescind your idiosyncratic decision.

What about the GH¢800 million dubious judgment debt payments, including the GH¢51.2 million to Woyome? Sister, let me tell you, the road to our hometown was not constructed because of dubious judgment debt payments.

More importantly, sister, your two children who are in forms two and three would have been covered by the free SHS scheme if the erstwhile NDC administration had not wasted our scarce resources through dubious judgment debt payments. It would, indeed, have been very helpful.

Did you manage to take time off from your busy schedule to watch the Brazil World Cup Commission of Enquiry sittings on television? If you did, why do you think some people were ridiculously shedding crocodile tears?

If you care to know, sister, it is being alleged that the crocodile tears shedding cabal bought a ball of ‘nkran dokono’ at an amazing price of $20.00, a whole coconut for $200.00 and paid the Brazilian escort an incredible $4000.00 per journey to a local market. Sister, all those monies would have refurbished the dilapidated market in our hometown.

Let me ask you: don’t you feel for the penniless people from the Northern part of Ghana? If you do, why is it that you are clamouring for the heartless individuals who embezzled funds meant for development in the area to come back? Just ponder over your decision, sister.

And how did you feel when millions of cedis originally budgeted to develop our schools were bizarrely spent on bus branding? Wasn’t it an illustrative case of a misplaced priority, sister?

With all due respect, sister, you could not be serious for suggesting that to err is human, and therefore the non-performing Ex-President Mahama and his NDC Party must be given another chance. What exactly do you mean, sister?

I bet sister, you are being impetuous on this occasion. But I suggest you rather quit for your own good, sister.

Well, was your life transform by President Mahama and his NDC government’s much-touted slogans; 'better Ghana agenda’ and ‘we are transforming lives insobrieties?

Unfortunately, sister, your life and that of your associates never transformed as you were expecting despite the so-called numerous life transforming infrastructural projects.

Well, sister, since that devoted attachment could not transform your life, why then hold on to such a vacuous belief?

Let me tell you sister, even the kind-hearted Blessed Theresa of Calcutta would not have kept such unbridled loyalty. Yours is indeed a hopeless journey to self-destruction.

Sister, politicians, as a matter of fact, and, conscious knowledge, are never the same. Politicians, indeed, have different levels of competence, experience, knowledge, skills and abilities, so they can never be the same.

Tell me, sister, aren’t you impressed with the kind of work the current NPP government under the able leadership of President Akufo-Addo has done so far?

Columnist: K Badu