Watch out Ghanaian voters

Sat, 13 Jan 2007 Source: Boakye, K.

It is very encouraging to observe that democracy is firmly taking roots in our beloved country. The fact that three successive elections have been held without the usurpation of power by some of our uniformed compatriots is a crystal clear testimony to this observation.

My dear country folks, we all know how well democracy thrives, when at least, two political parties are viable. Democracy – especially our infantile one - without its checks and balances will not augur well for the nation’s development. It is, therefore, incumbent on all and sundry to ensure the survival of all the country’s registered political parties. We must also do everything humanly possible to make whichever political organization we affiliate ourselves with conform to all the time-tested democratic principles. Nobody - no matter how influential that person is – should be made to feel indispensable within any political party.

This brings to mind the how deftly Jerry John Rawlings has managed to take absolute control over and manipulated the NDC organization. This guy’s actions are morally reprehensible and completely undemocratic – and this is why the NDC organization should not be given the mandate to supervise the nation’s affairs until it has suitably shaped its internal structures. Any mandate given to Attah-Mills and the NDC will be a fourth term for Jerry Rawlings on a silver platter. There is even a conspiracy theory behind JJ Rawlings’ incessant drive to make Attah-Mills the sole NDC presidential candidate. Any citizen who cares about our nation’s welfare should deeply reflect on this obnoxious theory.

The theory circulates around John Rawlings’ obsession with power and his desire to devise any means possible to grab power again and hang on to it, this time when he succeeds, ad infinitum. Do you recall the infamous “hand over to whom” statement shamelessly uttered by Jerry Rawlings? Some die-hard supporters would argue that Rawlings willingly handed over power to Kuffuor. Well, he did that but under unbearable duress from external powers, plus he was cocksure that he would be handing the reins over to Mills. Have you soon forgotten how his cohorts in parliament tried to dabble in amending the constitution to do away with the term-limit clause? This guy wasn’t really ready to pass the baton to any one so this argument is totally moot.

The theory begins with Attah-Mills being offered the mandate to control the affairs of nation on January 7, 2009. Jerry Rawlings will lead the search for candidates to form the new government – I am sure you still recollect Attah-Mills sworn statement to consult JJ Rawlings for advice (24/7) on every decision he makes. At this juncture, JJ Rawlings will decide to save Mills from the agony of having to stay awake day and night to consult him. He will, therefore, offer to send Mills his list of all the cabinet ministers without any consultation. He will also select his henchmen to man the strategic agencies, including commanders of the Armed Forces and heads of the security agencies.

The first major pronouncement Mills is going to make is to reverse the ban the NPP government has imposed on Rawlings to stay far away from military installations. With this reversal and the appointment of his cohorts to the most sensitive positions, Rawlings will be unfettered to roam the barracks and plan the only thing he knows to do – usurping power and abrogating the constitution. Rawlings is so much power drunk that he will not wink an eye in booting a government even formed by his own party. For your information, this guy does not give a hoot about the nation’s well being. He only cares about being in power and will do even the craziest thing to grab power and hold on to it. Why do you think he has decided to force Mills down the throat of the NDC organization? To pave the way for him to come back to power. Have you heard how he fooled Limann and managed to take control of things in 1981? The story will give credence to this conspiracy theory. Rawlings’ own utterances also go a long way in supporting this theory. If he does not plan to usurp power from Mills, why would he advice members of the current government to furbish the nation’s prisons because when his party comes to power most of them are going to languish in those jails.

The core of the theory rests on the fact that Jerry Rawlings would want to extricate his wife from the tentacles of the law. She might be found guilty of causing financial loss to the state and be jailed. Don’t you think Rawlings won’t tolerate Mills’ hesitation to free his partner and mentor from jail because of the attendant political repercussions? Don’t forget that Mills will always think about his second term and will, therefore, hesitate to take controversial decisions on the spur of the moment.

The nation’s democracy will survive only with a well-heeled alternative party, but not the NDC as currently constituted with a showman who is power drunk and does not believe in democratic ways of doing things. A thorough analytical assessment could be conducted on this theory, and any open-minded investigator could come out with a hidden agenda behind Jerry Rawlings’ relentless efforts to send Mills to the Castle. It is going to be less risky to nurture one of the other parties into becoming a formidable alternative than voting for the NDC with Rawlings comfortably ensconced in the driver’s seat – he will definitely take over the controls sooner rather than later. We cannot afford to let Rawlings hoodwink us and take the country for another wild ride.

It always beats my imagination when a learned person like Mills allows a person like Rawlings to manipulate him. Rawlings is fabulously rich – a classic textbook example of “from rags to riches” – and so acquiring wealth is not his major preoccupation at this point in time. He only wants POWER. People complain about Kuffuor globetrotting for alms to build the nation; what are they saying about Rawlings globetrotting for arms to destroy the nation? I get a rumbling stomach whenever Rawlings tries to portray to the ordinary citizens that he is fighting for their cause – this guy is not fighting for anybody but for his maniacal drive to wrestle power back. If Rawlings were a die-hard socialist – as he shrilly touts always - he wouldn’t hesitate to use part of his ill-gotten wealth to prop up those unfortunate citizens who always troop behind him. People should start reasoning and shouldn’t allow this phony socialist to manipulate them.

We all want our democracy to have solid roots and, therefore, want parties with different philosophies to hold sway to effect the necessary checks and balances within the system. We should, however, not be prepared to vote for Mills who will allow Rawlings to make a coup and take over power on a silver platter. See how the current government has managed to rein Rawlings in. Will Mills ever dream of imposing any restrictions on this power-drunkard’s movement? If the answer is a resounding “NO”, then folks, brace for another historic Rawlings regime soon after the Mills swearing-in ceremony. We are interested in an opposition that will be able to keep Rawlings’ diabolical intensions at bay.

To our honorable citizens, I will say; think twice before you cast your vote in December 2008 for Mills. If you are in doubt, try to ask your self this question: why is Rawlings bent on having Mills as the NDC flag-bearer at all cost? And the answer will definitely be: to enable him easily make a coup and usurp power.

To the other political parties, I will say; use this conspiracy theory constantly as a campaign material and do well to inculcate into the voters’ minds that they will be doing an unimaginable disservice to the nation if they vote for Mills and allow Rawlings to make a coup. Circulate the theory!

Happy New Year to you all.

The author is a Corporate Executive and a political analyst in Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia.

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Columnist: Boakye, K.