We Are Not Like The Rest

Sat, 10 Jan 2009 Source: Owusu-Ansah, Kofi

K.O. Owusu-Ansah

These are the good times for our motherland and I think it behoves on all Ghanaians no matter our political persuasion to rejoice. President Atta Mills had to endure all the pain both physical and psychological, to win the trust of Ghanaians and for him to succeed at the third attempt tells us a lot about the man. I remember those days when I was in the Middle school,that any stage a person failed the class promotion examinations ,he was thrown out of school and I bear witness to the number of good friends who dropped out from form one to form four.

The famous Madiba, Nelson Mandela said and I quote ' It is not a crime to fail in any situation but it becomes a crime when you fail and decide to pack it in and say, that is it I am a failure so I quit'. I would like the patience this fine Professor endured those two years being ridiculed as a failure and to bounce back as he has done, encourage every Ghanaian into believing that if we fall we should strive to rise up. His resilience makes my heart rest in peace . Enough of the that the critical issue that I would like to address is the fact that the President won the just concluded elections based on his promises to the Ghanaian electorate and I can assure him that we shall give him all the time he needs but he must remember,we would not like any revision in all that he said he would do in the first 100 days in office. Just as Ghanaians stood on their toes when my Party the NPP was in power,we shall keep reminding the president of all the " I will do in 100 days promises". I say we are not like the rest in the sense that at last we have Asomdwee Hene as our President so why should we fear about problems in our society? One thing which President Atta Mills said and brought joy into my life when he was sworn in is that he would make sure Ghanaian Entrepreneurs do not suffer at the hands of their foreign counterparts. I am a pure capitalist but I sincerely believe the time has come for Ghanaians to show patriotism and start using made in Ghana products.

The normal language on the lips of we Ghanaians is it made in ABUROKYIRE? If not what is the use? . For us to attain the middle income status we would need to grow the private sector very well so that small to medium enterprises can source resources for production as the surest way of meeting the demands of peoples. We are not like the rest because the NDC knew all the problems facing Ghana before they were voted into power so we are not going to sit down and listen to any excuses. As a by-stander who has no vote, all I can say is that the time has come for the NDC to put all the nice things they preached during the electioneering campaign into practice. Our case is not like the rest of the world where they were not fortunate enough for any political party to identify and articulate their national problems the way, we Ghanaians are blessed to have the almighty NDC. You have power now, .translate it into National Development not tomorrow but now.


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Columnist: Owusu-Ansah, Kofi