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“We Are Not Serious As a Nation, Are We”?

Tue, 11 Jun 2013 Source: Badu, K.

The Chinese immigrants mass destruction of our rural areas is outrageous. But, disappointingly, a section of Ghanaians are wholly unaware of the behemoth nature of the Chinese invasion, and convivially continue to support this wicked and criminal activity,--mass destruction of the rural areas. Of course, to constantly speak against what some Ghanaians perceive as benign venture as Chinese invasion of the rural areas is to be regarded as a fanatic, or even as sacrilegious, but we must be true to the faith-- ‘uphold and defend the good name of Ghana’!

May I ask: Which independent country on planet earth, would look on nonchalantly and watch obstreperous immigrants despoil its natural resources? How can we look on unperturbed, and allow the contumacious Chinese immigrants to seize our rural areas, and forcibly dig our gold, destroy the environment and above all, terrorise the rural dwellers? Where is the leadership?

It is beyond human understanding that in this day and age, Ghanaians can stand aside and watch visible ‘territorial acquisition’ (Colonization) of our rural areas by some cadaverous Chinese immigrants, having attained our independence from the British fifty six years ago. How on earth shall we allow such rigmarole (Despoliation of our rural areas) by some criminally minded Chinese? Who looks after our rural areas?

How long shall we continue to show blithe ignorance to the seriousness of the Chinese illegal activities in our rural areas? The Chinese menace is real, thus, it is incumbent upon the leadership of Ghana to take a leading role in combating such menace, and cease approaching it blithesomely. Why do we need leadership in Ghana if it cannot ‘hold in high esteem the heritage won for us through the blood and toil of our Forefathers? You have pledged to uphold and defend the good name of Ghana, so show it, and stop behaving like ‘Uncle Tom’!

Don’t tell me off please, I am not seeking to hyperbolize the true picture of the situation,-far from it, for, a moment’s reflection by any serious and committed leadership will acknowledge exactly why the Chinese illegal activities in our rural areas must be thwarted without delay. Why should any serious leadership allow foreign invaders to destroy the livelihoods of its rural dwellers? This is indeed an eyesore, and must not continue in independent Ghana.

It is extremely disappointing to see our men and women who have pledged to uphold the integrity and the sovereignty of Ghana cheaply giving in to some fractious Chinese immigrants who are bent on illegally mining our natural resources and in the process destroying the environment. Why our leaders’ behaving like poodles? Were they elected to protect the sovereignty of Ghana or elected to protect relationships with our ‘allies?

I would like to go with the vast majority of Ghanaians who hold the view that Ghanaian leaders have become so corrupt and greedy that they don't care about the lives of their people and the future generation. Many discerning Ghanaians think our leaders’ are very weak and lousy, and hence they are happy to sell their "birthright" to foreigners to "invade" our land. For if indeed, this is not a visible trace of inferiority complex, what is it then?

I have no doubt whatsoever that some Chinese immigrants secured authentic visas to enter Ghana, but I am pretty sure Ghana Embassy in China did not grant visas to all the Chinese immigrants to undertake mining in Ghana. In any case, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs must endeavour to investigate the granting of visas by the Ghana Embassy in China, per the influx of illegal Chinese miners in Ghana.

It is also incumbent upon the Ghana Immigration Service to put ‘tabs on the illegal Chinese who are bent on laying their hands on our natural resources illegally. This is indeed a serious issue, and must therefore be treated with all seriousness it deserves.

I must also stress out that our relationship with China must not be the standing block in bringing the offending Chinese immigrants to book.

To put it forcefully, the lunatic fringe of Chinese immigrants should not presume on our hospitability, because after all, they presumed to invite themselves to Ghana. In any case, the Chinese and their sympathisers should neither take the leniency of discerning Ghanaians as a sign of weakness nor assume that their activities are not harming our environment.

It is important to note that Communist China will never buy such flagitious activities from its nationals, let alone immigrants, from say Ghana. It is only supposedly democratic Ghana that Chinese immigrants can flout the laws of the land without facing any comeuppance. Wake up Ghanaians, we attained our independence fifty six years ago, and it is about time we exercised our freedom!

K. Badu, UK.

Columnist: Badu, K.