We Can Not Become Beggars In Our Own Political Party

Fri, 30 Dec 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Some few people are delegated to perform special assignments for the majority in Democratic societies and a single person is called a delegate. Constituency delegates are therefore sent to go and chose the right contestant in the forthcoming NDC Presidential primaries. There are two contestants namely the silting President Mills whose hands are tied, behind him indirectly and those `` powerful`` people who continue to mis-in form him that all is well while the opposite is the case. Recently, the president told Journalists that nobody will buy his name for one Ghana cedi – why did he say so? It means that some people are using his name to AMASS WEALTH and PUT up MANSIONS all in his name within just 2 years in office. Therefore, nobody hates president Mills, but his leadership style is rather allowing some dishonest appointees to enrich themselves and turn round to blame cadres to the extent of calling them Rawlings Bays from an imaginary White House who will get Nothing from the party. The Sunyani congress is a Battle of Ideas, it is a fight between TRUTH and FALSEHOOD, and I can assure you the Truth will stand Tall forever, because if the masses are yearning for REAL CHANGE within the NDC and the delegates refuse to listen to them, and go there to do their own thing because of the little money that will be given to them ALONE- We shall show them that Elections are not won at the Castle or the Ministries, elections are not won at the National and Regional NDC Secretariats neither do we win elections at the various Constituencies nationwide. Elections are won at the polling stations which we call Branches in the NDC, and that is where Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings hails from, she is out to Redeem the millions of footsoldiers knowing very well that she has thousands of courageous cadres to once again work very hard to send the message down. Some 3,500 delegates can never ensure victory for the NDC in 2012 at all, but the millions of party followers nation wide. We can NOT BECOME BEGGARS IN OUR OWN PARTY, SO NANA KONADU AGYEMAN RAWLINGS IS COMING TO CORRECT, the Injustice, Deceit, the Lies, Ungratefulness, this information Extreme Greed and Ingratitude that is fast threatening to sent the NDC back to Opposition. When that happens, all his appointees will remain fabulously rich while you and I as well as millions of party supporters REMAIN POOR until we become paupers in this country, President Mills is a God-fearing president who is very LENIENT and some of his appointees are using his leniency to AMASS WEALTH and KILL THE NDC Party and their greedy intentions have been detected that is the main Reason why Nana Konadu has stepped forward to rescue the NDC party and put it on track so that those who suffered for the party will all be rewarded. I have NOT INSULTED ANYBODY IN THIS ARTICLE, SO WHOEVER DICIDE TO SEND A REJOINDER MUST BECAREFUL NOT TO INSULT ME EITHER, If you refuse and insult me, I will prove to you that Nobody has the monopoly over insults in this country and further show you that I joined this process from June 4 up to date 2011. Gone are the days when Monkeys work for Baboons to chop - The Die Is Cast.It is very true that Nobody owns the NDC but the party has a Living Legend who is the Founder and is Still Alive and Kicking. The NDC belong to the ordinary masses, the grassroots people who are frustrated and dis –illusioned because they are being misled by people who should know BETTER, People who should not play the ostrich, people must be made to know where the party came from, where the party is going, and how to get there. Instead of educating the youth of Ghana after winning 81/2 Regions in the 2009, general elections, some appointees from the Regional and Constituency Executives have decided to divide the party by stating that these group of people are Rawlings Boys and they are Mills Boys from the Castle. Here, Rawlings ‘Boys here, Rawlings’ Boys there, Rawlings Boys everywhere must stop for we are Fed Up with those whose stock – in trade is to look down on the very people especially (cadres) who made the NDC what it is today. We must not praise our former leaders ONLY WHEN THEY ARE DEAD. It looks as if the NDC is in a HURRY TO GO BACK TO OPPOSITION. June 4 dealt decisively with cheating, injustice, deceit dishonesty, and the NDC is heir to June 4th if which is enshrined in the party’s constitution but these negative and nasty activities have crept back in to the NDC and it is being glorified by those who profit from Deceit, Injustice and Dishonesty at the various constituencies. Truth is an indispensable QUALITY OF LIFE and we WILL SPEAK NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH and damn the Consequences’ like we did in the NDC era in 1982 by exposing all the TRAITORS in the NDC no matter who they are. It is now very clear that POWER and MONEY always drive people to support their Leaders whether they are RIGHT OR wrong. Was it NOT THE CADRES including this writer who kicked against the sole nomination of Prof. Mills at Swedru in 1998 because he was a NEW FACE and WORSE STILL, a Lawyer, because Lawyers DID NOT SUPPORT BOTH JUNE 4TH and the 31st December Revolutions in 1979 and 1981? Wonders Will Never End- and God is NOT MOCKED at all. What is coming, is coming, and what will Happen , will happen alright. You keep your fingers crossed, I shall return when the need arise. We Are All Involved. I am done. ALUTA CONTINUA!




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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement