We Donâ??t Need Prayers From Foul Mouthed Church Leaders.

Sun, 16 Feb 2014 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

The bloody military coup de’tat on 24th February 1966 was staged for Dr. Busia and his United Party to prepare the ground work and set the stage for Busia to climb the post Nkrumah Political, ladder so when Edward Akuffo Addo replaced Justice Julius Sarkodie Addo as Chief Justice on 26th September 1966, Dr. Busia took over as Chairman of the Political Committee of the NLC military junta and became the most powerful civilian in the NLC government. He went on foreign trips on behalf of that government or accompanied NLC members on such trips. Both the NLC and Busia’s old United Party were Conservatives and subscribed to the liberal democratic ideas. In Ghana, the Conservatives always Hate the Truth and endorse smuggling, glorify savagery, encourage dishonesty and cheating in society, they are also crime sympathizers; they practice tribalism and support in justice, lies, fraud and indiscipline.

Today 2014 the Danquah / Busia tradition which the NPP represent are Conservatives, the clergy in Ghana are Conservatives because of the role they played when Victor Owusu’s popular Front Party (PFP) split into two factions when ‘’General Afrifa and William Ofori Attah formed the United National Convention (UNC) in 1979. That break away group which was led by William Ofori Atta played down its obvious connections with Dr. Busia’s administration in 1969.

The Conservative elements led by the Clergy in the Ghanaian society saw the split between Busia’s associates as the writing of a FREE TICKET for the formation of the civilian government of the SOCIALIST BOYS of Dr. Nkrumah, but those several attempts that were made by Ghana’s Conservative Church Leaders to patch up the differences could not succeed since the church leaders did not want the return of the Socialist boys Because they (church leaders) are always comfortable with capitalism and all its negative effects on majority poor Ghanaians (1) in 1969, Ghanaians thought that a Progress Party government led by Busia and the old intelligentsia opposition, reinforced by a new generation of intellectuals would be very skillful in managing the country’s affairs. These ‘’Progress Intellectuals failed to inspire individual or group sacrifice for public welfare.

Infact, the Busia government behaved arrogantly and foolishly and this was repeated by Ex. Prez. J.A Kufuor and his NPP government between 2001 – 2008.

When the Ghanaian Business Promotion Act was passed by Parliament in 1969, it was revealed that 10% of N¢7 million voted by the Busia administration to ASSIST SMALL BUSINESS MEN rather went to THIRTY NINE (39) former Progress Party Members of Parliament. The Progress Party government condoned its Ministers involvement in Profit making ventures in Private Business and Public corporations contrary to Constitutional – requirements so long as their MOTIVES were deemed ‘’pure Laudable and Public Spirited ‘’When a Ghana Airways plane on loan to the United Arab Airlines was destroyed by Israeli Bombs in Beirut Airport, the Ministry of Transport and Communications prevented a National Assembly Committee from investigating the then Minister, Haruna Esseku. (3) After J.H. Mensah was found to be on the Board of Directors of Odumase Farms contrary to the provisions of the 1969 Constitution, Busia failed to rebuke him and even declared his support for him on the floor of Parliament. Ex – President Kufuor who was then a Deputy Minister in Dr. Busia’s Progress Party government was vigorously understudying Busia’s dictatorship, arrogance, bias and corrupt behavior.

When Kufuor finally became the President of Ghana by default, he declared a Zero Tolerance for corruption which applied only to those who did not belong to the NPP from 2001 – 2008 while supporting corrupt ministers in his government.

When Kufuor was questioned, he told Ghanaians that if he sack any minister, he will be DESTROYING his Party and government Yes, these are the extreme corrupt Conservative members in Ghana for you. Truth be told, so many people including this writer who had followed Busia’s political career and so called democratic ideals were surprised at his behavior when he ‘’won’’ the 1969 mock elections and became Prime Minister of Ghana in 1969.

Dr. Busia was a Professional smuggler who twice changed monies at the black market at COW LANE in before he became Prime Minister of Ghana. As a Prime Minister, he still engaged in black marketing of foreign currency through an expatriate agent which showed how widely and deep corruption had gripped the government between 1969 – 1972. In fact, Dr. Busia paid himself 5 years salary advance in 1969 before he was toppled by Col – Acheampong in 1972. Was that the so called Democrat who believed in True Democracy.

I leave the answer to the reading public to judge for themselves. The National Liberation Council (NLC) - 1966 – 1969 issued 480 military Decrees in 3 years and 90% of those decrees were issued to Cripple the CPP as a Political Party while the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) – 1982 – 1992 headed by Jerry John Rawlings issued 333 Military Decrees in 10 years.


The Youth of today are disillusioned by the UNCERTAINTY of tomorrow because most Church Leaders about 98% of them are Conservatives and are always in bed with the violent prone NPP while using the BIBLE and the CROSS in their hands to secretly STEAL indirectly from their unsuspecting flock by means of TRICKS. Our Church Leaders from Rev. Antwi Danso of the Methodist church who once referred to President Rawlings as a Devil, through Rev. Owusu Ansah of Joy fm fame running down the NDC to Rev. Deegbe of the Baptist church, and the Rev. Dr. Asante Anttwi also of the infamous Methodist church and former Member of the Council of State who ate food with both hands and feet under the Conservative NPP government of Kufuor where they belong. They have made the Methodist Church infamous by making it an integral part of the NPP since 1992 to date 2014. These Apostles of Hypocrisy in this country must be stopped in their tracks by NDC Youth since they are irresponsible Church Leaders who are devil inspired and Satan directed to always use their Pulpits and political crusades as launching pads for attacking the great NDC AS THEY DID TO THE LATE Dr. Nkrumah of blessed memory. We don’t actually need prayers from those foul mouthed stupid church leaders. Is anybody listening? I shall return when the need arise. I am done ‘’Jaanbie Iwaii – Aluta Continua!







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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement