We Don’t Pay Bribes In Order To See The President

Sat, 11 Jan 2014 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

– NPP Must Stop The Lies

It is a BIBLICAL INJUNCTION that before one can REMOVE A MOTE from another’s eye, one must free oneself the speck on one’s own eyes first.

His Excellency, Fit. J.J. Rawlings ruled Ghana for 19 years. He spent 11 years as a Military Head of State as the PNDC Chairman and he had been very approachable throughout the revolutionary years. The interesting aspect of his rule was that he set up a unit where DIRECT INFORMATION COULD REACH HIM despite reports from the BNI, PNDC Regional and District Secretaries, Regional and District Organizing Assistants etc. Apart from all these, we had the PNDC Information Centre that collected intelligence and other information direct to the PNDC Chairman at Gondar barracks

Infact, the PNDC had never been ashamed in washing its dirty linen in public because it believed that crime must NEVER BE CONDONED hence it never spared any CORRUPT APPOINTEE or CADRE and showed NO MERCY TO THEM EITHER. Somebody must prove me wrong here, but I doubt if any body can do that.

J.J. Rawlings succeeded in turning Ghana’s economy round and went further to contest multi – party elections and won, and was sworn in as the first civilian President of the Republic of Ghana in the first Parliament of the Fourth Republic. Rawlings maintained his usual style of collecting credible information from ordinary cadres, party supporters and his numerous. Supporters nationwide – Go and ask him if you doubt it. He succeeded in ruling the country for 8 years, and the NPP campaigned against his long stay in power and won that election by default on December 7th 2000, and Mr. J.A. Kufuor the vicious, wicked and most corrupt President was sworn in as undeserved president of Ghana. He sponsored Mr. Kweku Baako jnr to comb all the banks in the world looking for STOLEN MONIES STUFFED in those banks by Rawlings and his wife but could NOT GET A PESEWA and then Kweku Baako put his cowardly tail in between his legs and fled to Ghana shamefully.

Now, if President Mahama completes, his 8 years as President of Ghana and the NPP decide to trace his foreign bank accounts and that of his wife will they find any stolen monies? The answer is capital NO, so what are some people talking about? On the other hand, if the NDC government should decide to investigate former NPP Ministers of State and Ex – Prez. Kufour during their 8 years in power, billions of stolen cash and illegal state properties that they acquired for themselves would all be retrieved, yet today 2013, NPP members are all over the place blaming President Mahama for heading a corrupt government yet they are unable to provide a single evidence. The NPP did that from 2001 – 2008 and that is why they believe Prez. Mahama is doing the same. NPP, remove the mote from your eyes first.

They are all over the place with the rumours that one has to pay an amount of GH c 1,000.00 and GH c 4,000.00 before one will be able to see the President of Ghana. Let them mention the names of all those officials at the Flagstaff House who indulge in such disgraceful behavior and within just 24 hours, the President will dismiss. ALL OF THEM – I BET YOU. In this harsh economic situation created by the violent prone NPP because of their 8 months long Supreme Court case that drove away investors from Ghana, who will manage to raise GH c 1,000.00 and GH c 4,00.00 and decide to go and bribe some few people around the President in order to get access to him? I mean these wicked lies must be condemned. The late President Mills ruled Ghana but died unfortunately – we did not hear this, and we did not hear this during the era of Rawlings either. Why should it be ‘’happening’’ under Prez Mahama’s Presidency today 2013. The answer is that the President come from ‘’the wrong tribe’’. In the eyes of the NPP, a Northerner from a minority tribe in Ghana and must be destroyed and disgraced in Ghana and abroad – but members of the violent prone NPP are deceiving themselves for JDM will walk to and from the Flag staff House for 8 years and officially leave in 2021, in line with the 1992 Constitution and hand over to another NDC presidential candidate - you mark my words.

Another wild rumour is that you can only get to the President by phone – how can this be. Is he a ghost? These are all fat lies peddled by NPP members nation wide, but they will nor succeed because Rawlings was a Military Head of State from 1982 -1992 and was guarded by heavy armed young patriotic soldiers at Gondar barracks between 1982 and 1983 but ordinary Ghanaians could get access to him despite weekly coup attempts to over throw him, how much more a civilian President like Mahama. NPP, you can’t destroy JDM. Is that clear? ‘’Jaanbie Iwaii’’ Aluta Continua!







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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement