We Must All Help President Mills To Succeed

Fri, 11 Feb 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

From January 2006 to 2008, NDC delegates saw themselves as BOARD MEMBERS of the party who have to INTERVIEW Presidential candidates and then PASS THE WINNER at a delegates congress which they did by voting for the then candidate Mills who scored 81% of the total votes cast in 2006. Today 2011, he is Ghana’s President in his THIRD YEAR after beating the NPP candidate Nana Akuffo Addo in 2009. There was a BIG PROBLEM IN THE NDC from 2001-2008 and we were looking for a solution and the solution was to UNITE and work hard around the clock in oreder to come to power in December 2008. God actually helped all NDC members and we bounced back to power ONLY to work under a very greedy and dishonest leaders in the various Constituencies with the support of some arrogant and disrespectful DCE’s and MCE’s whose main agenda is to AMASS and grab WEALTH, and later turn round to MIS-INFORM their Regional bosses who in turn MIS-INFORM the sitting President that his Better Ghana Agenda is on course while in REALITY , A BITTER GHANA IS BEING IMPLEMENTED AT THE GRASSROOTS NATIONWIDE. Whom are they deceiving in this country at all with their fat lies? They MUST BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES. You see, Western Democracy was BUILT ON SLAVERY and Ghanaians are blindly copying it. Most government appointees have forgotten where we came from so soon. This is very serious. Thousands and even millions of people are always hungry on the VERY STREETS OF THESE DEMOCRACIES which BURY FOOD whilst the WORLD’S POOR DIE OF STARVATION and this is exactly what is happening in the so-called new NDC in Ghana, where the President’s name is MIS-USED by his MOST TRUSTED confidants to ENRICH THEMSELVES without his knowledge and the President was compelled to tell journalists at the Castle that NOBODY WILL BUY HIS NAME FOR ONE GHANA CEDI, because his name has been destroyed and it means that some so called staunch NDC gurus at the Castle and the Ministries has being using his name to engage in negative activities including money laundering, bribery and corruption, illegal demands of kick –backs extortion of monies from multi-national companies, foreign investors, shipping agents, transport companies, real estate developers and what have you without the knowledge of the sitting President and they describe that as the characteristics of their so-called NEW NDC which is full of some DISHONEST MONEY GRABBERS right from the National, through the Regions down to the various Constituencies nationwide where it is now a crime punishable by ORGANISED BLACKMAIL if you dare talk of ANY PROBITY and accountability as enshrined in the NDC Party Constitution. President Mills is a God fearing man and is very humble and lenient and if he is not careful his extreme leniency will eventually cause his downfall, mark my words.


Naturally, if you treat some body like a dog for too long he will bark at you and this explains why most NDC foot soldiers always stand up to fight their leaders especially some DCE’S and MCE’S physically. The Party structures are NOT WORKING since 2009 to date 2011 because petition sent to the Regions and National Headquarters of the NDC are IGNORED so the foot soldiers have to BARK at their leaders for recognition because they are being TREATED WITH CONTEMPT LIKE DOGS/WHO BORN DOG? Today, the foot soldiers are NO MORE important, but they will be very important and useful again only in 2012, an election year isn’t it? Well, we live to see what happens in 2012. The President hears a hundred voices all telling him that HE IS THE GREATESS MAN IN TH WORLD, he must listen carefully indeed to the one voice that tells him that he is NOT and President Mills is such a man and because of his extreme leniency and Godliness, his most TRUSTED confidants are CHOPPING INTO HIS BEARD DAILY, HE MUST GET RID OF THEM in order to save the good name of the Government and the NDC party because those people are Few, and we are MANY WE MUST ALL HELP THE PRESIDENT TO SUCCED OR WE PERISH. To be frank, DEMOCRACY in itself does NOT necessarily bring PROSPERITY unless the people who hold the levers of power manage the affairs of their countries as COMPETENTLY and TRANSPARENT as DEMOCRACY will require and President Mills is doing JUST THAT, but he is being undermined by some greedy and incompetent appointees including DCE’S, and MCE’S and even some Regional Ministers and Transparency is completely out of the system because the party has been neglected with its disgruntled foot soldiers while the party leaders are doing brisk and booming business and lining their pockets daily, so if the party should lose the general elections in 2012, majority of the foot soldiers would continue to suffer while the NDC leaders from the Constituency up to National level will live in wealth and reside in their heavily fortified mansions with inscriptions telling visitors to “BEWARE OF DOGS” oh! YES, A BETTER GHANA INDEED. Whom are these Appointees fooling and deceiving in this country? Do they have any moral rights left to blame members of the NPP for adopting their property owning democracy at a time the social democrats in the NDC have over taken them in just 2 years in office? Infact , President Mills is the last hope of NDC party supporters and the cadres, so he must let the axe fall further if only he wants to win the general elections in 2012. Is anybody listening? I am done.





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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement