We Must Not Politicise An NCA Withdrawal Of Kennedy Adjapong's Media License

Sun, 13 May 2012 Source: Thompson, Kofi

By Kofi Thompson

In a democratic nation such as Ghana, there is absolutely nothing wrong with media houses, and individual journalists, lending their support to particular political parties.

However, they must always draw the line when it comes to protecting the national interest, and what promotes the common good of the generality of Ghanaians. Ghana first, ought to be their motto, on all such occasions

That is why it is so sad that sections of the Ghanaian media - such as the Daily Guide - are already seeking to politicise moves by the National Communications Authority (NCA), which could end in the withdrawal of the licenses of media entities, in which Kennedy Adjapong has a stake.

When a wealthy, verbally-aggressive and tribal-supremacist politician, uses his own media establishment - in an egregious example of tribalism - to broadcast a call for what amounts to ethnic-cleansing, which potentially could spark off killings that might have resulted in a pogrom, in an ethnically-diverse nation, he immediately forfeits the privilege of controlling any mass-media outlet in Ghana.

The NCA will be acting in the supreme interest of our nation, if it withdraws the licenses of all the media entities, in which Kennedy Adjapong has an interest.

The abominable things he said, which caused such horror in much of Ghanaian society, have put him beyond the pale. He is most definitely not a fit and proper person, to be allowed to own any media establishment, in Ghana.

No media house or journalist must make light of the foolish, unpardonable and unspeakable things Kennedy Adjapong said. That would be immoral and intolerable - and those that are doing so ought to pause and reflect: for it does not speak well of them.

In the supreme interest of Ghana, and for the well-being of our multi-ethnic society - in which no tribe is superior or inferior to another - the withdrawal of the license of any media house he has a stake in, by the NCA, ought not to be politicised by the Ghanaian media. A word to the wise...

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Columnist: Thompson, Kofi