Opinions Tue, 8 Jan 2013

We Need Toilet For Healthy Life.

Human being has two main obligatory responsibilities in life, and there is no way one can prevent any of the two either consciously or unconsciously. These responsibilities come about automatically irrespective of an individual position, age, structure, beauty or color.

However, foods and drinks are substances indispensable for human growth and life’s sustainability. The same way toilet and urinal facility are also necessary in human’s life for an excretion of wastes from the organism. The two main events (excretion and ingestion) appear to be unconditional with respect to their high command; so there is no way one has a dominion over food, drink and toilet facility as when one is to eat, drink or ease oneself.

I had had a terrible travel experience this Christmas holiday when I had a business trip to Koforidua. Kumasi station happens to be one of the popular stations among the numerous ones in the New Juaben Municipality. For its new construction, it can boast of a broad range of amenities; just like comfort reception for passengers, excellent food venders in alignment and availability of vehicles to various destinations. Unfortunately, Kumasi station has a public toilet which serves passengers from the various stations in the municipality and the people living in that same community.

I understand, only a few houses have toilet facilities in that community. I was however boomed when I had to ease myself before continuing the journey to Kumasi. There was a long queue comprising of young, middle age and old men waiting impatiently to have their turn to ease themselves. It was one of the adventurous events I had ever experienced in my life. There was a high pressure and I needed to ease myself immediately without delay, yet I had no option than to wait anxiously holding my two buttocks tighten. But with the help of an elderly man who seemed to be a little bit sympathetic, I would have soiled myself in public. Out of sympathy, they had allowed me to go without following the queue.

The toilet is the type which needs to be flashed at each instance. There is no direct connection of pipe to the toilet. So everybody fetched water from a container in order to flash anytime he finishes. The whole situation was quite alarming, especially this very moment when cholera and diarrhea are ardently visiting communities.

I was always wondering why people suffer for toilet even though food is hard to come by in some instances. People need food for survival so as they need public toilet for healthy life. Many passengers may feel comfortable on their way, if there are public toilet at all the lorry stations. Toilet can never be carried along wherever we go; so let people get themselves ease anytime they leave their comfort home for business trips.

By Koffi Amlado.

Columnist: Amlado, Koffi