Opinions Thu, 25 Jan 2018

We are funnily sick

We are sick! Yes, you and I are sick and something must be done about it as soon as possible else we are headed for destruction. When I got to work today, my heart was filled with pain and my head buried in my seemingly trembling hands as I tried to stay away from the shame that was written all over me. The series of shame I have witnessed has finally degenerated into a disease I feel might not be able to be cured; not even in the new University of Ghana Medical Centre, that remains under lock and key a year after former President Mahama commissioned it for use.

This week, our country has been hit yet again with another sex tape making this the first of the year 2018. A sex video tape involving a young girl called Priscilla Martey, a final year student of Breman SHS, and Mr. Seppey, head teacher of Adumanu D/A Basic School has gone viral and attracted reactions from the general public.

Even though I am yet to see the video, I am reliably informed that the young lady was kneeling on a stool with her hands on the floor, as the headmaster stood behind her thrusting into her with all his might in a simple harmonic motion. Evidently, I am told the act was consensual as both were heard moaning in ecstasy throughout the about 4-minute sexual act.

According to reliable information available to me, the said act took place somewhere last year but just found its way onto social media recently. Grapevine news indicate that the said video was leaked by people connected to the lady’s brother, though that is yet to be confirmed.

The girl at the center of the controversy has granted interviews to some media houses and claims she used to be in a relationship with the headmaster, during which time they filmed their erotic act. However, the relationship hit the rocks some months back. Information is also rife that parents of the girl were aware of the relationship between the two as the Headmaster was footing the girl’s bills including her school fees and parting the girl’s “red sea” with his “rod” could be regarded as ex-gratia.

Sorry I had to bore you with this whole background to the issues. If you are a Ghanaian or live in Ghana, certainly this will be no news, but if you aren’t then this sets the tone for my 2 cents.

How did you feel reading about what I have written above? The story does not make sense right? For those who even find sense in the story, it sounds sad right?

Well, the reaction of Ghanaians, even though not shocking, is what I find very sad and hurting. Media houses as usual have taken the story up not with the aim of causing any societal change but just because they want to be the first to report. So in a bid to be the first to break the story, some have thrown the basic ethics of journalism to the dogs. Some have even published the sex video tape on their online portals just to direct traffic there. Every media house will discuss the issue just as they have discussed in the past and as usual, matters will be left to die, with the anticipation of another sex tape. Yes, this is Ghana, my country.

Ghanaians, as usual, have decided to find humour in this painful story and guess what, we have succeeded. The “stool challenge” has been launched on social media especially Facebook as a lot of Facebook users are seen kneeling on a kitchen stool to depict the position of the girl in the sex tape. People we respect a lot in our society have joined this craze and as usual, it will continue till we find fun in another serious issue.

Unfortunately, media reportage and remedial measures have proven that we are not concerned about how to curb this issue. There have been several calls for the Ghana Education Service to proffer harsher punishment to teachers or head teachers who take advantage of their students especially, sexually. We know how students sell their bodies to teachers sometimes under duress. We might not have videos of them but we know about it.

No one is interested in the trauma the young girl is going through especially when she is in her final year and getting ready for exams. No one is bothered about her claims that she was in the said relationship because she claims she needed 100 cedis to pay her fees. No one is wondering why a parent will agree for their underage daughter to be in a relationship and even have sex. We are happy. We are hoping for another sex tape.

Having sex is not wrong. What is worrying is the fact that a headmaster is able to have sex with his student (now former student) with the consent of her parent and we find it funny.

Before the year ends, you will see another sex tape. We will make fun about it again and repeat everything I have said here. Nothing will be done and the cycle will continue unabated.

Columnist: Abdul-Rahim Naa Ninche