Purported suspension from the NPP

Thu, 11 Jul 2013 Source: Wereko-Brobby, Charles

There are rumours circulating about my purported suspension from the New Patriotic Party. The confusion has been added to by a public statement by the NPP Director of Communications to the effect the Party is sorry for the “inadvertent” publication of the said suspension ahead of my formal receipt of official correspondence informing me of my fate. To add salt to the wound of this tragic comedy, it is suggested that I have been deprived of some unspecified privileges. WOW

My reaction to the manner in which the purported action is that it simply reaffirms and confirms the illegality and total lack of respect for due process by which the current NPP leadership has conducted itself in this whole business; from:

• the naked abuse of the requirements of the NPP Constitution as to the procedures for initiating disciplinary action

• the prejudicial conduct of a member of the Disciplinary Committee in playing both JUDGE & JURY on national public media right in the middle of the committee’s deliberations and before it had come to any conclusions

• The failure of the Disciplinary Committee to acknowledge let alone respond to my protest about the irresponsible conduct of one its own lawyers, a former Attorney-General of Ghana

• The failure of the Committee to discuss its findings with me nor furnish me with a copy of its report as would be expected of a fair and just process

But then none of the above should come as a surprise to anyone who has observed the utterances and actions of the NPP’s leaders and a small segment of supporters since the end of the 2012 General Elections which it contrived to lose after Ghanaians had thumbed their confidence in the Party.

From: 1)attempting to physically prevent President Kufuor from attending a national event; 2)through to holding up insulting placards to denigrate the President of Ghana on a state occasion; 3) orchestrating verbal abuses and insults via paid mouthpieces; and, 4)allowing mobs to invade the meeting of the Disciplinary Committee; the current leadership of the NPP has torn the party’s cardinal pillars of ADHERENCE TO THE RULE OF LAW, RESPECT FOR OUR LEADERS and TOLERANCE OF FREE SPEECH & DIVERGENT VIEWS

When I put all of this together and factor in the irregular manner by which the current leadership assumed the mantle of office at the 2010 Party congress in Kumasi, I come to the sad conclusion that no purpose will be served by my wasting precious time to respond to the purported suspension. A framework and principal actors lacking honest and truthful conduct and respect for the Party’s own rules, can never comprehend, let alone act in the established “Matemeho” tradition of fairness and equity

Therefore I have decided to treat the whole matter with the utmost contempt that I Can bring to it and not waste my time fighting the unjust and illegal actions, be it from WITHIN the Party or WITHOUT the law courts.

As with most things in life, THIS PHASE OF BAD LEADERSHIP, led by folks who prematurely wave white flags of victory before surrendering and then go on to engage in the ultimate folly of picking fights with those they have gone to seek justice from, WILL SOON BE CAST INTO HISTORY’S NIGHTMARISH PAST.

When people let us down badly by failing to manifest the victory that the people of Ghana voted for us in 2012, what they must do is to bow down their heads in shame, move on and allow the NPP to dust itself off from the ashes of the deep disappointment arising from their incompetence

The NPP needs to move on and prepare for the 2016 battle, so that it can move away from the futile spectacle of weighty criticisms from the side and assume full command of the craft of the Oman Ghana state, so it can emulate and maybe even surpass the incomparable and unenviable success of President Kufuor’s SUPER SOCIAL ENGINEERGING LEGACY




Accra, 10 July 2013

Columnist: Wereko-Brobby, Charles