We got it wrong

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Thu, 5 Mar 2020 Source: Adjei Boakye

Was relaxed at the back seat of a tricycle (Aboboyaa), somehow tatterdemalion in nature. The body was relaxed and the brain was in its usual state of health, thinking about how the youth of this State can change the status quo.

Something just crossed my mind and was quite Interesting; the spirit of Activism and its relationship with Expect.

Gone at the days, the youth were encouraged to part take in our political discussion in a form of Activism. In fact, my uncle, Mr. Kofi White was labeled as Child Right activist. The system was quite cool until some jocular with different agenda joined the chorus. The game became something different.

They opted for it, with a different agenda unknown to the public. Now in a different ring with a different purpose and vision. They started it well and even inspired some of us to join.

With a romantic label as Neutrals, but not knowing they have another lense in their pockets.

The slogan was quite simple..."One regime, one lense."

The truth came to lost its taste, the spirit of activism was dwindling.

It came to an era where every regime will present it own set of activist, been it social, environment, education, chieftaincy, and even religion. The inner space was highly captured leaving behind the outer space.

Some opted for cleaning up the air, but ended up polluting a lot of souls. Those who were smart, split the atom, leaving behind their prejudice.

Now in our political circles, still labelled as neutrals. They are no more fighting for the average Ghanaian. Currently, with a puffy wallet, mansions, flushy cars, side chicks, and corcks. And I ask my self, What kind of Activism are we practicing..?

It's not out of order to join a political party or to declare your political affiliation, but join or declare it with the same principles and values used during the days of activism.

Some have neglected the weightier matters of leadership and opted for hypocrisy.

These values and principles have been placed behind the bus during the transition. A scary one, I can confidently say.


Quite an interesting transition... From Activist to Expect.

Expects here, expects there... just a laughing stock. Some of these include, Economic expects, environmental expects, expects in banking and finance, experts in mining and some have opted to be expected in alcoholism, in fact, the Chief testing officers of our alcoholic beverages.

Countless experts with a lot of problems as a state. Don't forget, the journalists of this state will label them as supper human beings.

Is quite nauseating, when listening to these people, especially, in the morning and in the late afternoon.

Mr. Fiifi Kwadwovi, a morning show host will never disappoint in terms of making you angry, with his usual formal introduction of guests on his show. And it goes.."Please let me introduce one of our favorite guests; Dr. Bambo Otchere. An expert in economics and also a lecturer at the University of Hopkin, business school. "

Only the introduction, can ginger you to change the dial.

Here we are... expects chasing political appointments,fat contracts and others. No longer dealing with principles and Values.

The funny thing is, those we labelled as expects, linked to a particular field, are now in our political circles with high taste for corruption.

The country is been flooded with a lot of activist and expects who are contributing less to the development of this State.

Infact, this leg, needs a second look before it suffers from amputation.

Thank you.

Columnist: Adjei Boakye