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A UzAfrican Union

Wed, 13 Jul 2016 Source: Denis Andaban

I think the African Union (AU) is virtually toothless and useless. Look at what is happening at Sudan but AU is sitting aloof. The west shall continue to oppress us with their long standing imperial tactics.

We hunt ourselves like hunters in the bush and need development. No wonder Africa continue to be in abject poverty.

This is not the Africa Nkrumah, Gaddafi, Nelson et al were building. Our brothers in Sudan are in pain as a result of war yet AU leadership keep travelling and dinning in the West. Why can't we join hands to give our brothers and sisters peace? Are we wicked or foolish?

Interestingly we continue to celebrate annual holidays to tout non-existing achievements. Are we not making mockery of ourselves?

What a shame!

Has the white man injected permanent vaccine on us to dictate our thinking or we are simply created with narrow minds clouded with greed, selfishness and insatiable penchant for fame and power?

Why can't we be of ourselves, accept our mistakes and rejuvenate our attitude?

As a mother continental Union like AU, I expect it to champion the cost of liberating Africans from what seems to be a mental slavery. Ironically, I see AU as a pinnacle of hopelessness that only sit aloof and perhaps awaits magic to ameliorate our sea of continental challenges ranging from poverty, war, political instability, low standard of education, general security, religious intolerance among others. What at all has AU achieved if I may ask?

We are wasting resources. You cannot continue to sit with folded arms and expect magic. That is simply ridiculous though painful and shameful. It is our bad attitude that introduced militants in this continent. We are only quick to copy blindly.

We are best in taking excessive alcohol, satisfying our seemingly insatiable erotic ambition, stealing, blackmail and pursuing our parochial interest.

Why Africa?

The most interesting aspect of African leaders is that they want all sort of unmeritorious accolades to display their power and wealth.

Why don't we see our problems and even in the few instances we see them, we are timid to speak but confident to fight and kill ourselves? Are we living under curse? I seek answers from my conscience but am sure my answers are not convincing. The answers are in our hands. We don't need rocket science or abstract theological principles to solve our long standing continental impediments.

It pains to live under self inflicted pains than to live in slavery. We are simply promoting mental slavery and mental corruption. If we agree that we are fools, perhaps we could be re-orientated.

We the current generation must sit up and begin to think differently to reclaim our identities. We are loss both in our actions and inactions. Our future is being sold to the west by our so called leaders who continually gamble the future of the continent for their parochial interest. We are the architects of our problems.

Shall return soon.....

Writer's e-mail: denisandaban@gmail.com

Columnist: Denis Andaban