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Wed, 3 Jun 2020 Source: Dr. Annie Gaisie

Human beings are social creatures. We thrive in social groups to function well. Social groups provide us with an important part of our identity, and more than that, they teach us a set of skills that help us to live our lives. Feeling connected, especially in our world, is more important than ever.

A connection is defined as, a relationship in which a person, thing or idea is linked or associated with something else. Connection is a relationship that occurs as a result of successful networking.

Having an awareness of who we are can help us reach for support when needed through our relevant connections.

Most people think seeking support is a sign of weakness, but it is the opposite. Knowing yourself well enough to understand when something is not working correctly and having the courage to share or reach out to an individual can be a very beneficial experience.

By sharing, we begin to link, and by linking, we begin to connect, and by connecting, we begin to heal and explore bigger and better ventures.

Connection is a hopeful process that can balance our lives and allow for joy and progress to emerge.

If you’ve ever moved to a different environment, changed jobs, or set up your own business then you have a good idea of just how much social connections shape our everyday life and well-being. A study showed that social connection is a greater determinant to health.

Connection doesn’t necessarily mean physically being present with people, but the experience of feeling understood and connected to others.

Connections offer a number of Mental health benefits, such as increased feelings of belonging, purpose, increased levels of happiness, reduced levels of stress, improved self-worth and confidence.

We need connections in our daily lives especially for the benefit of our career and businesses.

Relevant connections open up opportunities and challenges us to strive for more in life.

They take us places and make the impossible look possible.

Let’s surround ourselves with influential connections.

If you are always the most influential person in your circles then is likely you are not reaching your full potential. Expand your connections for more adventure.

You may argue that you've made it big on your own...that's very true but maybe you can even build an empire if you start connecting.

By: Dr. Annie Gaisie, Psychologist - Addictive Behaviour.

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Columnist: Dr. Annie Gaisie