We reject President Akufo-Addo's deviant stand on the Ghana-US one-sided bad deal

Fri, 6 Apr 2018 Source: Desmond Twumasi Ntow

Fellow Ghanaians, President Akufo Addo has demonstrated once again that talk is cheap and politics as usual by a political malemute who never eschew propaganda but feed from the vines.

Ghanaians for once thought The Commander in chief of the arm forces was going to redeem his image and integrity if any by his address to the nation but he rather strengthened his stance on this bad deal.

The President address to the nation is needless since his comments about the Ghana United States Agreement is not convincing to the majority of Ghanaians and we reject it with all our might.

Mr President indeed, we need to work together and spend our energies to build a prosperous Ghana but how do we build a successful country with some of these things

Mr President your stern warning and threatening address to the nation is not only a slap on our democracy or dissenting views but a clear indication that our sovereignty has been sold by your administration and you are blatantly covering up but this exercise is a waste of time.

The agreement is one sided and at no point does this Agreement represent the interest of Ghanaians but if indeed your government insists then, Mr President you negotiated a bad deal and you ought to pay dearly for your incompetence.

Mr President, your affirmation that Ghana has not offered the United States any military base shows either you are confused or not on top of issues and you need to read, reread or engage security analysts to diagnose the agreement to your understanding.

Mr President we urge you to tighten your belt and brace up for more demonstrations if the obnoxious agreement is not annulled.

God bless Ghana...

We resist oppressors rule...

Columnist: Desmond Twumasi Ntow
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