Welcome Mr. Minister Designate

Fri, 21 Jan 2011 Source: Alpha, Shaban Barani


*As would most likely be the case, the Vetting Committee of Parliament will

upon assumption of its sitting look to vetting a number of

ministers-designate, one of whom will be Clement Kofi Humado, gunning for

the Youth and Sports Ministry.*

* *

It is most refreshing to have heard the minister-designate outline his

vision for the portfolio he would be taking after the vetting process.

Popular word out there though is that, there is nothing significantly

different from what his predecessors have sought to achieve.

The rhetoric about consolidating the gains made in lesser known sports and

ensuring youth development have been with us as a country for ages, and a

conscientious effort to go beyond the talk must be vigorously pursued.

With the benefit of the past to guide us as we go into the future, any

appointee to the Youth and Sports ministry would and should rightfully so be

fully aware of the simple fact that, the place is a hotbed activities as

stated by his immediate predecessor, Madam Sena Dansua. *“It is an

interesting and challenging portfolio.”*

At least Ghanaians have been told by no mean a person as the President, His

Excellency John Evans Atta Mills, of how *every appointee to the place is

billed to execute a particular task then exit for another.***

* *

This has led to Efo Humado being the fourth man to occupy the seat that left

two of his predecessors embattle on exit – Alhaji Muntaka and Akua Sena

Dansua - except for Rashid Pelpuo, whose stint ended in a relatively short


*On the part of Muntaka, here was one of the beneficiaries of the

President’s trust in the youth within his party; his post looked a promising

one but crumbled upon an attempt he made to implement what was an unpopular

decision as to why fans had died at a game.*

* *

*“Lack of discretion,”** as Muntaka himself put it, also led to what has now

become known as the **khebab and pampers** **episode **within the political

landscape, he may have been cleared of the allegations but was never to

return as minister till date.*

* *

*Rashid Pelpuo was perhaps a smooth sailor comparative to the two others who

sandwiched him, as far as I can recall, he until his reassignment as deputy

minority leader had the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC) impasse as a major

highlight as minister.*

* *

*It therefore came as no surprise at all that in the wake of the

International Olympic Committee (IOC) ban of the Ghana Olympic Committee

(GOC) has been quick to explain why no body should blame the government for

the ban. All of that is a story to be told some other day.*

* *

*In came Sena Dansua, who for most of the time that she was minister enjoyed

several highs and of course, deep down lows as a rather frosty relationship

seemed to have characterized her dealings with important stakeholders in

sport - the media.*

* *

*Aside that, the minister looked to have jumped too quickly in respect of

the GOC stand-off when she wrote a letter to colleague ministers belonging

to the Olympic Movement to assert what she called their sovereignty as a

nation and called off the IOC’s bluff and threat of a ban.*

* *

*Amongst other unpopular acts as openly accusing the media, and voices by a

group from her own party calling for her dismissal from office during a

press conference, the minister by her actions, always looked to be on her

way out, little wonder she said she was not at all surprised at her


*All does not look bleak though, at least Efo will have the benefit of a

long standing deputy minister, Nii Nortey Duah, who must have by now learnt

the ropes so well to be of maximum support in moving the ministry’s agenda


* *

*Again, the long talked-of technocrats at the ministry should be of help to

the minister who as much as possible, must refrain from meddling in the

politics of sports associations as it comes along with its very dire

implications at home and abroad.*

* *


Perhaps the big issue that confronts the entry of the Voltarian into his new

office will be the extent to which he can use diplomacy and tact to reverse

the current IOC ban on GOC, in all of this, staying clear of the politics


I need not emphasize how important sports in general is to the general

Ghanaian populace and what will become of the ban if not as quickly as

possible, rectified and Ghana reinstated into the Olympic Movement

especially so as the London 2012 Games lurks.

The political, social and economic implications of losing out on the

Olympics for no other reason than for the one currently pertaining stretches

further than the near future and that is the harsh reality that Efo will

have to face.

*MEDIA – A ‘Necessary Evil’*

*With the plurality of media and the competition thereof to get exclusives,

the minister as it were, must be ready to answer calls from the myriad of

especially radio networks littered all over the country, be it morning,

afternoon or evening.*

* *

*It would be a good ride or a nightmare depending on how our minister-to-be,

Efo Humado, handles the ministry, where the policies and lines of action are

already in place, leadership and direction is what will be needed to steer

the tide of a sensitive portfolio as the Youth and Sports ministry.*

* *

*From the perspective of **The New Crusading GUIDE Sports,** a good and safe

ride for Efo Humado is our wish, as that will translate into better times

for the sports generally in the country. Just as sportsmen must keep their

eyes on the prize, we urge Efo to keep his eyes on the job, **Woezo Efo**. *

*© Shaban Barani Alpha*

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Columnist: Alpha, Shaban Barani