Western Democracy Is Laced With Insults-Final Part

Tue, 20 Sep 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Western countries took thousands of years killing each other through fighting before they exported their violent killings to Africa and other Third World Countries and finally formed the European Union that could bind them together to supervise Rebel killings in Africa, and support instability in Africa. Where African leaders are strong enough to resist their interference with their sovereign affairs, they use tribalism which works faster than fire in Africa. Between 1969-1970, these Western countries engineered a brutal civil war that claimed the lives of 2.5million innocent Nigerian citizens. If you doubt this, go and ask General Yakubu Gowon the then Military Head of State during the civil war and further look for General Odumegu Ojuku the them Rebel Leader who wanted to secede from Nigeria and found the “Republic of Biafra” with him as the first Head of State. What was it? Gen. Ojuku will tell you that he wanted to break away because of TRIBALISM as his tribesmen were being killed in the security services notably the Military and even civilians by Northern soldiers in Lagos and other parts of Northern Nigeria. Both Gowon and Ojukwu are still alive. After engineering that civil war, these Europeans were smiling all the way to the Banks with dollars and pound sterlings which they earned through the sale of Jet fighters, sophiscated arms and ammunitions, bombs, grenades etc. yes, millions of Nigerians died in that senseless war and the Europeans gained immensely from that war.

Naturally, no one can rule another forever without his consent, so it is time African leaders open their eyes wide and be courageous enough to tell these Western “democrats” that enough is enough.

As if that was not enough these same western powers engineered another brutal civil war in Rwanda and over one Million Hutus and Tutsis were sent to their untimely graves because of TRIBALISM and as at now, the state of Rwanda is still sitting on a TIME BOMB as all those who lost their relatives prematurely will never forget about them and some will even be preparing for Revenge in the near future- don’t get me wrong it could happen after all we are Africans. During the Cold War era between the United States and the then Soviet Union, formerly the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – (U.S.S.R) Mr. Patrice Lumumba was elected the Prime Minister of Congo at the age of 36 years and he chose the socialist ideology.

All Hell broke loose in the Congo in 1961 as Belgium, the colonial power imposed a rival Head of State based in Katanga to secede from the Republic of Congo in order to keep their strangle hold on the WEALTH of the Congo.

In the end, Patrice Lumumba was captured and brutally dismembered with his body doused with acid by Belgian soldiers, while Dag Hammarksjold, the then secretary General of the UN also died in a very suspicious plane crash.

The reason was that the West did not want Lumumba as the prime minister because they could never control him, so he had to go and he went by FORCE so how democratic is the West Oh! Yes, Western Interests was achieved when Lumumba and the UN Secretary General died, because the West has no permanent friends but they only have permanent interests.

The then Col. Mobutu became Head of State and a Puppet of the West and remained there for donkey years until he died, and now Congo is the most hopeless and wretched country in Africa despite her vast natural resources, which is being re-shaped and reconstructed by President Joseph Kabila. These long noses from the West must stop meddling in the internal affairs of Africa. Once we have accepted Western Democracy. Insults can never be removed from our democratic governance – it is part and parcel of it.

AFRICOM Africom was established in Oct. 2007 and is supposed to be in operation this year 2011. For economic and geostrategic reasons, the U.S.A has for several years hidden behind its commands such as NATO, UN and other international organizations to EXTEND HER INFLUENCE on SOVERIGN NATIONS to seek their ECONOMIC and POLITICAL interests because the US is the biggest contributor of cash to the NATO. Presently, NATO is in Libya helping to overthrow Gaddafi to enable them steal Libyan oil and ENFORCE democracy and “FREEDOM” I can predict that God is his wisdom will empower another DAVID from Saudi Arabia to crush these demonic Western countries in a manner determined by the undying powers of God. Surely these Western Goliaths would be crushed one day

African leaders and their citizens will suffer and continue to suffer economically and politically under these colonial and imperialist matters since they claim that democracy means freedom. Whose freedom? It is a big lie, democracy means, Arrogance, Deceit, Lies, Insults, Under hand dealings, sycophancy, Cronyism, Corruption, Violence, Indiscipline, Dis-respect to the Elderly, Pull Him Down Tactics, Greed, Nepotism and Selfishness and then Killing your political opponents etc. These are all facts.

All the above negative things have been exported from the West to all African countries which are Alien to Africa, we must reject them or we perish. So if you don’t know death, Look at sleep – An African proverb, the Worst comes from the West– Is anybody listening? I am done “Jaanbie Iwaii” Aluta Continua!

Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement