Western Democracy Is Laced With Insults – Part 4

Thu, 15 Sep 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Having built their democracies out of slavery, these Western Countries have turned round to destroy the culture of Africans indirectly through neo-colonialism. You see, Respect for the rights of the individual is in dispensable to good governance.

Mutual TRUST must be established between THOSE IN GOVERNMENT and THE GOVERNED. This means ACCOUNTABLITY and TRANSPARENCY in the decision making process. It means the RULE OF LAW and FREEDOM OF EXPERESSION. It means POLITICAL PLURALISM with FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS. However, none of these is EASY in a situation where people face a DAILY THREAT TO THEIR VERY EXISTENCE because of the INHUMAN and ANTI-AFRICAN economic policies of these Western Countries led by a Global Dictator. These “Professional Democrats” in the West have deliberately forgotten that good governance WILL NEVER come about through external pressure; it requires Justice, equality of opportunity and choice. These things can only come from within a country, and each country must DECIDE FOR ITSELF exactly how it is to be achieved.

The most important thing is the people’s willingness to apply them WHERE and How they WORK BEST. Lies put out as PROPAGANDA which is 85% about African Countries by the Western Media houses REMAIN LIES, No matter the political INTENSIONS and PERSUASIONS of these dishonest and bias liars working seriously to destroy Africans through their media. In this 21st Century, we can NEVER go back to the old days when the ordinary people were MERE FOLLOWERS of leaders and had NO RIGHT to PARTICIPATE IN LEADERSHIP.

The days when rural communities were PINNED DOWN to the position of EVERLASTING DEPENDENCE on UNFULFILLED PROMISSES of politicians, the Sardine, Tinapa and Sugar days of sweet tongued politicians and members of parliament are GONE FOREVER.

These Western countries have made the WORLD SO HARD that people are fighting and killing each other every day while the Western Countries continue to sell their deadly weapons to these fighters in return for dollars, Euros, CFA’s and pound sterlings from Third World Countries. This is another cunning way of reducing the population in Africa by the West. According to the U.N. Secretary for Humanitarian Affairs, Mr. Egeland, Europeans eat ICE CREAM for $10billion a year, while Americans spent $35billion a year on their PETS ALONE, He was speaking about the ACUTE SHORTAGE OF FOOD in NIGER and SOMALIA both countries are in Africa – where thousands of innocent men, women and children are dying daily as well as their animals s a result of drought and fighting which is not their fault. As for the war in Somalia it was engineered by the West in order to flush out Al – Quaeda militants of the late Osama bin Laden. Tons of Expired food is buried in Europe while Africans die in Niger and Somalia – God save Africans. You see, we live in a continent where ruling Governments do every thing in their power to WEAKEN, INTIMIDATE and eventually KILL Opposition Parties in order to PERPETUATE THEMSELVES in POWER for donkey years. We often have some OVERZEALOUS Government functionaries who HARASS opposition politicians when they even make harmless political statements which have no political value. A clear example took place in Ghana, West Africa when former President Rawlings handed over power peacefully to President John Agyekum Kufuor on the 7th January, 2001.

The political situation in Ghana could best be described as a violent coup de’tat instead of a mere civilian president handing over power to another elected civilian president in that year. Several attempts were made to assassinate Rawlings from 2001 – 2008 and his wife would have been jailed outright if the NDC which Rawlings founded, had lost the general election in December 2008. Therefore in Western Democratic Practice, Vice becomes virtue, Lies become Truth. Corruption becomes Honesty and Patriotism, and it goes with Underhand Dealings, Theft, Deceit, and Imprisonment without charges by ruling governments, political dismissals, destruction of businesses owned by political opponents, selective justice, false political persecution, insults and EVEN DEATH in Africa and third world countries. All the above negative, murderous and un Godly activities are ingredients of the so-called Western Democracy that has been exported to Africa BY FORCE in order to tame Africans to enable the West to steal our gold, oil, diamonds, cobald, bauxite, cocoa, coffee and finally deplete our forests by removing timber logs – so who must stop insulting who on Radio, Television and political platforms? I drop my Bic here for readers to prove me wrong. I am done. “Jaanbie Iwaii”. Aluta Continua!


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Clement Sangaparee

Municipal Organizer

United Cadres Front


E-mail: ClementSan@yahoo.com

Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement