What Caused NPP Defeat In 2008 Will....

Sun, 24 Apr 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

What Caused NPP Defeat In 2008 Will Cause NDC Defeat In 2012 If…

It is said that it is IMPOSSIBLE for LIFE to snatch what DEATH had laid its ICY HANDS ON. According to the American civil war President who said: if you want to know the true colours or character of a man, give him power. The greatest test of democracy is to tolerate opinions that we hate to hear. I do not think there is anything humanly possible that the NPP did not do to cling on to power in 2008. You talk of the monopoly over both the STATE and PRIVATE MEDIA, in terms of news coverage, adverts and what have you, and they were unprecedented in the annals of Ghana’ s history from 1957-2008. Talk about the best slogans and assembling of all those who matter in the SHOWBIZ INDUSTRY and the NPP had NO CHALLENGER in Ghana. Talk about the sharing of cash and goodies the NPP had no challenger. The NPP campaign was very innovative and their catchy slogans were very infectious coupled with Daddy Lumba’s “Nana is a winner CD”. However, the NPP forgot that the electorate were not flown from the Moon, Sun, Stars or Jupiter and other planets to vote in December 2008. They were living witnesses to the daily happenings in the country and the outcome of the polls was a clear indication that the Ghanaian Voter could NOT BE TAKEN FRO GRANTED. Both Presidential and Parliamentary results from other Regions apart from the Ashanti and Volta Regions point to the fact that Voters were more sophiscated and discerning than the politicians think. Since we have demolished the term progaganda, to connote lies, deceit and dishonesty from Opposition parties whose suggestions were seen as irrelevant and worthless, ruling governments will continue to fall with shocks every now and then in this country and the NDC is following the dangerous footsteps of the NPP even in its first term of office because the President is being mis-informed by his trusted appointees in government as well as the 10 NDC Regional Chairmen that ALL IS WELL, while the OPPOSITE is the case at the grassroots because most Constituency Executives and their MCE’s and DCE’s have started grabbing wealth and setting the party work aside with the belief that they would become millionaires when the party loses power. Therefore people who point out their mistakes to them become their enemy that must be gotten rid off through character assassinations, blackmail and what have you E.G. It happened to me LIVE at the Obuasi Constituency where the ILLEGAL CONSTITUENCY EXECUTIVES ganged up and reported me to the National Security outfit in March 2010 that I was rather out to destroy the NDC party in Obuasi-I went to the National Security outfit and returned safely back to Obuasi since then. They thought they could spread such fat lies about me in order to silence me-they lie bad-where were they when Jerry Rawlings wanted young men and women to stick their necks out to be counted as P.D.C’s and W.D.C’s in January 1982 during the PNDC era? They were all hiding under their father’s beds out of sheer cowardice but I stick my neck out and was counted as a P.D.C man in 1982 through the C.D.R’s in 1984 up to date 2011, so who are you to gang up with fat lies and try to destroy me? Those who will REMOVE ME from the great NDC are NOT YET BORN in Ghana. Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see PARADISE as HELL, and also see HELL as PARADISE to consider the MOST WRETCHED sort of life as PARADISE, how sad it is. The NPP and NDC started doing this even before they went to congress to elect their flag bearers. While the NPP was of the view that Ghana under the NPP was paradise from 2001-2008, the NDC was advocating for change because Ghanaians were living in Hell from 2001-2008 and now by creating divisions like Rawlings Boys and Mills Boys in the NDC, is it not another Hell? To the NPP, if you do not see ANY SENSE in what I have said, then the search for why you lost will be as ELUSIVE as ANYTHING ELSE. In fact , praise singing, lying and deceit has become so common in Ghana these days that it is fast gaining the stutes of a virtue in the camps of both the NDC and the NPP whenever they are in Government and Ghana’s clergy, our tradition rulers and civil society organizations always look on helplessly. Why is it so I beg to ask all well meaning Ghanaians?, it seems the NDC is in great haste to go back to opposition.

Political Suicide Of The NDC In 2012

Cast your minds back to June 4 1979, when some cadres including this writer started the process right into the PNDC era in 1982 where thousands of cadres PERISHED in defense of Mother Ghana without any REWARD what so ever. As cadres we sincerely believe that the NDC government will be busy correcting its past mistakes and stop playing the ostrich. Today 2011, if some SELF SEEKERS who know how to EAT WELL through back biting, character assassinations, lies and deceit have decided to HIJACK the NDC party for their selfish ends-we don’t have to run away and FORM A NEW PARTY but we must rather RE-ORGANISE and FIGHT BACK for sanity and equal rights to prevail in the NDC and damn consequences. In the wake of verbal assaults on Rawlings and his wife -cadres are compelled to spend countless hours responding to top NDC leaders HATE and IGNORANCE. To suffer for one self is the most emptiest of all suffering, but to suffer for OTHERS TO ENJOY without ANY REWARD IS THE WORST FORM OF SLAVERLY on earth as being practiced at the Obuasi Constituency in the Ashanti Region where the NDC even boasts of taking back the seat from the NPP –on what grounds can you snatch the seat with a DIVIDED FRONT IN THE NDC AT OBUASI? Are you being honest and sincere with yourselves at all? You see, lies put up as propaganda remain lies no matter the political persuasion of the liar. If Rawlings and his wife had no PEACE under the NPP government from 2001-2008 and still have NO PEACE after the victory of his own NDC party in Ghana then so many things have gone wrong.

The Rawlings Factor

The NDC as a social democratic party must UNITE for the oncoming elections or perish. Ghanaians will go to the polls in 2012 again and the best slogan in every election is “Hwe wo asetema mu na to aba” look at your state of affairs and vote accordingly. The NDC will definitely be judged come 2012 and instead of beginning to parade praise singers at the various media houses they should rather deliver what they promised Ghanaians who are looking with eyes wide open and they must not be disappointed. If praise singing was the only way to cling on to power, the NPP government would have ruled forever. After wining 81/2

Regions in 2008 the NDC is now Up in arms with Rawlings and his wife instead of the NPP-Why did the NDC not stop Rawlings and his wife from campaigning for the then candidate Mills and waited until the NDC won the elections before


Nobody can do away with the Rawlings factor in the NDC at all because the cadres have come to stay forever in the party.

We all heard that Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings will be contesting the sitting President when the NDC opens nominations later this year. Nana Konadu is a Top Executive member of the NDC at the National Level and she has come out to confirm that she was going to contest the sitting President, and if so , why the barrage of unprintable insults heaped on her and Rawlings? Instead of sitting down on a round table and politely advising her to stop that ambition, it is insults all over the place including some known top leaders of the National Executives who got their present elected positions because of Rawlings and his wife-what sort of ungratefulness is this? We must EXPOSE the HATE and IGNORANCE by leading members of the NDC now. Some people who even claim to be members of the NDC does NOT even want to hear the name of Rawlings or his wife –who do they think they are at all in the party? It is simply a political suicide for the NDC in 2012 if it is not stopped. These unprintable INSULTS will rather compel the admirers of the former first lady to encourage her to contest the sitting President if her detractors does not know this , I am giving them a free advice. If you plug your ears, close your eyes and shut your mouths as leading members of the NDC and allow Nana Konadu to pick a nomination form to contest the sitting President –then the NDC must start preparing its handing over notes for Judas Nana Akuffo Addo to take over without sweat, because the NDC will have no campaign message that will be credible because it will be and INDICTMENT on the sitting President that he could not even handle simple problems within his own party and that was why a top National Executive member is contesting him, and if that is the case, how can the President solve the problems of the entire populace by fulfilling his numerous promises made to Ghanaians. If you fail to do that and continue to regard cadres in the NDC as strangers, you better leave the NDC and form your own political party because the cadres are telling you point blank that you, people are rather the real strangers in the NDC and you must know that and take it or leave it. The ground is boiling like hot water in the NDC camp and if nothing is done, I am afraid the President will be compelled to blame his own appointees as well as the Regional and Constituency Chairmen of the NDC nationwide in the Near Future if the campaign to destroy Rawlings and his wife in the NDC does not stop at once. The NDC cannot do without Rawlings and his wife in the 2012 elections as they falsely think. Those anti-Rawlings elements in the NDC government who refused to help President Mills to achieve his Better Ghana Agenda but have decided to plan how to destroy Rawlings and his wife will live to regret. Therefore what caused the NPP defeat in 2008 will cause NDC defeat in 2012 if this nasty state of affairs is NOT STOPPED. We must not let Democracy as a system for elections only, but that it will be the focal point to use the best people and materials to lead in our determination to DEVELOP and PROSPER. We tend to sacrifice TESTED MATERIALS and people that can actually change our society positively for people whose popularity is based on fruitless dissipation of cash without any regard for decorum. We used to ask ourselves, if such “cash throwers” had really toiled for their booty will they always be spending it the way they always do during elections in this country? We want NDC appointees who can do the job but not those who wants the job but can not do it , because when given the job, his main targets are Rawlings and his wife and the cadres since Rawlings and his wife and the cadres since he becomes a political novice throwing his weight aimlessly and hopelessly about in disgrace. Those who HATE Rawlings and his wife MUST leave the NDC and form their own party because such UNGRATEFUL people can never take the party any where to the promised land, Again, Such people can never help President Mills to bring about a Better Ghana. The nation of Israel was built on the ashes of the Nazi Holocaust where six million Jews were roasted in the Gas chambers of Germany by Adolf Hitler during the dark days of World War II, yet even Hitler had and still have supporters 66 years ago today 2011. Therefore those NDC appointees and party gurus who attack Rawlings and his wife by saying that their time has passed are kicking against a Hard Rock with their bare feet and they will all end up breaking their feet for nothing because of sheer hatred for Rawlings. The anti-Rawlings elements within the NDC are busy repeating the very mistakes that led to the party‘s exit from power some 11 years ago because they are becoming increasingly INTOLERANT. They must not forget what we went through when we lost power in 2000 by NOT LISTENING TO THE GRASSROOTS.

Today 2011, we are repeating the same behaviour at the top. Well, you sit down there and misbehave. You see, you can not shoot the pillar upon which the BUILDING stands but this is what they are doing. They have forgotten so soon that-the pivotal role that Ex-Prez. Rawlings play in the NDC party is something that cannot and must not be left in the hands of ideological bed-mates to play with because of selfish reasons. President Mills is busy correcting Ex-Prez. Kufuor’s Mess and instead of government appointees helping him to achieve the Better Ghana Agenda, most of them are engaging in a smear campaign against Rawlings and his wife –Are you, people joking or really serious-You will never succeed in destroying Rawlings and his wife – if you doubt it, mark my words. I shall return with more on the anti-Rawlings elements.


“Jaanbie Iwaii”





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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement