What Is He Doing?

Tue, 26 Jul 2011 Source: Quaye, Stephen A.

From: Stephen A.Quaye, Toronto-Canada.

For Christ sake, can somebody poke the tax professor for him to sit up for us?

Why? Because it seems he is sleeping on the job or probably enjoying the dancing styles of his belly dancers whiles the rest of us do not.

No but can’t you see that everybody is complaining about the way the tax professor has been handling affairs of the country?

Maybe you are refusing to be observant as those true persons who are seriously being affected are complaining about the economic hardship in the system.

Or you have also been given some loonies like some chiefs alleged were given by some castle boys or sorry belly dancers to blind them and not see the “ENKO YIE” government and complain as ANGEL GABRIEL of daily guide exposed in his last article of aftermath of NDC congress in Sunyani?

Otherwise, with prices of commodities skipping like a calf, landlords chasing their tenants for rent, workers demonstrating in respect of delays in payment of salaries, gays increasing and threatening to capture the whole country you would have been observant enough to realize things are not smooth and also start to complain as well.

If not then just poke the old man sitting on the comfortable revolving executive chair in the air conditioned Christiansburg Castle at Osu, to sit up because things are getting “BASAA”.

The tax professor complained bitterly when the previous government was in power and was taking steps to relocate street hawkers in Accra by saying the government at that time was not concerned about the plight of the hawkers who have to struggle in a scorching sun to get their daily bread.

His government which has the hawkers at heart has been using brutal force to send the hawkers away by firing tear gas at them chop off ears of hawkers, shoot at those who attempts to resist and worse of all jailing them.

Where is Kwame Alovi? He was very instrumental in leading National Association of Graduate Teachers [NAGRAT] in staging powerful demonstrations against the previous government in fighting for their salary increment and other conditions of service.

Today, teachers are complaining about the bad SSSS and there is no where to find Kwame Alovi to use his instrumental leadership before 2008 to support these teachers to make a mark now.

The old man at the Osu Castle, complained bitterly about the Accra to Kumasi road through Suhum and Nsawam. Now he always fly over this spot in a special jet without seeing it and get questioned as to what he is doing to get it rehabilitated.

Workers are crying about poor salaries, delays in payment of salaries, high school fees, rent, skipping prices of commodities without getting any positive responds from the old man.

Enko Yie, as majority of the people is saying whiles suffering from abject poverty. The employed are complaining whiles the unemployed are also complaining of no money in their pockets as the tax professor promised to put money in their pockets should they elect him to become the president and has since failed to fulfill that promise when he became the president.

For solid 24 months, teachers were at their teaching posts in the rural areas raising school children without pay and now look he has okayed the purchase of four jet fighters. Does the teacher now hate teachers?

Was he not the same tax professor who led demonstrations against the previous government when it attempted to purchase presidential jet to replace the flying coffin? Today he is going to append his signature to a document that will give approval to the purchase of jet fighters whiles the worker who pays tax is hungry because he has not been paid his salary?

It is not surprising that his mentor has made it clear to him he and his cohorts would be paid back for what happened in Sunyani. Oh yes but he has already stated it clear that even the umbrella party of which he is the founder lost it grip on power eight months when it was ushered into office.

The pollster Ben Ephson, has started to come out with revelations as his polls conducted in the country are indicating. Really readers, “enko yie kuraa” which makes it important for someone to poke the old man to sit up otherwise not only his serial callers would be turned into beggers but his belly dancers will also become beggers as well.

What is he doing let us ask him as he purchase jet fighters whiles teachers and other workers still suffer economic hardship.


Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.