What Is Major Boakye Djan Up To?

Tue, 5 Jul 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Major (rtd) Boakye Djan who was the Number 2 man of the AFRC military Junta and played a major role in the June 4 Uprising in 1979 said that his knowledge about Mr. Rawlings convinced him that former President Rawlings could resort to violence to get a stronger hold of the NDC than to lose it-see “The pioneer-Monday June 27th, 2011 Rawlings will never disrupt the NDC Congress.

Well, in terms of a Revolution, there are two categories of people. There are those whose boundaries are between LIFE and DEATH, to whom survival is necessary in order to act for the benefit of the MASSES. And there are those to whom LIFE is defined by their LIVELIHOOD, their FUTURE, their SECURITY, and their desire to be COMFORTABLE.

Major Boakye Gyan belongs to this second category of Revolutionaries because he collected a hundred thousand dollars cash to pursue further studies abroad and was sponsored by the late Dr. Hilla Liman’s PNP government to keep those radical leftish young military officers away from Ghana. All the members of the erstwhile AFRC military Junta collected the $100,000 dollars each and left Ghana. Jerry Rawlings was also given $150,000 dollars in his capacity as a former Head of State and Chairman of the erstwhile AFRC in 1979. He however, rejected that amount and stated that the PNP government wanted to send all the AFRC members away from Ghana to enable them destroy all the gains of the June 4 Uprising in 1979. All Hell broke loose after that famous speech. The Military Intelligence (MI) which was FACED with the SCARE of a poised-up Junior officers group and a radicalized ranks had to quickly TAKE MEASURES to stabilize the situation.

And Dr. Liman will listen to ANY ADVICE from the Military Intelligence, coupled with Western Pressures on him dictating that if another ‘leftish coup’ was to be avoided, Jerry Rawlings and Captain (rtd) Kojo Tsikata were put on a 24 hour surveillance by the Military Intelligence right from November 1979 to the middle of 1981 which finally led to the 31st December revolution.

Most former members of the erstwhile AFRC flew from Abroad several times to Ghana to organize Press Conferences in order to set the records straight since the hostile media in the Liman’s administration started fabricating and inventing lies about the corrupt behavior of those PATROITIC Junior Military officers of the AFRC in 1979. Major Boakye Djan also held scores of Press Conferences to set the Records straight in defense of the AFRC since he was the No 2 man in that government. Now, was it Right for Dr. Liman’s government to sponsor those media men to destroy all the gains of June 4 without which he would not have become a president? While Jerry Rawlings and Captain Kojo Tsikata were targeted for assassination by the dreaded (MI) openatives on the orders of Dr. Limann, the media was hell bent on destroying ALL the GAINS of the AFRC military exercise in 1979. Chris Asher, a journalist who described himself as the “Generalissimo” of a Campaign Against Coups in Ghana was the FIRST COWARD to cross the Togo Border into self-imposed exile and NEVER returned until the NPP won the general elections in 2000.

Chris Asher was not chased out of the country by the PNDC government but he was chased out of the country by his own fat lies he had been publishing against the June 4 Uprising in 1979.


As the number two man of AFRC in 1979, Major (rtd) Boakye Djan permanently remain part and parcel of the June 4 Uprising-whether it was good or bad until he dies. His coffin will contain a “dead” June 4 member, and his grave will also accommodate a “dead” June 4 member permanently whether he likes it or not-so what is Major Boakye Djan really talking about? What is he really up to? He is neither a card bearing member of the NDC nor the NPP, so what message does he always want to put across to Ghana Youth who were not yet born before June 4 and after

Major Boakye Gjan has done a Yeoman’s job in 1979, he is a great patriot so we don’t expect him to talk on trivial matters.

During the 2008 general elections, millions of pictures were printed by the NPP depicting gory scenes of the June 4 Uprising in 1979 and they were all exposing their ignorance by condemning the June 4 Uprising led by FLT. Lt. J.J.Rawlings and Major Boakye Djan. They did not show the same gory pictures of General Afrifa’s bloody coup de’tat against the CPP government on 24th February, 1966 because that coup was sponsored by the same Up Elements which the NPP represent today. Why did the NPP campaign against Rawlings in 2008 even though he was not contesting Nana Akuffu

Addo. It was pure hatred

Their campaign flopped miserably when they lost the 2008 general elections to the NDC which they love to hate because of Rawlings whom they claim is their Common Enemy that must be eliminated by any means necessary and yet Rawlings still rides High and will ride High forever. The NPP wants a democratic one party state with their party only in government, but those were the very people who cried on roof tops, high tension electric poles and on top of trees nationwide to kick against the late Dr. Nkrumah’s so called dictatorship and his one party state adopted in 1960, which finally led to his violent over throw on 24th February, 1966.

The NPP is currently keeping its fingers crossed patiently waiting for the ruling NDC government to tear itself apart at the National Delegates Congress in Sunyani scheduled for July 8th – 10th 2011 so that Jake Obetsebey Lamptey, the National Chairman of the NPP will HIT the GROUND RUNNING from now until 2012. The unprintable words of GAME, FOAM, SADDAM, FONKAR, OLONKA, GADAFI, MUBARAK, COMPETENCE, INCOMPETENCE FOOLISH, WISE CRAZY and what nots, will seriously be played against the NDC and they cannot cough.

The source of Power of ALL POLITICIANS are THE MASSES because no matter the chains of Degrees one might acquire, you have only one vote which is the same as the stark illiterate who never sat in a classroom before – so what are some people really talking about? I highly respect Major Boakye Djan and Captain Baah Acheamfour and it was because of these two patriotic military officers that motivated me to join the June 4 movement in Kumasi on 30th June 1979. Stop attacking Rawlings and his wife and educate Ghanaians, especially the Youth on what led to the June 4 Uprising in 1979 and the brutal execution of 6 senior military officers and 3 former military Heads of state in 1979 was undertaken in your capacity as the former Deputy Head of state in 1979. You can’t afford to remain quiet and come out in TOTS once a while.

If you refuse to do that, I will continue to harass you with my pen, and not a gun, until you educate Ghana Youth about the June 4th Uprising in 1979. Leave Rawlings Alone. Is that clear? dear comrade. I shall return when the need arise.

Militant Regards! I am done. “Jaanbie Iwaii!!

Acuta Continua.

Clement Sangaparee

Municipal Organiser

United Cadres Front


Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement