The morning after the verdict on governance – suggesting alternatives

Franklin Cudjoe26Nov2010

Fri, 25 Jul 2014 Source: Franklin Cudjoe

After yesterday’s outpouring of disaffection for the government by millions of Ghanaians, I said a prayer for President Mahama. I was quite elated when he stepped in later to stop the nonsense going on at Korle Bu Hospital where suspicious and crooked characters are running affairs. I know he feels like doing something new in his life and leaving a memorable legacy. He has our support.

My suggestions going forward:

1. Keep your advisors to just five. Kick out all the ‘book-long’ grammar academics and aides without any serious understanding of economics from the Flagstaff house. Those with an understanding of economics, let them google the book “Common Sense Economics” so they get off the high horse of writing useless essays and talking ‘ebufusem’ about the state of things.

1a. Can you collapse a few more ministries into one? Lands and Forestry be merged with Environment and Science and Technology? Merge Food and Agriculture with Fisheries ministries? Merge Transport ministry with Roads and Highways? Ministries of Chieftaincy with Local Government Ministry? Finally merge Youth and Sport Ministry with Employment and Social Welfare Ministries? You will be saving loads of money and free fuel on V8s. All officials that would be retrenched from this exercise should be made agriculture extension officers and sent to every corner of this country to help till the land.

2. I also think you should ask Minister of Finance to prepare for an IMF bailout since the expected magic with cocoa and gold revenues may actually only end up paying our arrears. Even if gas flows from Atuabo sooner, the pricing dynamics would mean nothing may change substantially for energy.

3. Can you please ask the Central Bank Governor to stop mocking you with his comments about us ‘talking down the cedi’? The forex rules must change NOW!!

4. Can you ask for an audit of all government projects so we can help you identify those that are urgent and those we can do without?

5.Can you stop sharing freebies to those who already have? Many Chiefs hardly account for the lands they sell to investors and make loads of money. In fact, many chiefs are behind the many land tenure problems in this country. You should never give them those expensive cars again. I am still praying for you, but prayer without deeds are empty, so please get busy.

6. Finally, in far away land, I am being asked by some donors, big donors, some you will be meeting next week about how you have used the oil money so far. Shall I tell them you have spread thin the money and misapplied a lot as well Or shall I tell them, we have made mistakes and we will behave well with our oil money going forward?. I am still praying…..Ten ‘Hail Marys’, a benediction and an offertory in a Catholic Church…I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Ghost, not Anita Desoso’s ghosts, here though. The Lord be with you whilst you change from your old ways.

Folks share this list of “Alternatives” with all agents of government and and everyone. Good morning on a #RedFriday.

Columnist: Franklin Cudjoe