What Killed President Mills?

Tue, 30 Jul 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Do Ghanaians Have the Right to Know What Killed President Mills?

? Why all this fuss about what killed President Mills and how he died? Heck, those very close to President Mills throughout his illness and death are preventing Ghanaians from knowing what killed him and how he succumbed to death under very mysterious circumstances.

? I am not going to waste time dealing with the likes of Ato Dadzie and Kwesi Pratt. These ignorant lots are of the strongest belief that no Ghanaian apart from President Mills’ family has the right to know what killed him.

? Every Ghanaian has the right to know what killed President Mills. He was the President and was catered for by the Ghanaian tax payers’ money. When he was alive, his medical expenses were taken care of by the Ghanaian tax payers. In death, the tax payers’ money was used for his funeral. Why then are the tax payers not eligible enough to know what killed him and how he died especially, when the public have their doubts?

? Some are of the opinion that he was poisoned; the porridge ("koko") that he supposedly ate was lethally contaminated. Others believe he might have been strangled by some until now unknown people. Under such circumstances, the best way to clear the doubt is to let the public have their way, know exactly what killed him and how he died.

Some people are of the view that the NDC intentionally got rid of him, as diabolical as they are, to pave the way for them to win the 2012 elections. As sick and incompetent as President Mills had become, they perceived defeat if he was to lead them into election 2012. If this school of thought was true, did it help at all after all the election rigging and the Court case? Curse be upon whoever might intentionally have had a hand in President Mills’ death just for the purpose of winning election.

? The way some irresponsible and less intelligent persons within the NDC are vociferously lambasting those asking to know the truth through independent medical conduction of autopsy on President Mills’ body to ascertain the cause of his death is very worrisome and raises doubts. His remains must be exhumed for autopsy. Until then, the rumour about his death will not die away but will linger on forever.

? When alive, President Mills was let down by his own family and wife. They could not stand up to defend him, deal with those in his government that engaged in repugnant acts of corruption, insults, lawlessness and usurpation of his presidential powers. He contrarily rewarded his appointees and NDC members the more they could insult his political rivals. This unethical behaviour backfired on him.

? If his wife had stood up for him as advised or alerted in my publication on Ghanaweb under the Feature Articles of Thursday, 7 June 2012 entitled, "Behind a Failed President, there is no Woman", he might have lived a bit longer.

? Anyway, the harm is already done, the die is cast and there is no turning back. All is now history. Nevertheless, Ghanaians have the ABSOLUTE RIGHT to know what illness killed President Mills.

? I hope the idiots out there are not going to cite the secrecy of medical reports to justify why the public should not be allowed to know the cause of President Mills’ death.. President Mills was a public figure, cared for by the tax payers’ money so we have every right to know what killed him, who killed him if someone did, how and why he died, period!

? Anyone who has something to hide should stay aside. No matter how hard John Mahama and his bunch of ignoramuses try, the truth will out. We shall get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding the death of President Mills, God willing. ? ? Kwesi Pratt, Ato Dadzie etc. can continue to deceive themselves. The day of reckoning is coming like a whirlwind to sweep them away into the abyss of oblivion. Let them continue taking Ghanaians for fools.

? I say, Ghanaians have the right to know what killed President Mills regardless of any contrary view by his family, friends, NDC members in government and party, and the sycophants like Kwesi Pratt and Ato Dadzie. ? ? I dedicate this write-up to the emerging Young Patriots of Ghana.

? Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson