What Mahama's 'One Touch' really mean

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Tue, 22 Sep 2015 Source: Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh

The last time (before 2012) I heard these two words spoken in the way they were spoken on Monday, September 7, 2015, I smelt rat, a premonition of a thieved election.

With the recent one, my rat feeling stretched also to dead-goat stench feeling that it signals another plot to rob my compatriots of a real free and FAIR election results on or around December 7, 2016.

That one touch talk is simply a ploy. It signals that congress is ready to steal the 2016 election using all 'material, spiritual and physical,' that is, all means foul or foul. It is what congress has been doing since 1992.

It did not happen in 2000 and 2004 because they were divided in sharing the spoils in 1996. Then there was serious adidi agya (exclusion in chopping or you chop I don't chop).

As the speaker spoke the one touch words, a grand scheme to steal the one touch was nearing completion in its design.

Prolong the inevitable compilation of a new register to ensure some mess up somewhere. Then of course is STL. They are going to cloud it with debate over electronic voting.

He knew they had stolen more than enough to fill the war chest or financing the koobi, fifty cedi notes in match boxes and all manner of things including solar ware.

The divide and rule tactics are all ready and only need fine-tuning. Using deadly force to scatter and frighten is already being rehearsed in the LetMyVoteCount pro-new register demo.

Hundreds of the unqualified have been enlisted into a service illegally run as a force, and instructed to brutalise.

If you thought he was joking when he prescribed using a bulldozer to kill a fly, now you know he was not kidding. Hot water, pepper spray, teargas, warning shots and fired rubber and live bullets all within minutes is no protest or demonstration policing. This is not the first time people have marched in protest.

The brutalisation of unarmed peaceful protesters on September 16, 2015 by a police service is carbon copy of how the police force descended on students demonstrating peacefully on May 13, 1977.

Congress oppressive militarism in a service, acting like a force, persists. It is a small group of facs-cist-stas bringing the name of a professional majority into disrepute. The perpetrators know not a force then is a service now.

My compatriots will remember that sometime, not very long ago, the one who sat in the congress head chair said there is more than one way for killing a cat.

He said it as part of threats to deal with perceived erring adjudicators in the motherland. Today, virtually every compatriot everywhere is talking or speaking judicial malfeasance; picking on the small fish while leaving untouched the supremers, who sold the motherland out.

Of course, that chairperson was later discarded along with he who organised and executed the 2012 election stealing. Congress uses you for wrongdoing and once you have satisfied their doing the wrong they discard you. If you doubt that, check out the whereabouts of the rejected chairman and organiser.

I wish there was some kind of freedom of information legislation that could enable me gather the date each and every one of the 34 adjudicators was appointed and promoted and who was the appointer or promoter.

Roughly and mathematically, majority of them are congress appointees. Congress has run roughshod over the motherland for 26 out of the last 34 of the years of the motherland to date. That is 76% of the 34 or 26 of the 34.

My questions are: What is the election time-table? How many days do we need to compile, clean, exhibit and produce a credible election register? When should and would a register that is to be used in the December 7, 2016 election be ready and available to the political and interested parties to verify before an election?

Our problem is more of fair election than free election. We need to clearly understand any role for and/or by an STL. We need to be sure that someone or some group is not surreptitiously inserting an 'e' and an 'a' between 't' and 'l' in STL. It's contribution to election efficiency must be demonstrated to us all; especially measures against its manipulation to favour one party over another.

Arise compatriots of the motherland. Refuse intimidation and reject threats of the unauthorised coercive state apparatus use against you. Arise in the name of the motherland. Arise and join the movement of awakening the motherland to arise. Stop the thievery; stop the rape of the state. Ask for a new voters' register. Condemn anything STL and free the motherland of thieves who thieve elections so they can thieve everything that belongs to you as the state.

Columnist: Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh