What Mills Have Done So Far – 2009 – 2011

Fri, 28 Oct 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

For the first 2 years of President Mills, the NDC created 10,000 jobs under the National Youth Employment (NYEP) module, and the NPP is shaking.

Ghana’s oil money was given to Mills to manage on behalf of Ghanaians because he is very Honest and incorruptible since NPP members are cheats.

If President Mills had decided to announce the kind of debts left by the NPP in 2008, Ghanaians would have run away from the country.

For 8years under the NPP from 2001 – 2008, children were still learning under trees and Mills have reversed that trend

All contracts awarded by the NPP in 2008 are being continued by the NDC government which paid all the contractors as the NPP embezzled all the cash.

The little monies that were left by the NPP are being used for schools, and provision of water and health, that is the main reason why some workers’ organizations are embarking on strikes actions here and there. As at 2009, GH¢33 million or 33 billion cedis, (old currency)were paid up to July 2010 to service providers of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) in Ashanti Region alone by the NDC government.


The NPP issued LOANS to their SERIAL CALLERS and they refused to pay back the loans ranging to GH¢25 million in the Ashanti Region alone which is their strong hold.

Things are not Rousy as we all expected. The government is implementing so many development projects nationwide but people does not know about these because INFORMATION FLOW is lacking throughout the NDC party structures because of some few peoples’ personal agenda, one may ask, what is the agenda? Answer: General Mosquito and his group’s impossible attempt to Manage The Political Force of Jerry Rawlings, because they consider him as a Loose Cannon and a Barking Dog whose vision and Ideology in the NDC must be DISREGARDED.


It is only the NDC government that RESPECT MOSLEMS since 1957 because it was NDC 1 government under Jerry Rawlings that gave Moslems a Public Holiday during their Fasting Months.

It is only the NDC government that established a HAJJ VILLIAGE in this country for Moslems.

The present NDC government under President Mills belong TO YOU AND ME, so we must EXPLAIN ITS GOOD POLICIES AND DEFEND them on Radio and T.V Programmes which have been taken over by the loud mouthed members of the opposition NPP members in Ghana.


In 2002, the NDC needed 200,000 votes in the Ashanti Region in order to win, we could not get it, so we lost the election to the NPP.

In 2004, the party could not get the same 200,000 votes from there and we lost again.

However in December 2008 and during the Run-Off in 2009, the NDC got a total of 479,000 votes from the Ashanti Region and that was the reason why the Blue Elephant of the NPP was chased into the Bush, never to return

The NDC must create its own FM Stations to champion its course because it is long over due.

I am by this article, REMINDING all TRUE NDC members to remember that AFTER VOTING FOR PROFESSOR MILLS, we must have PATIENCE FOR HIM to deliver his campaign promises.

If we have no patience for him, he will FALL in December 2012 and the impatient “All die – be die” war mongers in the NPP will then take over the government from him, and we shall all be in Hell once again. God forbid, any way. Kaii, Double Tofiakwa!!

Therefore, despite all the challenges facing the Mills government its economic performance development Agenda so far, is not only the BEST, but very EXCELLENT since 2009 to date 2011. It is only the NDC party leadership that are stabbing him at the back and pulling his legs from behind in their impossible attempt to Manage the Political force of Rawlings. Let me remind the NDC LEADERSHIP that MANIFESTOES are meant for political parties, and not the Presidential Candidates, so the leadership must all stop playing the ostrich in the NDC or…………… SLOW BUT SURE MR. SERIAL WINNER, STAY FOCUSSED ON YOUR JOB, WE ARE FULLY BEHIND YOU TO ENSURE THAT WE RETIRE NANA AKUFFO ADDO & HIS NPP IN 2012

Is Anybody Listening? I am done? “Jaanbie Iwaii” – Aluta continua!


Clement Sangaparee

Municipal Organiser

United Cadres Front


Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement