What? – This is Utterly Evil!

Thu, 3 Oct 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

? I find the following attitude of some Ghanaians very evil. It is about time we tackled it head-on through education and explicit condemnation. It should not be continuously overlooked, as it portends evil and therefore, very unhealthy or disastrous for family cohesion. Its concomitant negative repercussions on society at large should not be underestimated.

? I am very conversant with, and bear witness to, instances, where this evil-minded wishes and aspirations of certain Ghanaian individuals have manifested despite being disagreeable and often resulting in acrimonious disputes among families or relatives.

I seem to be beating about the bush without hitting the nail squarely in the head as it should. Yes, that is me. That is my style of writing. I need to whet your appetite first. I have to incite your curiosity, let you wonder a bit in eagerness to know what I have in store for you.

? There are three instances of certain family members questioning, "why are her sons and daughters not dying but only mine?" In all the three situations among numerous others occurring in Ghana on daily basis, a mother, with or without her children, do query with evil intentions why only the fruits of her womb but not her sister’s, have come under the axe of death? ?

In the first case, the younger mother had her granddaughter and two elderly daughters of say, thirty and fifty years old pass (pass away). She queried why only her children are dying but not those of her elder sister’s? A few years later, her elder sister herself died.

? In the second instance, the elder sister’s children were dying before reaching thirty-nine years or when they were thirty-nine. The only one or two able to survive that age are still alive and are into their mid-seventies. When two of her children died, one thirty-nine and the other around thirty, a famous son of the younger mother wondered how. He asked for a thorough autopsy to be conducted on the bodies. Note, they died in different years. The results were conclusive, proving that they had inherited certain genetic disorder from their dad. This gene does not allow people to live into their forties. ?

All along the mother in question and her children did entertain the belief that her younger sister was a witch, killing her (elder sister’s) children while protecting hers as a hen gathers her brood under her wings. In the end, it was scientifically or medically proved otherwise to allay her worst nightmare or false presumptions. ?

Finally, in a family of ten siblings, the children of the other women are dying except those of the last born – tenth born. One of the women in a space of five years lost three of her children and her eldest granddaughter. As usual, they started saying openly, "why are the children of the youngest sister not dying but only theirs?"

? As I speak, the first born of the youngest sister lays critically ill with all hope of surviving completely dissipated. Certainly, they are happy that at last, a child of the younger sister is going to die. I am not interested in narrating the circumstances leading to his illness that may culminate in his death any day from now unless God intervenes miraculously. All that I want to ask is why do certain people do and behave malevolently as recounted in the three situations above? There are thousands of instances of such evil queries/wishes upon other family members. My question is, why do people do that? Such intentions are evil, period! I find them very obnoxious.

? In order not to offend the feelings of the known families under discussion, I have withheld the revelations of their names and where they come from. They are not the only ones doing that. There are hundreds of thousands out there doting similar evil intentions. Why?

Rockson Adofo ? ? ?

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson