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What a Ghana we have

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Fri, 3 Jul 2015 Source: Ignatius

Many obnoxious practices have been forced down the throats of Ghanaians and these have generally been accepted as norm even though all evidence points to the contrary.

Anybody who tries to resist such practices is tagged as being too knowing and often receive criticisms and mouth lashes from a vast majority. Cheap politics has eaten deep into the fabrics of many citizens and blurring our vision on certain pertinent issues of national interest.

What a Ghana we have?

The recent sequence of events unfolding for the past few years has made me very skeptical about the integrity and the credibility of the certificate many JHS and SHS leavers possess these days. Examinations that are supposed to be conducted in a very diligent and credible manner has totally become a laughing stock.

There are so many leakages in the conduct of examinations to the extent that if you are not Lucky and you buy a roasted plantain from the road side, it will be wrapped in WAEC question papers.

The most annoying aspect of it is that, the innocent school children are subjected to this mental torture just to pay for someone's ineptitude and gross maladroitness.

As if that is not enough, WAEC has failed to find a lasting solution to this menace. No wonder corruption has taken a seat in the hearts of many Ghanaians because cheap ways to success are learnt through these ways and has become part of our lives as patriotism used to.

What a Ghana we have?

I can't imagine how we will progress as a nation when some selfish and charlatan leaders continue to harbour the barbaric and egocentric ideology of "me" "myself" and "I". The plight of the ordinary Ghanaians who voted for them has been relegated to the background and the elected are now swimming in opulence whilst the tax payers are wallowing in the darkest corner of poverty.

Now these politicians are exploring any means possible to squeeze every pessewa out of our pockets. Utility, fuel, taxes and prices of goods and services keep increasing every now and then without a corresponding increase in the wages and salaries of workers.

What a Ghana we have?

Corrupt and incompetent leadership has caused our dear country a lot.The capital city of Ghana has suffered annual flooding and cholera outbreak only God knows when it will end. We have persistently behaved like the vulture who says "I will build my house after the rains" but never does it. We always wait till lives are lost before we take some festinating measures just to contain the situation.

We quit all the measures within some few days without finding lasting solutions to the problem. We then wait till lives are lost again the following year and then start the same vicious cycle again. No wonder someone has gone into a bet that the capital city of Ghana will still experience another flood next year. Anyway, God forbid but I won't be surprised if it recurs because Ghanaians have short memory as said by the present President in a speech.

What a Ghana we have?

I can't imagine why "Government workers" would have to go through sleepless nights at the end of every month if they have not received messages that their hard earned salaries have been paid. No wonder someone said going to check if your salary has been paid is just like going to check your WASSCE results, you are not sure whether you passed or failed.

What a Ghana we have?

In the mist of all these atrocities, some electorates have remained indifferent and receive few notes of Ghana cedis just to influence their decisions in elections. I don't blame them anyway, illiteracy, abject poverty and an insatiable quest to have immediate gratification has clouded the thoughts of many electorates. This forces them to vote against their true will.

My question is what excuse do we have for being poor as a country when we are blessed with this rich soil?

May the Lord save our homeland Ghana, Amen.

Written by IGNATIUS. 0508094999

Columnist: Ignatius