What does Politics have in common with Alcohol

Wed, 22 Jan 2014 Source: Allotey, Henry Kpakpo

What does Politics have in common with Alcohol, Love and Religion?

Carl Max once called Religion ‘The Opium’ of the people. Maybe Carl Max had watched how Religion has had an effect on its adherents similar to how opium affects its users. When a person is under the influence of opium he does not think straight. His every thoughts, actions and behavior is influenced by the opium which is working in his system. That is how Religion does to people. But I want us to examine how Politics have a lot in common with Alcohol, Love and Religion. It is even argued that among the four things I have mentioned Politics is the most dangerous of them all. Let us consider them one after the other.

Alcohol: Alcohol can act as a stimulant and a depressant depending on the quantities that a person takes. Alcohol in moderation can stimulate your senses and make you quite active. Alcohol in excess can depress your system and weaken your sense of reasoning. It is not for nothing that driving under the influence of alcohol is a crime in every country. Alcohol disables your thinking processes, makes you believe you are smarter than you really are and can cause death and injury to you and others when not managed properly. How many people have been killed through road accidents because of alcohol? A person under the influence of Alcohol cannot think straight. All his actions are dictated to by the alcohol in his body and such a person cannot take any meaning decision when he is in that state. That is what alcohol does to you.

Love: Oh! The old devil, you may so. What wouldn’t people do for love? A person in love or under the influence of love can take irrational decisions which beats logical thinking. The Love bug did not escape our creator who out of love sacrificed his only son to save us from perpetually damnation if we go by the Biblical account. How many times haven’t we caution someone who is in obvious danger because of love yet he or she ignores us? Many great men and women have fallen because of love. Adam, the first of all creation lost an opportunity for internal life because of his love for Eve; his partner when he followed her in eating the forbidden fruit instead of obeying their creator. Sampson, an exceptionally strong man was brought down to earth by Delilah all because of love. Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived lost God’s favor because of love for women. Some Great leaders have fallen because of the LOVE of one thing or the other. When a person is under the influence of love, he or she cannot think straight. This puts him at par with Alcohol, if not worse than it!

Religion: A Pastor in South Africa was said to have urged his Church members to consume grass if they want solution to their problems. He led them to a huge grass field and shockingly his Church members started eating the grass! ‘They are stupid’ some of you may be saying but wait a minute! Why will somebody, instead of sleeping be out in an all-night praying to ‘God’? Why will someone strap bombs in his or her body and blow up innocent people who don’t share his faith? Why will willing young men and women go to war with their fellowman all because they don’t belong to the same faith? Have we not seen people do weird and ‘nonsensical’ things because they were told to do it by their Pastors, Imams or other religious icons? A person other the influence of Religion has the same effect as that of alcohol and love. They all cannot think straight. They are all capable of doing the most extreme things that is shocking to the sensibilities of sane humans. In the name of Religion millions of people have been slaughtered for differing Religious beliefs. People travel thousands of miles and do extreme things because they want spiritual solutions to their problems. That is the power of Religion. Very deadly, very contagious, and highly destructive like alcohol and love when handled improperly. Let us look at the King of them all POLITICS!

When George Orwell wrote his book ‘Animal Farm’ it was rumored that he had Kwame Nkrumah in mind. It was even suggested that Nkrumah had that book banned but this cannot be verified. ‘Animal Farm’ is an interesting book. It tells the story of a farm ruled by a certain cruel man called Mr. Manoah . So cruel was Mr. Manoah that the animals conspired to overthrow him and rule themselves. After successful achieving their aim, they appointed the pigs as their rulers. In principle the animals agreed to call each other ‘comrades’; signifying their equality before each other. Not surprising, the pigs soon developed airs and started maltreating their fellow animals. They had the best of everything, taxed the other animals heavily and cruelly exacted forced labor from them. What is even more striking is the propaganda that the pigs employed to convince the other animals that whatever cruelty they are suffering is for their own good and things will eventually become better. They even convinced the other animals that their suffering is in their mind and in reality they even have a better life. Does this ring a bell???

Politics has alcohol, Love and Religion combined to make it very combustible and deadly. Politics is power and power is politics. Politicians are the most dangerous creatures on earth. A person under the influence of politics has four times the venom that alcohol, Love and Religion has. Let us take Ghana as an example.

Can anybody imagine how a person with conscience can take as much as $24,000,000 for a Guinea fowl rearing yet not a single Guinea fowl can be cited? Or how a company can take as much as ghc400.00 per person yet pay only Ghc 100.00 and keep Ghc 300.00 and claim it to be for administrative expenses? Or how an amount of $110,000,000 can be paid to an ICT company for no work done? This is politics for you! Do you remember how somebody had his private residence renovated with state money yet claimed the bill was footed by a poor farmer? How a former president can spend millions of $$$ to buy gold chains and hang it on his neck when millions of Ghanaians were dying of water? Now the questions are: Where is the anger from suffering Ghanaians? Where is the popular revolt?

There is none because just like the pigs in animal farm, politicians will employ massive propaganda to make sure the citizens believe in the lies that it is for their own good. I remember when Kuffour came to power in 2001 he drastically increased the price of fuel from 6,400C to almost 10,500C! Ghanaians did not protest because he had preceded the increment with massive propaganda that the increment was needed for their own good. Since then, every government after Kuffour has increased virtually everything and followed it up with propaganda that it is for their own good. So in Ghana, Politicians rake in billions, their business associates rake in trillions and the poor suffering man is made to pay!

Can you ask yourself what will lead to youths with no jobs and future still shouting ‘edey be keke’ and ‘all die be die’?! Both the N.D.C and N.P.P have one thing in common: create, loot and share! There is nothing better for them under the so called ‘Better Ghana Agenda’. The Better Ghana Agenda is a hoax, calculated to deceive the masses. Quite unfortunately, the N.P.P is never a better option for the Ghanaian. Taxes have been increased astronomically, Fuel prices keeps on going up, utility bills are increased every quarterly, no jobs for the youths, crime is escalating, drug menace is everywhere and the economy has been battered by greedy politicians and their business associates. So I ask where is the hope for the Ghanaian?

You see how dangerous politics is compared to Religion, Love and Alcohol? Politics is a matter of life and death. While we have a choice when it comes to alcohol, Religion and Love, politics offers us no choice. We are forced to be part of the political process by greedy politicians who find themselves in power. Politicians are ruthless and will employ any means to stay in power. If you don’t understand, take a look at what is happening in South Sudan where one man’s greed has led to the suffering of millions of people. Take a look at Syria where one man’s determination to stay in power has exterminated over 100,000 lives! Believe me readers, Politics is more dangerous than Alcohol, Religion and Love put together!

There is no hope for the Ghanaian as long as they keep on shouting ‘All die be die’ and ‘Edey be keke’! Eat the slogan and die! That is the portion for the non-thinking Ghanaian who cannot be wise that the N.P.P and N.D.C politician has nothing better for him or her!

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Columnist: Allotey, Henry Kpakpo