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What have Ghana elected officials done for us lately?

What have Ghana elected officials done for us lately?

Sun, 26 Mar 2017 Source: Danso, Kwaku A.

Ethics and Responsibilities of elected Officials: What have Ghana elected officials

done for us lately?

By: Kwaku A . Danso

Have you ever heard of a Minister in office call for say

- cleanliness of our cities and towns?

- installing garbage bins all around the cities for garbage disposal?

- grow ordinary lawn grass to protect the environment and make our nation beautiful

and clean?

Ghana Leadership Union's CLEAN-GHANA group has embarked on a national campaign and

hope all Ghanaian can work together to make Ghana Clean and Proud Again!

(Like somebody said of a known great country.😢).

Join us at http://www.clean-ghana.site.

BTW did you know

- in last the 3 months I washed my car only twice here in Livermore, California.

Little to no atmospheric dust! Period! That is what CLEAN ENVIRONMENT brings us all!

- my house has not been painted since built in 1998! 17 years! My house in East Legon

has been painted 3-4 times at a cost of about $5,000 each time! What a waste of

capital that we all could have put together to provide small loans to the youth

behind!! Are we using our brains at all?


We all know these:

- our waters are being polluted! Everybody knows that!

- an underground lane used in the 1960s for cattle passage under the motorway is now

the only shortcut from booming East Legon to booming Tema; and vehicles line up every

morning in traffic for an hour and another hour in the evening to use one lane with

volunteer traffic managers!

NO MINISTER has had the initiative to call to create a double lane to ease

traffic! This can be done for one day per diem allowance money paid to our elected


What a MOCKERY WE CALL LEADERSHIP!! And MPs are local elected leaders!

So my brothers and sisters- I personally hold all Ministers and MPs responsible for

our nation as our President!

How dare them attend meetings or travel and expect to be paid sitting allowances of

$2,000 to $5,000 sometimes! WHY? WHY??

Isn't that organized public theft?

Any MP can table an issue in Parliament for debate on any subject of importance

to the people! What have our MPs done and Ministers also for the people lately?

Issues like these are what makes me cheer Nana Oye Lithur for standing up on the

recent vandalism management under the NADAA administration, and at the same time ask

her, as sister entertainer Janet Jackson asked: "'What have you done for me

lately" (when she was Minister)?

Dr. K. Danso Mar.25, 2017


President & Chair: Ghana Leadership Union


Columnist: Danso, Kwaku A.