What is a personal profile?

Tony Benn2 Tony Benn

Wed, 20 Nov 2019 Source: Isaac Ato Mensah

My mentor agrees with Tony Benn, the British politician/writer that when a man/woman reaches age 40, (s)he should be stripped of all his/her certificates; all certificates should be collected from his/her room.

“What you are, what you stand for; what you are passionate about and what you are known for is the real you,” says my mentor. “That is your profile.”

A profile is not the regurgitation or rehash of your CV; that is an error.

For a corporate brochure or website your profile should be summarised into a maximum of 400 words.


What have you achieved?

Any innovations that you have pioneered?

What are your core beliefs and what do you aspire to for yourself, your country and your profession?

What are you interested in, what are you passionate about?

In this 255-word sample profile which places very little emphasis on your schooling chronology and certificates; a model profile is given for graduating students, job seekers, speech day brochures, church harvests, and more.

Indeed if it were not being written for an academic institution, the school qualifications could have been eliminated. You should be known for something otherwise you are nothing.


Isaac Ato Mensah joins the BlueCrest College team with exceptionally relevant expertise in Mass Communication.

Ato Mensah gained his formal education in Ghana; through years of mentorship he has grown to be an excellent practitioner in the field of integrated communications.

His passion is to offer “a moral and intellectual guide to the best practice of PR and integrated communications around the world, beginning with Ghana”.

In his thrice weekly articles published on his blog writersghana.com since July 2018, he has been relentless in pursuing that objective.

During his former lectureship at Wisconsin International University College in Accra, he brought that discipline into his Online Journalism and Development Communication classes by getting his students to write regularly.

Mr Mensah also previously managed Radio Latenu 96.1MHz, a community radio station in Accra, where he organised volunteers to produce solid content that promoted culture and development communication both at home and abroad.

He holds from the University of Ghana, Legon, an M.A. in Communication Studies (2009) and BSc. Administration (2000).

Ato Mensah has honed his skills in the following services: speechwriting; copywriting; news writing; editorial and proofreading services; branding, image and identity building; management advisory; and media management.

BlueCrest College is proud to have Isaac Ato Mensah on our team where he has already started managing BlueCrest radio and the online integrated media platform

His mentoring and expertise are available to our students and corporate clients with respect to employable, entrepreneurial and conceptual skills required for the fourth industrial revolution.

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Writers and Shakespeares Ghana Limited exist to be a moral and intellectual guide to the best practice of PR and integrated communications around the world, beginning with Ghana.

Columnist: Isaac Ato Mensah