Opinions Tue, 11 Jul 2017

Herbal medicine - the ideal solution to Ghanaian health problem

A country full of fruits, herbs and vegetables is expected to have the healthiest people on earth. God in His own wisdom and perfect plan gave every land what it can bear, and is of benefit to the indigenous people of the land.

That’s why some crops which can be cultivated in Ghana cannot be cultivated in Malaysia.

Ghana is endowed with different fruits, vegetables and herbs which gave our forefathers long life. But now, what do we see? Today, you hear “WHAT A SHOCK”, tomorrow you hear “GONE TO SOON”, “PAINFUL EXIT” etc. among the youth in the country, causing a reduction in the labour force needed for development.

Every weekend has become a funeral session that hinders people from pursuing important ventures, which will generate other benefits. “WHY MOTHER GHANA”, why?

A country like China has less fruits and vegetables and herbs but the people of the land stay alive and strong even after 30 years and more, and during retirement as well. You ask yourself how that is possible, because day in day out, Chinese are always drinking herbal medicine in place of this so called orthodox or western medicine.

From infancy till old age, they never do away with herbs. whether in the food they eat or the water they drink, they ensure that herbs always enter their systems, which helps to improve their health. That’s why the old folks in China remain youthful, ensuring that the mortality rate is very low as compared to our Motherland Ghana.

Now, everyone knows Chinese herbs are the best in the world - those interested always purchase them which serves as a sources of revenue to the state. Have we ever wondered why in the midst of the SO CALLED Western medicines, we still have a lot of sickness and an increased mortality rate in the country?

Ghana has more herbs than China but because we have been brainwashed in terms of the patronage of our natural herbs, every day, the body becomes vulnerable to other diseases due to the weakening of the immune system by these Western medications. No car owner will put diesel into petrol engine and expect it to function. Let’s give the human body the rightful things it needs at the right time.

Let’s give the body natural herbs to enable it fight its own diseases because the human body is a natural entity. Therefore, natural must correlate with natural and artificial with artificial.

Let’s use the technology available to explore and improve our herbal products to render them easily accessible and affordable to the citizens.

Let’s promote and patronize our natural herbs in order to make them national assets, which will lead to improvement of the health of Ghanaians on a large scale. The more we get used to taking natural herbs, the healthier we become with a vibrant, disease-free country.

Let’s promote natural herbs to elevate the employment rate and also serve as a source of revenue to the country.

Mother Ghana is crying for its youth and young adults. Let us remain conscious of our health and we shall enjoy good health, from generation to generation.

Columnist: Kovey A. Mawuli