When It Is NDC Bra, Bra, And Bra?

Tue, 10 Aug 2010 Source: Quaye, Stephen A.

When It Is Ndc Bra, Bra, And Bra? WHEN IT IS NPP HA, HA AND HA?

From: Stephen A.Quaye, Toronto-Canada.

It is very sickening observing how some politicians go about their talking as well as do politics in Ghana. Maybe because of the way they can run their mouth “ta,ta,ta” like a rattling machine gun on a battle field, any least opportunity they have to talk.

Certain people have adopted the system where when issues crop up and threatens the integrity of their party, they must be heard talking bra, bra and bra using all means to defend their party. When the issues are attacking their opponents from the opposition side they laugh ha-ha and ha to express how happy they are for finding a propaganda tool.

That is how some people claiming they are politicians have been going about their profession which is trying to find short falls in their opponent’s camp to use as propaganda tool against them in electioneering campaigns. They say that is politics.

But politics is not just about how to run your mouth or better still opening your mouth and talk where the idea conceived is to rubbish all the good ideas adopted and being implemented by an opposition party to create fear and panic to run that party down.

It is sharing ideas on formulation of policies, programmes, how to implement them to the wellbeing of the general electorates whose votes are needed to see a political party in power. Not seeing everything an opponent party does as wrong and condemn it.

Unfortunately, this is what is happening in Ghanaian politics where certain persons belonging to some of the political parties have been spewing venom on their opponents trying to create confusion and tension in the country.

Listening to one of the NDC hawks Lawyer David Annan, on Joy F.M. News file via the internet on August 7, 2010, I wondered whether he was really a politician and emulating his late father Justice D.F.Annan at all.

Anyone who listened to the programme will understand why am saying this and will not be surprised to get a no answer from readers. No wonder the text messages that came in from listeners which were read by the host Mr. Kweku Sekyi Addo, expressed listeners dissatisfaction about his performance on the programme.

Unnecessary interjections, teasing, leveling of unsubstantiated allegations, diverting attention from the main topics for discussions, name callings as well as unnecessary laughter’s which does not make one to concentrate on the programme to me does not make him the one he claims he is.

Lawyer David Annan is very good in speaking English, but that does not mean he should sit on the airwaves and make fun of very important personality invited to share ideas on current affairs that will go a long way to educate the masses.

For instance, his behaviour on the programme today was in a bad taste looking at the way he used bad words on the opposition NPP and their ongoing congress to elect a presidential candidate at the time.

It was healthy for the producers of the programme to invite a panel member from all sides to talk about it but not someone just to pour venom on his opposition party because he does not want that party to exist.

Acts of violence that goes to mar political activities are always condemned irrespective of which party that may be suffering so it is unaccepted for an NDC hawk like Lawyer David Annan, to sit on radio and be promoting it by describing the NPP as violent party and that the congress was going to be rocked by violence.

Every political party like the Convention People’s Party [CPP], National Democratic Congress [NDC] and the New Patriotic Party [NPP] have laid down structures governing its election of party executives into offices as well as presidential candidates.

The NPP considering modernizing their process of electing a presidential candidate decided to widen the Electoral College to increase the number of party faithful who will be casting their votes to elect candidates like they did on August 7, 2010.

Therefore having Lawyer David Annan rubbishing the whole process as time wasting, money wasting as the aspirants has to raise money to transport delegates, full of confusion and what have you was unfortunate.

Maybe he was very threatened the smooth way the process was going and the unity it was bringing into the power not forgetting how the successful in organization of the process could put pressure on his affiliate party the NDC to emulate the NPP example by some of his colleague NDC” HAWKS” soon.

About the congress it self one will agree that it was smooth looking at the way delegates were not transported from far of places like Gushegu to Accra where in some cases road accidents occurs resulting in fatalities, faces accommodation problems, feeding and many more.

All the delegates in their own freedom headed to the polling station to cast their ballots went home and waited for the declaring of results at a schedule time with agents of the contestants fully present.

Here no one carries himself as the founder of the party or owner of the party where he chooses a venue to raise the hand of someone he feels must be the party’s flag bearer. No tension anywhere, no fighting anywhere and even the cooperation from all the aspirants was superb.

If anything and not for political gains a great political exercise that all the political parties including the NDC, CPP, DFP, DPP and PNC have to emulate because it is for development of democracy in its entirety in Ghana and not for NPP alone.

So for Lawyer David Annan not to take his time and monitor the whole process like the way some of us even far from home did via the internet and took note of any short falls and correct them after wards as well as the good sides and continue but described the whole process as a failure while it has not come to an end was really bad.

Anyway, the NPP congress is over with the massive win for Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo as its presidential candidate for 2012 general elections. Let us wish the NDC well in organizing theirs with the hope that it will be incident free where no one will use force to declare that his preferred choice alone should be made the presidential candidate.


Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.