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When Kokoons talk Ghana Post App leads Anyidoho home

When Kokoons talk Ghana Post App leads Anyidoho home

Sun, 12 Nov 2017 Source: Fadi Dabbousi

Given the conundrum over the cost saving Ghana Post Home Addressing System that has totally thrown the dunderheads of the NDC into chaos, unfashionable members of the umbrella have nauseated even the blond talkative at the White House.

It has gotten Donald Trump talking about the abusive nuclear effects of Akpeteshie. But why not, when drunkards of the NDC are overly intoxicated with this spirit, especially the type that is toxically fermented by the use of rusted metal nails and sugar.

So Kokoon Anyidoho walked straight into a KVIP toilet when he tried to use the Ghana Post App.

In addition to his obnoxious ignorance of everything, especially the art of public decorum, this blubber of lard, a member of the NDC swinery, cannot hide his obfuscation with this rather simple application.

I want to confirm, and reconfirm, that if John Dramani Mahama, the disgraced former president, who recently described Ghanaians as ‘pigs”, had attempted to take a brilliant step as this, the App would have cost thirty times more.

After all, the recent exposé on SSNIT indicated that their specific App cost over $80 million US Dollars. This happened under his watch and almost certainly with his approval.

That particular scandal was neither condemned by the humpty dumpty Anyidoho nor was it by the babies with sharp teeth of whom Kwesi Pratt is a chore member.

Why do we have to be subjected to such imbecility, and why do we have to allow such people to disturb our peace? There are a number of sanatoriums in the country that were woefully neglected by the NDC of gloom which can accommodate these dangerous madmen.

What is worse is the fact that some NDC educated illiterates are campaigning against the Ghana Post Addressing System because it was initiated by Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, Vice President of the Republic of Ghana. He is the nemesis of the NDC, the destroyer of fart-filled bubbles like Kokoon Anyidoho, and one of the many players of the drive to retire the NDC forever. We have achieved that, in shaa ALLAH…#GoodRiddance!

Let me advise Kokoon Anyidoho to do well and remain in the toilet that he was led to because this smart APP has appropriately sent him to where he deservedly has created an abode for himself. And to Kwesi Pratt, your trademark stomach journalism is abhorring and very unpatriotic.


Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi