When Obuasi NDC Is Boiling And No One Cares

Sat, 5 Jun 2010 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Politics is NOT a BATTLE FIELD where we must fight with deadly weapons like machine guns, hand grenades, bazookas, bombs, mortars, machetes, bows and arrows or spears.

It is rather a BATTLE of ideas whereby you convince people to vote for your political party and promise them that your party will make their living conditions better than ANY OTHER PARTY period, However, there are several constituency and EVEN Regional Executives of the party who falsely believe that there are so intelligent that they know every thing on earth to the extended that when their grandfathers tells them a TRUE STORY, they tell their grandfathers that they would believe his story ONLY when their fathers CONFIRM that story, How sad, politics is about popularity and nothing else because a fool REMAINS a fool whether he goes to University or not-if you doubt, it why did that stark illiterate win the seat for the NDC at Nima in 1996 after beating his opponent who had a doctorate degree? Why do we even have some Middle School leavers in parliament who beat people with doctorate degrees in the general elections? During the NPP administration, Ex – President J. A. Kuffour appointed two ministers to his cabinet and one was a minister for information without any certificate and he performed creditably, today, he is the National Chairman of the NPP. The other person is an MP whose certificates were all stolen by floods holding machine guns, and so the floods were able to snatch all his certificates at GUN POINT because he would have been shot dead at point blank range if he had refused to surrender all his certificates to the ARMED FLOODS, so Ex President Kufour sympathized with him and duely appointed him as a Regional Minister and further gave thanks to God for NOT allowing the deadly armed floods to kill his minister and rob him of millions of cedis.

You see, TRUTH is like a cork and so no matter how deep you push it inside the water it will come up from the water.

What is happening in some Regional Co-ordinating Councils is that when some aggrieved foot soldiers write petitions through the party structures and hands the petitions to the Regional Minister he will quickly telephone the affected constituency executives or DCE and discuss the petition in the absence of the petitioner, and the poor petitioner will NEVER be invited by the Regional Minister because he is seen as a dangerous party supporter. Do you people think that I AM A MAD MAN TO BE WRITING ARTICLES BY HEARTY? YOU SIT DOWN THERE IN KUMASI and ACCRA and start blaming me for nothing.


One Mr. Sampson Sarkodie and his deputy were appointed as District Co-ordinator of the National Youth Employment Programme for Obuasi. Sarkodie was the constituency Youth Organiser who worked so hard as well as his deputy including this writer until the NDC won the general elections in 2009. They were given their appointment letters signed by Hon. Rashid Pelpuo who was the then Minister for Youth and Sports dated 12th October, 2009. They have since been receiving their pay BUT have been prevented from working in their offices by the entire constituency executives in Obuasi led by John Ackah the constituency organiser who swore that they will never allow them to go to office, and so on 13th January, 2009 ARMED NDC supporters were ordered to beat them up and they sustained various degrees of injuries. They reported the suspects to the police who arrested and arraigned them before the Obuasi Circuit Court and the case is still pending

Not satisfied, 7 Constituency Executives who should have known better as party leaders stormed the NYEP, Co-ordinator and his Deputy on 4th March, 2010, with John Ackah the Constituency Organiser swearing that they would NOT be allowed to work there even if President Mills comes to Obuasi – What nonsense, this empty receptacle who left the country in 2007 and did not vote for the NDC have the impudence to brag this way. It is NEVER their fault because they have the FULL BACKING of the Regional NYEP Co-ordinator and his deputy. As the leader of the cadre corps in Obuasi, President Mills will NOT even come to Obuasi, but the NYEP Co-ordinator would work in that office since we would all turn ourselves into Junior Mills and John Mahamas’ and chase them with the TRUTH and not arms until they all run away and leave their sandals behind including their collaboraters and allow the NYEP co-ordinator to work, mark my words. that case has also been reported to the police at Tutuka over one month ago, and somebody some where is pulling the strings to prevent the police from sending the case to court. With Eagle Eyes, the cadres are patiently watching the police and we want the Tutuka police to tell us when the case will be sent to court for the law to take its cause. Cadres would no more die for some GREEDY stomach politicians in this country again. Go to Ghana web and read several articles/ I wrote to advise them BUT, they refused flatly and rather FORMED A MAFIA CLUB with their Regional collaboraters in Kumasi and painted me black all over the Ashanti Region including the corridors of power in Accra. The unseen hands pulling the strings to stop the police from taking the case court must stop it ………. I remember very well that the Regional Deputy NYEP co- ordinator once told me that he has heard a LOT about me when he heard my name whilst working or the NYEP office in Obuasi. This means that the Mafia Club of the constituency executives had told him several negative stories about me and I am now hitting back.


All the constituency Executives including the District NYEP co-ordinator and his deputy were invited to Accra and were advised to return to Obuasi and re-concile but when they met, they insisted that Sarkodie the NYEP co-ordinator must resign his position and become a deputy co-ordinator to their favourite candidate called Pasco Agya Kofi who did not play any active role during the 2008 general elections. Based on that, Mr. Sarkodie flaty refused to accept their illegal conditions, since the entire Executives have sworn that the NYEP co-ordinator and his deputy would remain in office over their dead bodies, we don’t want them to die but live in Obuasi and see them working in office. They are being punished for associating themselves with cadres who are described as Rawlings boys – and they can’t work with Rawlings boys. Let me tell all NDC members that president Mills is a Rawlings boy, so if you can’t work with Rawlings boys, simply leave the NDC period.

The next line of illegal action taken by the entire executives who cannot see anything beyond their stomachs was to write a letter to deceive Hon Akua Danso, the Minister of youth and sports that, Mr Samson Sarkodie had agreed to step down as the District NYEP co-ordinator and become deputy to one Pasco Agya Kofi, their favourite candidate whom they appointed in Obuasi. Since when did a cabinet or Regional minister decide to resign and become a deputy minister? As a cadre, I know all the NDC party members who worked hard for the NDC to come to power, they must stop breaking our ear drums with their chosen puppet who will only see Canaan but will never set his foot on the soil of Canaan. These green eyed executives were able to trick Hon.Abuga Pele to sign a new appointment letter for their favourite puppet, I swear to God it won’t work in Obuasi at all.


On Thursday 27th may 2010, the constituency organizer who didn’t vote for the party shocked all party supporters when he announced at the general meeting that same Pasco Agya Kofi, Jude Anlasun the new constituency youth organizer who joined the party in 2008 and a certain driver were nominated by the executives to travel and witness the football match in South African because he, Pasco was the first person to defend the NDC party on the Shaft Fm station studious in Obuasi. This is a big lie because not even the constituency organizer was around when I started the News paper review programmes hosted by the late Samuel Ennin of blessed memory with Mr, Oduro Sabriga representing the NPP in 1996 let alone their chosen puppet. nominated to go to South Africa is an unknown driver go I am appealing to the sector minister for youth and sports NOT to include THOSE 3 names from the Obuasi constituency by giving visas to them if the right people who suffered for the party to come to power are NOT nominated including a cadre from the constituency must forgo that chance forever. Hon minister, please listen to the cadres because Obuasi is boiling and would have being the first to explode if we had NOT exercised extreme patience and political maturity.

Cast your minds back to June19th, 1983 when one AFARI GUTA, was shot at close range by dissidents led by corporal Alidu Gyiwa, and it was his painful death which brought about the formation of the PEOPLES ‘ MILITIA who were trained by the military on the use of weapons by the PNDC government, yet cadres continued fighting on.The people of his hometown DOES NOT EVEN WANT TO hear anything about the NDC as a party and what it stands for because they believe that the then PNDC government HAS NOT BEEN FAIR TO THEIR SON. A former PNDC District Secretary for Cape Coast Hon. Christian Churcher resigned from the NDC and accused Ex-President Rawlings of not rewarding labour- so she joined the NPP and became a millionaire because the NPP dealt massively in Cocaine, but today NPP drug barons can never deal in cocaine because comrade Akrasi Sarpong and his gang of patriots are on guard 24hours everywhere. Can you imagine that the constituency chairman and his party executives have flatly refused to appoint any cadre to the municipal Assembly in Obuasi which cadres helped to established? Thousands of cadres joined the revolution in1981 with Charlie wates’ and returned with the same “Charlie wates”, others returned with their bare feet and the most unlucky ones paid dearly with their lives like Comrade Afari Guta-who thinks about him again, today apart from his fellow cadres. After the end of the revolution cadres were ask TO TAKE THE REVOLUTION WHILST OUR SENIOR CADRES TOOK THE MONEY; and we sacrificed in vain and toiled for justice; so No minister of state, DCE or constituency executives should play tricks with cadres by ALWAYS blaming cadres to excuse themselves, if you do it, we shall re-act because we know where we came from, where we are going and how to get there. We are only organizing the masses to support president Mills Better Ghana Agenda and nothing more, we are the original pillars upon which the NDC rests once again when will the Tutuka Police take those seven executive members of the Obuasi constituency to court for them to face assault charges for brutally beating up the Municipal NYEP Co-ordinator and his deputy? Let me throw this question to them. Is Sangaporee now destroying the party in Obuasi or those destructive executive whose activities have divided the party into 3 un-equal parts? With this publication, Courade Bempong Marfo will NOW reason with me and NOT see me as some body with a double face or a DESTROYER of the NDC in Obuasi as alleged by those empty receptacles who claim to be championing the cause of the NDC. He will NEVER TRY to trick and deceive me again to go to the National Security Outfit to be grilled for TRYING to destroy the very party we all helped to with almost half of our lives without rewards.

I hope he will never deceive me to go for ANY NON-EXISTENT APPOINTMENT LETTER ANYWHERE IN ACCRA. Again let me remind my senior cadre that he knows that I have never being a coward or a liar- I have forgiven him but I will not pay the GH¢3.00 l owed him some four years ago, because of his deceit. Frankly, speaking, Obuasi NDC is now a white washed grave which is BEAUTIFUL on the OUTSIDE but full of ROTTEN BONES inside the grave. These are NOT by words, but I believe it is the stubborn truth which most poeple hate to hear because cadres are rather ASSETS to the NDC and NOT liabilities as some people are made to believe. If you hate me, my wife and children love me. So it is okay with me and God loves me that was why I survived as a former miner in AngloGold Ashanti under an ungrateful Chief Executive Officer because one could not tell whether AGA was a huge political organization or a mining company between 1992 to 2000. It Ex-president J.A. Kufour could even award dwarfs, drug barons, known crooks and some treacherous men of God who robbed and continue to rob and deceive poor people of millions of cedis, in some churches, why wont I speak out the against negative activities in the party for our senior party officials to put thing right?

President J.E. Mills will serve 8 years in office because 1 am seriously organizing the cadre corps for election 2012, the NPP is very good in opposition, so they MUST remain there for another 30 more years ON CONDITION that you don’t destroy committed cadres like some of us who worked and still work around the clock for the success of the NDC.

The behaviour of these green eyed and treacherous constituency executives in Obuasi have rather vindicated me in the eyes of ALL THOSE who regard me as a destroyer of the NDC, and their deceitful behaviour to Hon. Abuga Pele and Hon. Akua Dansua, Minister of Youth and Sports is a BIG CREDIT TO ALL THOSE CADRES who RISKED THEIR DEAR LIVES in the early years of the 31st Dec. Revolution in 1982-1983 honestly believing that Ghana would be a BETTER and SAFE place with equal opportunities for all Ghanaians.

Did they stick their NECKS out to be counted as PDCs & WDC’s in 1982 when the revolution was launched No. they were all hiding out of cowardice under their beds whilst I patrolled all the streets of Obuasi during curfew hours between 6pm – 6am 1982 – 1983 for one full year with armed soldiers and policemen during the PNDC era and after that I went to work at the mines the very next morning.

All those who Hate Rawlings must therefore leave the NDC because the President of Ghana was ONLY proposed at Agona Swedru, and NOT hand picked by Rawlings as some people are made to believe. He was proposed because of his honesty and he

(the President) has proven it beyond all reasonable doubt – why won’t I support him by speaking out as a senior cadre against the destructive activities of deceitful and dishonest party executives in Obuasi whose general behaviour has divided the party and their arrogant utterances driving more supporters away? Come and see for yourself. I may be poor put my mouth is a millionaire.

Didn’t you go through hell between Jan. 2001 – Dec. 2008 or you have all forgotten so soon?

These were the years when ever Professor Mills visits Obuasi as an NDC flag bearer, the Electricity Company always switched ALL lights off to prevent him from speaking to voters. Today-2010, they should try it again when he visits Obuasi if they are men with balls in between their legs and we all see. You must rather corpratulate and encourage me to write and educate the masses and NOT undermine, ridicule or intimidate me at all.

The cat is now out of the bag and it turns out NOT to be Sangaparee but rather your so called Angels who have been painting me black where ever the go. What do you say? Is it wrong for me to point out the mistakes of constituency executives to them or should I sit down as a senior cadre for them to fool about, misbehave and play politics with the peoples precious lives? The Battle line has been drawn by the constituency executives and the cadre corps. And we shall see who wins the war

Aluta Continua.










Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement