When Obuasi NDC Is Boiling And No One Cares? Final Part

Sun, 13 Jun 2010 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

The culture of silence does not always arise out of FEAR OF PUNISHMENT, but often arises when HONEST CRITICS become frustrated by the knowledge that ADVICE intended for NATIONAL GOOD is rejected and looked upon as EVIDENCE OF SUBVERSION, or the writer is CONTROVERSIAL or TOO KNOWN in our Country, Ghana. How on earth can cadres build their houses through extreme sacrifice and allow some wicked and dishonest tenants to EJECT THEM?

Democracy in itself does not necessarily bring PROSPERITY UNLESS the people who hold the levers of power manage the affairs of their countries as competently and transparently as democracy will require, and President J. E. A Mills and his NDC government is exactly doing that. So the way and manner, the tactics and strategies used by cadres to support the then PNDC Chairman Rawlings from 1982 to 1992 and from 1992 to 2000 should be the same strategies we must all use to ensure that the NDC retains power in 2012 and beyond. The president hears a HUNDRED VOICES telling him that he is the GREATEST MAN in this world. He must be extra careful and listen to the HEAR THE ONLY ONE VOICE THAT TELLS HIM THAT HE IS NOT THE GREATEST MAN ON EARTH.

Once these dishonest and self seeking constituency executives in Obuasi have taken AN ENTRENCHED POSITION TO REMOVE the Municipal NYEP Co-ordinator for Obuasi, Members of the United Cadres Front have also taken AN ENTRENCHED position to ensure that Samson Sarkodie and Frederick Addai remain legitimately at the NYEP office in Obuasi and we shall ensure that those who are to be sent to court to face the law are sent there, no matter what, and we will then find out all those behind them. If you treat somebody like a DOG for too long, he will BARK AT YOU, and this is exactly what is happening in Obuasi since12th October 2009 and if care is NOT TAKEN, it will end at the Castle if these greedy Constituting Executives does not stop harassing the NYEP Co-ordinator because gone are the days when Monkeys work for Baboons to chop and democracy does NOT thrive on threats and intimidations as well as the beating of fellow NDC supporters. Cadres have to wake up and stop these disrespectful Constituency Executives in their tracks at once, otherwise most NDC members would be severely beaten to death by these selfish Executives and the NDC would have no supporter to vote for the party in 2012. Whoever is hiding behind their violent actions will soon be exposed by the Cadre Corps by June ending. Now, the NDC in Obuasi is awash with hate character assassinations extreme jealousy, mistrust, lies, in justice, non-transparency, non accountability, insinuations and treachery with the foul mouthed Women Organiser called Georgina Baffoe and her deputy, including John Ackah as the ring leaders. The constituency organiser called John Ackah who is the self-styled Commando stormed the NYEP office once again on 2nd June 2010 to drive out the legitimate Co-ordinator and his deputy away-but they fiercely resisted the attack and remained in office since June 1st and 2nd . Their puppet, Pasco Agya Koffie was NOT EVEN ASHAMED and was bragging that he was rather the NYEP Co-ordinator. What work did he do to warrant that position? IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AS FAR AS CADRES ARE CONCERNED IN OBUASI HERE. John Ackah was accompanied by John Amissah who claims to be a Pastor, and all of them including the constituency chairman always pack themselves daily inside the NADMO office planning how to destroy the cadre front whom they see as thorns in their flesh. Their chosen puppet, Pasco Agya Kofi is an intruder who must rather stay away from the NYEP office. Where was Pasco Agya Kofi when Sarkodie always woke up at 4am and returns to the house with the party pick up vehicle at 1am daily during the 2008 general elections? At the news paper review programme at Shaft F.M 98.1 an Obuasi based Radio Station Pasco Agye Kofi used to describe himself as A SOCIAL COMMENTATOR WHO DOES NOT ALIGN HIMSELF WITH ANY POLITICAL PARTY. How then can such a person be described as somebody who was always speaking at Radio Stations on behalf of the NDC party as alleged by John Ackah?


It will be recalled that when ever the then candidate Mills visited Obuasi, he used to sleep at a popular Guest House called AFRICANA who charges NO FEE. During the Fomena bye election, the manager of AFRICANA hosted the TOP EXECUTIVES OF THE NDC at his New Edubiase hotel and fed them. Do you know the cost of lodging and dining in a hotel for a single day? The NDC constituency organizer did NOT fear God but condemned this honest business man in front of party supporters at the NDC office by saying that HE DID NOTHING for the PARTY but only donated GH¢20 since 2007 but he forgot that it was the same man who built the NDC party office in 1992 when he, John Ackah, the organiser was no where near the NDC, he was a member of the late Arkaali’s National Convention Party (NCP) in 1996- I saw them ALL COMING to join the party. Today, he behaves as if the NDC will die if he is NOT THERE. The hotel owner has sworn to have nothing to do with Obuasi NDC. He wicknamed Mr. Ibrahim Amadu one of the strong party elders of the NDC after the late brutal Rebel leader of Sierra Leone- Forday Sankoh and hooted at him amidst unprintable insults, as if HE IS THE SOLE OWNER OF THE NDC and nobody else. Every Action generates a Reaction.

I am re-acting to the treacherous allegations leveled against me in Accra and Kumasi and some top party members even believed those false stories. Let them deny a simple word from my articles and I will add more and more. You see, sycophancy has been one of the most DEADLY VICES since the era of the late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah of blessed memory 1957-1966. It happened to Brigadier Afrifa and his NLC military junta, it happened to the late Prime Minister K. A. Busia, it happened to Col. Acheampong s NRC and General Akuffo SMC I and SMC II 1978 military juntas, as well as the late Dr. Limann’s PNP government , and it minimized during the revolutionary of the PNDC but increased during the NDC era 1992 to 2000, and also doubled during the NPP regime 2001-2008 under Ex-president Kufour, and it is a very BIG SIN which still lives on because it goes with back bitings, rumour mongerings, praise singings even if the government’s economic policies are bad as well as the fabrication of fat lies. This must be avoided completely if we are to succeed in building a meaningful democracy. Listen to the speech of a professional sycophant and Mafia Leader without self – respect at an NDC general meeting, be said and I quote: “if you refuse to follow us to enable you get SOMETHING to CHOP and we happen to go into opposition, supporters of the new Incoming Government would NOT know that you did not get anything, this was said by John Ackah who run away to Italy in 2007 only to be return, two weeks after the NDC won the 2008 elections and has declared WAR on CADRES since 2009 to date. He said this at a party general meeting on 22nd April 2010 in Obuasi. Cadres will not allow you to succeed in rather destroying this great party. Cadres always write open letters and sign them, we had and still have nothing to hide from the party supporters so we have nothing to fear. At a public forum in Obuasi one of the NDC’s most active elder Mr. Ibrahim Amadu had wanted to make a contribution at the Forum when Georgina Baffoe quickly rushed to whisper something into the ears of the Regional Organiser of the NDC that the man should not be given the microphone- so when that party elder appealed to the Regional Organiser and asked permission from him in the Hausa Language to allow him to make a contribution at the forum, the Regional Organiser retorted that the party elder was rather disturbing him and got up from that seat to another seat which was faraway from the party, elder, I was very surprised and did not believe that the Regional NDC Organiser could behave that way based on mere rumours. This lazy and vicious women organiser who had the audacity to go to the office of some NDC members to beat them up, will soon be ashamed.

That forum was attended by Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings 1st Vice Chairman of the NDC and Mrs. Betty mould Idirisu. Attorney General and Minster of Justice accompanied by Hon. Regional Deputy Minister Ms. Anima Wilson. That singular behavior of the Regional Organiser to that senior party elder, after Georgina Baffoe whispered into his ears and his faced changed, which made him to finally refuse to give the microphone to the party elder spoke volumes, and he must NOT do that again. The cat is now out of the bag finally. If this Mafia Club calling themselves constituency Executives falsely believe that the NDC in Obuasi is their personal property and they could do what they like, they are making a very grate mistake. Those who stormed the NYEP office for the second time to beat up the NYEP Co-ordinator and deputy on 4th March 2010 were the following Constituency Executive Members.

1. Georgina Baffoe the lazy women organiser who claim to know several top party men

2. John Amissah – the pastor who could insult and tell lies.

3. Abdulai Daud-

4. Memunatu Ahmed Dept. women organiser– who has been going round to tell NDC supporters that unless Cadres and party supporters apologies to John Ackah they will never get jobs in the party. Did Ackah vote during the 2008 general elections?

5. Abdulai Seidu-

6. Zenabu Sumaila-

7. Alex Kwame Adu respectively and their cases are currently, pending before the Tutuka police station. If such so-called fool mouthed executives rush to Kumasi to destroy hardworking cadres including some of us and you immediately believe such stories as TRUE like I witnessed at the forum, last April, it is very unfortunate; because the entire executive cannot see anything beyond their stomachs, therefore some of us were NOT surprised when they IMPOSED THEMSELVES on the party supporters by disqualifying 7 NDC contestants after collecting their monies, and those disqualified contestants filed a suit at the Kumasi High coart 2 for justice to take its cause. Those few Regional party officials in the NDC, the NYEP Co-ordinator and his deputy who all believed in the FAT LIES of the greedy party executives in Obuasi are making matters worse. How can one call himself a constituency party executive but have no respect for Northern Chiefs in Obuasi? Answer it for your selves the NDC won the election in 8 regions. Instead of going round the constituency to explain government policies to our grassroots supporters and also convince them to join the NDC these vicious party executives have rather declared WAR on CADRES by setting several traps and digging deep holes for cadres to fall in. These are the main reasons why I am advising the NDC find out the real Motives behind those Mafia Club Members calling themselves the Constituency Executives in Obuasi. Cadres would NEVER sit down and allows these executives to always ACCUSE CADRES to project their own selfish ends it will simply NOT WORK AT ALL.


It will be recalled that this “Great Constituency Women Organiser in Obuasi” had the guts to describe two strong party Elders as Fools, and they are both OLD ENOUGH to be her OWN BIOLOGICAL FATHER.

She regards ANY EDUCATED WOMAN who dis-agrees with her in the party as her RIVAL because she is a stark illiterate and she can invest LIES which can fly faster than a jet fighter and when such lies lands safely in Kumasi, it is accepted as FACTS without ANY further investigation if you then go to she R.C.C or the Regional NYEP office in Kumasi, all that you are told is that “We have heard A lot about you”. If you have heard a lot of Negative activities from a known and hardworking party supporter or Cadre in the Obuasi NDC, what will you do? Won’t you investigate to find out the truth or otherwise of these baseless and malicious allegations? They won’t do and if you refuse to investigate, then you ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM helping to destroy the NDC in Obuasi. The two Party Elders who were described as FOOLS by the women organiser are Nana Fosuhene and Mr. Ibrahim Amadu all from Bogobiri, a suburb of Obuasi. Here is a “women organiser” who treats party members with disdain, and she is very rude and snobbish and very proud with a foul mouth whose utterances and general behavior rather drive more women away from the party instead of convincing more women to join the NDC party in Obuasi- No wonder she was AMONG the 7 constituency Executives of the party who beat up the NYEP Co-ordinator and his deputy on 4th March 2010, and they bragged that the case will go NO WHERE. A women Organiser indeed.

We live to see the end results of her dubious antics in the Obuasi Constituency Since Mr. Francis Koffie the Constituency Chairman who hates Cadres told me that he can DESTORY ME, let him TRY IT and we shall see what happens because I have NO REGRETS for insisting that, the Cadres who brought the District Assembly Concept to Ghana should be made Government Appointees in the Assembly- I still stand by it today. I stand by it tomorrow, and I stand by it forever. Even the most FOOLISH NDC. Supporter will LIKE to be SAFE and SECURE UNDER the NDC Umbrella in Rain or Shine AND WILL NOT WANT to destroy the party that have just returned from 8 years of HELL 2001-2008 under the vicious regime of the NPP’s Blue Elephant which trampled on several NDC members to death under its HUGE FEET, because of VENGEANCE. We Cadres would NOT allow any person or group of persons to DESTROY hard working Cadres or party supporters to project themselves as the SAINTS whilst others are seen as the DEVILS in the Ashanti Region in general, and Obuasi Constituency in particular where they HATE the TRUTH, and even try to CRUCIFY the TRUTH daily but can never succeed because the TRUTH always STANDS TALL above everything else. Transparency must work or the battle continues un-abated.

IS ANYBODY LISTENING? I beg to drop my bic here, and will return to this issue ONLY when members of the Mafia Club in Obuasi or Kumasi re-acts to these publications.

I am done











Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement