When Obuasi Ndc Is Boiling And No One Cares? Part 3

Mon, 7 Jun 2010 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is a party we sacrificed extremely to organise since 1992 cadres will never sit down for dishonest, greedy and treacherous Mafia Club members to hijack the party and destroy it.

The then P.N.D.C Chairman Flt. J.J. Rawlings had wanted to supervise a Free and Fair elections and hand over to any political party whose presidential candidate wins the 1992 general elections.

However, a tribal bigot and a bias History Proffessor who wrote a history book on Ghana without ANY reference at all to the role of the late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah who led Ghana to independence in 1957 was the one who provoked Rawlings to contest the elections anyway, a fool remains a fool whether he goes to university or not and will remain a fool until his death.

That tribal bigot was no other person than the late Proffessor Adu Boahen, a former flagbearer of the National Pick Pockets (NPP). When Professor Adu Boahen realized that the then Chairman of the PNDC was preparing to hand over power to an elected civilian government and leave the political scene, that foul mouthed bias history professor went public and challenged Chairman Rawlings to form a political party and contest against the NPP if Rawlings claimed that he could lead this country as a civilian President. A circular was sent to all the Regional, District and Zonal Secretariats of the C.D. R’s to give our views on the arrogant utterances of the late Professor Adu Boahen. The C.D.R’s hardly finished giving out their views than Professor Adu Boahen went public once again by saying that the former revolutionary organs (C.D.R’s, CDO’s and June 4th members) etc. would be driven out of Ghana to go and stay and live on the air when the NPP wins the 1992 General Elections. We quickly re-grouped and coined a slogan dubbed “Operation do and die” and urged the PNDC Chairman and his cabinet to go ahead and form a party without mentioning the name of the party’s flagbearer and when Flt. It Rawlings finally accepted to become the flagbearer of the NDC at Cape Coast, in 1992, all hell broke loose in the camp of the NPP and Professor Adu Boahen once again shot himself in the foot when he stated that “Yegye Ye man”, an Akan word which means” we will claim our country” and “Akonta be si fam’ which also means that “our brother-in-law will step down. You will claim your country, I mean, from whom? The late Professor Adu Boahen comes from Asante Akyem, Chairman Rawlings wife is an Asante Royal with all due apologies, to a cross section of Asantes some Asantes falsely believe that Ghana belong to them more than ALL the other tribes.

During the Presidential elections in 1992, Professor Adu Boahen got a very humiliating defeat and immediately decreed that the NPP WILL NOT contest the parliament elections and came out with a Criminal Publication entitled” The stolen verdict” which was full of fat lies. There is a vast difference between TRUTH and FALSEHOOD, and between Sense and Nonsense

Ex-President J.A. Kufour realized the discrimination against other tribes by his own tribes men and women and had this to say” President Kufour specifically urged Asantes to treat all tribes AS EQUALS and give them the needed respect and recognition, since some Asantes USED words that are often TOOSTRONG and sometimes offend the sensibilities of other tribes, and further urged Asantes to recognize each other’s tribe to foster UNITY and NATIONAL INTEGRATION “J. A. Kufour” Daily Graphic, February 19th 2001, Manhyia Palace, Kumasi- What he forgot to say was that most ASANTES used very abusive words that offend the sensibilities of other tribes with the false belief that Ghana belong to them. Why Won’t they ever listen to the rich advice of King Solomon, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II and Ex-President Kufour- Those who behave that way must know that NO SINGLE TRIBE ALONE CAN EVER WIN ANY GENERAL ELECTIONS IN THIS COUNTRY. Those of us who know the bloody history of the National Liberation Movement, “Maremelio” the UP and Danquah/Busia traditions which is today’s NPP are NOT surprised because there is always blood in the head of a tsetsefly. I therefore use this opportunity to issue a STERN WARNING TO the ruling NDC government as well as politicians in the opposition NPP that they CAN NEVER SIDELINE NORTHERNERS whenever their political parties win elections and form a government and then dump them, only to go for their votes during general elections because Northerners also have a way of looking at issues.

Cadres formed the NDC to have a firm structure on the ground ALL OVER the country after we again struggled and sacrificed to establish the District Assembly concept, we cannot sit down UNCONCERNED and allow a bunch of green eyed self-seekers, dishonest rascals who form a Mafia Club with the main aim of destroying and black mailing hardworking cadres in order to provoke them to live the NDC, because the party is now attractive and has formed a government for the second time. When this writer visited the former chairman of the NDC in Dec. 2009, Hon. Daniel Ohene Agyekum with one Mr. Sarkodie, a call came from his cell phone and on hearing the message, he put the cellphone on a loud speaker and we heared the voice of one Madam Georgina Baffoe, the destructive and lazy constituency women organizer in Obuasi with a foul mouth telling Hon. Ohene Agyekum that” Sangaparee and Sarkodie the Municipal NYEP co-ordinator rather want to destroy the party. This is the very foul mouthed lazy woman whom I met at Nkoranza North in 2007 when I was sent there to canvass for votes during the Nkoranza North bye-elections.

She was wearing a pair of knickers with slippers and she used her left hand to direct me to the constituency chairman’s house instead of leading me there since I was a stranger but she was moving from beer bar to beer bar with some senior NDC party men drinking beer whilst I was always in the thick bushes of Nkoranza driving along dusty roads to canvass for votes. After this publication these empty barrels describing themselves as constituency executives without respect to Party Elders in Obuasi must go to the Regional NYEP office and the RCC and report me once again to their equally Mafia Club members in Kumasi- It is Sarkodie and Addai who will remain in office as NYEP Co-ordinator and his deputy or no one else whether you like it or not. Enough of this nasty state of affairs. They will remain there for peace to prevail so that we educate the masses to prepare for the re-election of President Mills and John Mahama for 2012 and beyond. When the PNDC wanted men and women to stick out their necks to be counted as P.D.C’s and W.D.C’s where were you? Again, when the C.D.R.s were forming the District Assemblies, where were you and your MAFIA CLUB members? Thirdly, where were you when the NDC party was formed in 1992? Today, you now know how to beat up hard working party members of the NDC and even stopping them from entering their office. Today you call yourself an Honourable Assembly woman as a government appointee.

We the cadres will use our brains, the truth and honesty to chase you all out of office, if you continue to spread false allegations against cadres and innocent party members, and some of you will ran away from the party and leave your sandals behind. The Minister for Youth and Sports MUST ALSO REJECT the 3 party members whose names were sent to her from the Obuasi constituency and replace them with other names because their nomination was fraudulent. You are all rich now and you teases me by saying that I am hungry isn’t it? We live to see. When a snake enters a room, it causes panic but when it finally comes out in the open after being sprayed with chemicals and is surrounded by many people, it is easily killed and there is no fear at all. If seven elected constituency executives of the NDC in Obuasi could organise themselves and go to the office of the NYEP Co-ordinator and his deputy who played important rules during the 2008 general elections, and these executives wanted to forcibly remove them and replace them with their favourite candidates who is unknown just because they have aligned themselves with Cement Sangaparee, the writer of this article whom they Love to Hate because of the bitter truth I always tell them, has the snake not been killed? Has the fear NOT dis-appeared? All the chaos in the Obuasi constituency must be placed at the doorsteps of John Ackah who ran away to Italy in 2007, only to return after the NDC had won power. He started pointing out the enemies of the MCE as all those who refused to visit him daily in his office including this writer. They have the full backing of the Regional NYEP Co-ordinator and his deputy as well as the RCC including some two executives of the Regional NDC Secretariat. If people write petitions and did not reeive any response, it means that the above mentioned officials are part of the problem because they are all well placed and so they regard all those party members who petition them as foolish people and confusionists because they are members of the Regional Mafia Club with its various branches in most constituencies. Samson Sarkodie and Frederick Addai were nearly lynched by NPP thugs at Ntonsua a village in the Obuasi Constituency during the 2008 general elections when they went there to campaign for the NDC at 5am. The party and for that matter the government will be shooting itself in the foot if it comes out to always condemn the foot soldiers without investigating the causes of such demonstrations full stop. For more information cross check my column at Ghana Web. Com, and the National security office where these destructive infiltrators lied their way to present false allegations against me and I went to prove them wrong. Because a man is born once and he dies once. President Mills must be congratulated for being pro-active in dismissing some non-performing appointees. Cadres will help you to succeed because a Former Cabinet Minister presented a brand new double cabin pick up to the NPP government when professor Mills lost the general elections in 2000. You must co-operate with the cadres or go to hell because cadres have acquired doctorate degrees in the art of scarifying, but you cannot.

This clearly shows that it is not all your cabinet ministers, Regional ministers, DCE’s and MCE’s who actually support your Better Ghana Agenda Since most of them see themselves as masters of the people instead of seeing themselves as servants, so please listen to the cries of the masses who made you what you are today first, before you condemn their actions because some Mafia Clubs have been formed all over the country from constituency to the Regional levels to bid for contracts, and ANY PARTY executive who advises them against such a behavior becomes an Instant Enemy- Now the Mafia Club of Obuasi must swallow their empty pride and rather apologies to the cadre corps, led by me in Obuasi because a former C.D.R. Chairman of Ghana commercial Bank in Ghana faced a firing squad during the PNDC era for not reporting some shady deals that he was aware of- but he did not take part in the sharing of that booty- when the cadres demanded an explanation from J.J. Rawlings then PNDC Chairman, he told us plainly that a revolution eats its own eggs. So I am not a MAD MAN to be writing all the time, at a time I borrow money to ensure that some important messages are put across through Ghana Web because several cadres died NDC what it is today so whoever hates the remaining surviving cadres still serving the party and playing various roles in the NDC will be punished by God and such people will laugh at the wrong sides of their foul mouths in this country- No apologies to anybody for saying that because without the support of the people, we are all nothing. Cadres will NEVER die for the 7th time without ANY recognition or reward again and I know that President Mills and his Vice President as well as his cabinet are very capable of delivering the goods and Ghanaians will soon be smiling daily. Truth is an indispensable quality of life, my late father taught me so, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah taught me so, when I was a Young Pioneer cadre 1958- 1966, Chairman Rawlings taught me so and the June 4 and the 31st December revolutions which made the NDC attractive for the masses to support, and voted for it for 8 years, we went into opposition for 8 years and now the NDC is in power. It is because Ghanaians have put their TRUST and their EVERY THING in the hands of the President and his Vice, But they cannot deliver these goods when some NDC members form Mafia Club and sideline several hard working party supporters in the Regions and constituencies and try to use cadres as SCAPE GOATS, you will all fail and be disgraced like all the NDC constituency executives in Obuasi together with their equally greedy Mafia Club members. We either swim or sink together.

Aluta Continua!










Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement