When Vain Okro-Mouths Abandon Policy to Talk "Fur" Dress!

Sat, 31 Jan 2015 Source: Lungu, Prof.

A "General Secretary" should be funded by their own organization, not the People!

It is rather depressing!

Notwithstanding the multitude of serious problems facing Ghana, we seem to have descended into a cuckoo state of trivialities about a petty "fur" coat worn by an African man in Germany during winter. This, orchestrated by grown men old enough to have been around when "Soul To Soul" represented some of the best promise of Ghanaian-African socio-cultural sensibilities, and "Super Fly", with flashier coats and Mayfield sound track, were realistic imitations of African reality, then (and rooting in Ghana, if these same okro-mouths must continue to control the public discourse so pointlessly).

If we were purposeful and serious about affairs of the state, would we not instead ask why and how Mr. Asiedu Nketia travelled with the elected President of Ghana? Or has Ghana already descended into a communist-style, authoritarian apparatchik system where the People pay for a political party propaganda mouthpiece to travel the world, a position that does not report to the People or a constitutionally mandated Minister?

The last we checked, the Constitution of Ghana, with all its putrid Rawlingsian warts, had 11 citations with respect to the position of "Secretary". Nowhere in tht document is there a talk about a "'General Secretary' of a Political Party."

4 Questions for Mr. Kwesi Pratt, Mr. Mahama, State Protocol, and Partisan Wiseacres.

1. Does Mr. Asiedu Nketia work for the People of Ghana?

2. Does Mr. Asiedu Nketia work for one of more of the constitutionally mandated state agencies?

3. Was Mr. Asiedu Nketia's travel fully funded by the NDC political party, rather than the People of Ghana?

4. Is there a Chapter or Section in the Constitution of Ghana where a political party's "General Secretary" is identified for any purpose, including as a public functionally, with responsibility to travel with the President of Ghana on the Peoples' pesewa?

If the answers to these questions are negative/"NO", why should we dwell on the stupid "fur" coat. Shouldn't we instead ask Mr. Mahama and State Protocol why public funds were used to support Mr. Asiedu Nketia's trip, if that is the case?

Of what benefit, is it to the People when there are positions already funded to represent all the People?

So, be advised, all you partisan wiseacres! Do not butt in to declare this is what the other party did, when they were "in power."

That line of thinking and response is as idiotic as it is juvenile and irresponsible!

So, Mr. Pratt, Mr. Mahama, and all, was Mr. Asiedu Nketia's travel funded by the People of Ghana? If so, what is the basis for the use of the funds that generated this trivial and idiotic "case"? And what benefit(s) accrued to Ghana?

Another malarkey, we regret to say, Ghanaweb! And so it goes, Ghana!

Prof. Lungu is Ghana-centered/Ghana-Proud. Prof Lungu is based in Washington DC, USA. Brought to you courtesy www.GhanaHero.com©29 Jan.15.

Columnist: Lungu, Prof.