When Will The NDC Cease Their Political Mischief?

Mon, 26 Feb 2007 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Ghanaian politics is very dirty and getting dirtier by the seconds, in consonant with the ticking of the clock. The childish insanity of the Committee for Joint Action (CJA) which is adulterately indoctrinated by the NDC and composed of NDC, knowing no boundaries and stopping at nothing, has once more frantically resurfaced into limelight. These opportunistic amateur politicians chanced to rule Ghana by the aid of the cracking guns, are once more on their mischievous guts to taint the scheduled 50th Jubilee celebration of Ghana, staging a prankster-procession on 6th March 2007, the very official date for the golden jubilee.

It is pathetic that the NDC as a party and people, have always believed and still believe in resorting to lawlessness when carrying out their policies and making their views heard. They have failed in every facet in their desperate attempts to bring the ruling NPP party and government into disrepute. They never see anything good in anyone except themselves and their kind; tirelessly trying to scupper their political opponents viewed in their evil perception as enemies.

What is their ulterior motive behind their intended public march on the same day and hour as the national celebration of the 50th independence anniversary of Ghana? Are they not up to some distraction of attention of some sort to enable them usurp power much the same way as they did to the Limann administration on 31st December 1981; at the very time when the President and the government were happily partaking an end of year Christmas party, Rawlings and his boys were staging a successful coup d'etat?

At the backdrop of overt usurpatory incitation by no less a personality as Rawlings according to obvious chronology, the CJA's intended public procession must be nipped in the bud before the unsuspected public wakes up only to be greeted by another military takeover of the government of Ghana. Why should they insist on the march despite the tangible police reason for refusing them permission to proceed with the procession? The police will be stretched on that day, to ensuring maximum security for the public and the international invitees to the celebration hence; having not enough personnel to enable them assign any to the NDC induced march. Why can't they be reasonable for once if they were up to any good, then rescheduling their march for another less sensitive time?

Amma Benyiwa Doe, the NDC youth or Women's organizer never ceases to amaze me with her infantile doting on the policies and intentions of the NDC in spite of whatever the nature, and the inhered consequences are to the nation and the citizens of Ghana. She is very categorical about there being the march as proposed, with or without the police permission. She goes on to say their notification to the police on the issue is just a protocol but not a request for permission. Therefore, whether the police grant them permission or not, they will press ahead with their march.

The NDC have taken undue advantage of the current democratic dispensation and the rule of law to abuse and continue to make stupid the laws of the country all because of the NPP government’s weaknesses and the public misconstruction of the tenets of democracy. They behave as though they are born to rule but not ruled. These miscreants are aspiring to recapture the governance of Ghana, sorrowfully supported by an uninformed section of the population, giving them the false credence of public acceptability, fame and popularity, thereby thinking they can even get away with murder and they do actually.

The CJA should please postpone or suspend their programmed march as it will not augur well for them and the entire nation due to its timing. They must cease reading uncouth partisanship politics into every policy and undertaking well thought of for the nation, but not initiated by them.

Why did the CJA not take to the streets in protest march when the immature NDC politicians walked out and stayed out of Parliament, shamelessly rallying support for their incarcerated colleague for causing a financial loss to the State? The NDC MPs were doing the very wish of the CJA who are themselves the NDC, always ready to flaunt the verdicts of the courts. Were they intelligent, they could visualize that whether it is a political witch hunt as being asserted by them, or not, it is a means to bring about probity and accountability among our leaders. Once they are confronted with the possibility of being arraigned before the courts to account for their stewardship when out of office and a new political party forming the government, they will think twice when tempted with embezzling public funds. Is it not reasonable to secure a means to hold our office holders accountable to curtail the atrocious corruption among our leaders and the Ghanaian public, be it a political witch hunt or otherwise?

The NPP on the other hand should be more responsible, being fair and firm with the application of the laws of the land, to let the axe fall where and when it is due. My fellow Ghanaians, let us be more intelligent and watchful against any dubious acts by whomever.

Long live Ghana, long lives the 50th Golden Jubilee Celebration.

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Columnist: Adofo, Rockson