When are Men Said to be Women?

Tue, 26 Aug 2008 Source: Fosu, John

In this day and age, it will be quite suicidal to compare the timidity of a man to him "being a woman". This is because of the sex equality laws in place. Or else, displayed weaknesses of certain men in times where audacity is required of them would well merit comparing them to the naturally weaker sex, that is, women. It is not their physique that is in inference but their laissez-faireism; nonchalant attitudes bordering on cowardliness. Men who always sit, look on, and pray for things to take their natural course in spite of their repugnance, are those metaphorically referred to as women as per their deplorable slow to act, or not to act at all, actions. Are their actions so induced out of extreme moderation? If yes, then bear in mind that, "Moderation was despised cowardice"....Macaulay.

The philosophic sarcasm of insinuating a man as woman is rife within and among Ghanaians. It has not to do with sex change or trans-sexuality. It arises when a man chooses to cower; maintain his absolute silence instead of boldly making his views heard in counteraction to an ongoing abhorrent situation. Does that cringing factor arise out of poverty on the part of the person, or out of perceiving death should he express opposing view, or out of the mere fact of not wanting to know? Does poverty rob people of their manliness or deny them of their basic freedom of expression? That total philosophical attitude, as one of composure and calm in the presence of troubles or annoyances like disrespect for the masses or underestimation of their intelligence, makes men said to have become women.

In case scenario one: A once purported Junior Jesus who turned out a heartless Scottish hybrid villain arose in Ghana as the "First citizen". He ruled the people with iron hands. Murder, physical assault, and insults were his better implements employed to prop his reign of terror. Men as usual, were mute in order to keep their shuddering head on their fragile shoulders. A solace was later to be found in one Professor Emeritus Adu Boahene after God the Father Almighty had heard the earnest prayers and supplications of Ghanaians. Ghanaians had desired to be set free from tyranny; from physical, mental and psychological slavery or imprisonment. Men had been so frightened to effeminate. This professor took the risk; he came out audaciously to confront the tyrant who after a number of years later did succumb to the wish of the people, which was the wish of God.

In case scenario two: An insipid queen who though has been abusing her powers still holds the entirety of her subjects in limbo. The subjects are sorry to say, a howling and barking, but toothless bull. They whine but they cannot bite. They have become like lackadaisical people who have hands and fertile land but cannot till. They look on while starvation stares them in the face till death becomes their portion. Are the men among them not acting worse than women? Afua Ntie and Maame Adwoa Bruku of ever cherished memory in their heydays could outwit the present day men in prowess in dealing with this situation.

In case scenario three: "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men." as a quotation by John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton. A powerful tribal chief tricked a litigant group to withdraw their case pending before a court of the land. This was done in the hope of him finding an amicable traditional solution to whatever their differences were. Once the case was withdrawn, the chief has put up a nonchalance attitude to seeing to ironing out the differences between those involved in whatever was the case that culminated in the lawsuit. He has become nepotistic. Deferment of the case let alone giving judgement has become the uncomfortable situation the complainants have to sit with. The chief has purposely assumed the path of dilly-dallying just in case the complainants will rush to do anything silly, thereby falling victims on their own sword. Though their patience may be waning or wearing thin, they seem to have no say or choice but to wait patiently. God, endurance and fortitude, are their only source of consolation. Are the men involved not acting womanish? Has the Almighty God the Father not given them the sense of discernment to know what to do in times of great need? Can they not bring to the attention of the chief that his trickeries are uncovered and that they are prepared to take the case back to court? Though God has His mighty hand at play in the case, He still expects them to take a positive step forward in faith. God works in a mysterious way. However, He sometimes requires of us taking some wise initiatives or steps forward in the direction similar to the elements of "Fire triangle" to quicken up the realisation of His promise made. We need three elements in order for fires to exist, namely Heat (matches, spark), Oxygen, (air) and Fuel (kerosene, petrol). By removing any of these three elements, the fire will stop.

The Kumawuhemaa is not only in a rush but desperate to maximise her gains before the worst happens. She is pulling all the plugs in case a miracle may happen in her life. What sort of miracle is she anxious to see materialise in her life? To get her son or a person of her own choice installed as the next paramount chief of Kumawu contrary to God's wish? Sending out emissaries to consult fetishes and Mallams in the hope of curtailing the life of the God's chosen one is an act of desperation. "When a long rope falls into an unwitty hand, it does not take long for a noose to be made to hang up himself or herself". This is exactly the current precarious state of the queen. By such horrid undertakings, she is digging a grave for herself which is getting deeper and deeper at each ticking of the clock. What is the relevance of gaining the whole world if you lose your life a moment after? My heart bleeds when people become intransigent to God's warnings. The repercussion of such disobedience is evident.

The Krontihene who before the demise of Barima Asumadu Sakyi II was innocent has become corrupted out of need or debility. Does he feel morally comfortable with himself while the majority of his people are denied a fraction of his material enjoyment? What an injustice? Be it known to all and sundry that "true peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of justice. Justice preserves. Justice is peace. Justice is not pendulum. Justice is timeless. Justice is the voice of the minority. Justice is indistinguishable from truth. Justice has an insatiable desire for truth. Justice is truth in action. Justice is expensive. Nothing personal. "The virtue of justice consists in moderation as regulated by wisdom. So act that your principle of action might safely be made a law for the whole world". Every place is safe for him who dwells with justice.

If B.A. Mensah was not rather sick and frail now, he would have come out boldly to declare his leaning, be it for the queen or for God. This is a man of substance one has to be proud of but not those who dither when confronted with such difficult situations. I don't for the least desire to be the biblical Jona of the Nineveh episode. I will not run away from God's mission, as the good saying goes, "you can run but you can't hide". I pray men do cease acting women just in case human lives can be saved by their boldness. Cowardice is womanish in disguise. May God the Father Almighty let people dream about His well intentioned prophesies about His enslaved people who urgently require liberation as every passing minute in their life is critical. It is like forcing a bitter pill down their throat. Amen!

John Fosu, USA

Columnist: Fosu, John