When leaders eat the tomorrow of their offspring: Ghana, 60 years on

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Mon, 17 Apr 2017 Source: Kofi B. Kukubor

Resurrection of Easter?

As I take this opportunity to wish my fellow Ghanaians the blessings that come with the resurrection of Easter, my inner eyes were ‘attentioned’ to an image I saw more than six years ago. It was so vivid and compelling as it was reflective. A father was eating from a bowl whereby his feet were placed on the hands of his two sons.

As I struggled with the thoughts of this imagery, the more troubled I became.

From the Greek word pater, from root pa, "nourisher," "protector," "upholder", a father protects, upholds and nourishes.

From the perspective of psychology, a father or a father figure is a man with power, authority, or strength with whom one can identify on a deeply psychological level and who generates emotions that are generally felt fatherly.

As I watched our Presidents and other leaders, past and present wishing Ghanaians the peace of the resurrection and the hope to come, I was wondering whether they protected, nourished their children with such power, authority, and strength and uphold the integrity of fatherhood so as to draw affection from them and to create an attachment to them?

The imagery depicts what Ghana is confronted with today. The leaders of the country have sold and continue to sell the future of their offspring to satisfy their hunger and avarice of today.

The Knowledge System

They toy with our knowledge and education systems to deprive our minds from questioning and thinking deep. They have depraved our minds that instead of fighting for a cause and country, we fight among ourselves to prop up a leader for thievery. We have become so depraved that, our trade of survival is sycophancy. They have replaced intelligence and mental astuteness with ‘parrotical’ oratory and certificated memorization.

The Economic System

They trade our minerals and forests for a pittance and allow foreigners to destroy our water bodies. They make us drink polluted and poisoned water so we become sick tomorrow. Our food and crops are contaminated with mercury that will cancer our organs when we grow. They sell our rivers and lagoons to deny us of our fish that gives us protein and turn our wetlands to dry patches of desert.

The Political System

They divide and tribalize us and call it party democracy. They cause us to fight and kill ourselves. We have become tribal and party bigots whilst they feed fat on our sweat and ignorance. They created wealth for themselves and forced us to eat poverty in future. They deny us of work so as to place us under servitude to leech our blood. They recruit and give us arms not to protect our resources and ourselves, but to protect the foreigner who is destroying our lands and resources. They command us to shoot our brothers who fight for their economic and fundamental rights. They even instructed us to kill our own future. They hate to sacrifice for our future and yet they eat our food of nourishment.

The Spiritual System

The religious fathers have sown the seed of spiritual whirlwind, and religious superstition. They have become gods that sees only evil and demons that require only our monies for appeasement and blessings. They are blessed with earthly prosperity and promised us ‘heavenly’ grapes untouchable wealth. They deadened our creativity and discipline for hard work. And preached success by sowing seed and claiming portions of the unseen and evidence of hallelujah.

But as they train us to become dogs tomorrow, we shall feed on their flesh when our tomorrow is gone.

Shalom of GOD

But as we remember the death and resurrection power of JESUS the CHRIST, I wish above all things that, the resurrection power will cast out these demons that have possessed us as a people and a nation. May the younger generation rise above these ailments and revolt against the fathers of avarice, greed, and glaucomic vision.

Shalom and happy Easter.

Columnist: Kofi B. Kukubor