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When shall you wise up, o ye Ghanaian or African?

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Mon, 13 Mar 2023 Source: Rockson Adofo

Do fellow Ghanaians or Africans read what I read? Do fellow Ghanaians see what l see? Do fellow Ghanaians hear what l hear?

If the answer is yes to all three questions posed, then why are they still behaving deplorably, as though they have no brains in their head?

I have seen a video that made me cringe. It is all about finding effective ways to decimate or cull the world population which in the eyes of Bill Gates and others, is overpopulated.

Have you seen that video and if yes, what was, and has been your reaction?

When l saw the video, l googled the name of the expert in the meeting where the tribunal was taking depositions from experts in regards to reducing the world population.

The expert in the video is one Dr. Robert Oldham Young, a practitioner of naturopathy and or, microbiology.

From the video, there is a quadrillion-dollar enterprise amongst us aimed at decimating or culling the human family population.

The expert asserts that Africans are deplorable, worthless and are not part of the world economy hence must be exterminated.

He suggests the use of systemic poisoning of Africans through medicines and experiments but not open bacteria warfare.

This is not the first time that l have come across the evil intentions some superior people have against inferior Africans.

However, the Africans have themselves to blame but no one else, for we are truly a bunch of sorry to say, useless people.

We are lovers of quick wealth regardless of how it is acquired. No wonder almost all of our politicians are corrupt with the rest of us stupidly singing their praises all the time.

We are never ready to face and accept the truth. We are never ready to acquire knowledge that will make us powerful and bring us wealth.

We are always happy feeding on lies and buying into divisive political and tribal sentiments to culminate in our sufferings as has always been.

Africans, and in that matter Ghanaians, must start to put on their thinking cap to cease chasing wealth instead of knowledge.

The video as in this publication is only one out of many out there about how some of our white contemporaries see us as worthless beings only good for extermination.

Should we continue from today forward to be fooled by dirty politics to believe that the free Senior High School education that will acquire us knowledge is not good, but doing galamsey is, then what a depiction of folly by the Ghanaian!

Why are many people dying on daily basis in Ghana? Is there not a reason for that?

Cease your quest for freebies all of the time or else, you are increasing your chances of dying prematurely.

Love and patronise your locally-manufactured food and goods to stay healthy and live longer.

Be mindful of the slow but systemic poisoning of the African because of our uselessness as human beings

Columnist: Rockson Adofo